Queering the NSPCC? Part Two: What it means to be Transgender.

ChildLine YouTube Content.

Following on from part one I began to look at how the ChildLine youtube account and noticed it was saturated in Trans Ideology.  Thus far I have not found any Lesbian content.  I am still working my way through and will post any content that validates actual, same sex attracted, Lesbians.  Yes, I know I should not need to clarify that same sex orientation involves biological sex.

Since 2006 ChildLine  is run by the NSPCC.  The NSPCC isn’t just any children’s charity. It is the only one with statutory powers to remove children from parents. This is enshrined in law to facilitate the removal of children from abusive parents. How the NSPCC decides  what constitutes abuse, matters.  The  NSPCC is so saturated in Queer Theory and the idea that children are #BornInTheWrongBody. What happens if the definition of abuse  covers parents who refuse to medicalise “trans-identifying kids?  Anyone watching what is happening in Canada will know this is not far fetched.  A Canadian father lost his battle to prevent his daughter accessing Puberty Blockers and Cross Sex hormones. His contact with his daughter has been, legally,  restricted to on-line interactions, for three years.  An initial judgement informed him that refusing to use preferred pronouns would be treated as “family violence”.   You can read the full judgement here

This clip is illustrative of how far parental responsibility is being undermined in Canada.  👇


With this context in mind I decided to work through ChildLine content to see what our kids are learning from ChildLine.  This is the second post on this topic. The first covers what the NSPCC/ChildLine are teaching our children about porn.  Queering the NSPCC? Part One.

What it means to be Transgender?

The topic of this log is a ChildLine youtube  on What it means to be Transgender.  The interviewees were  Fox Fisher, who identifies as Non-Binary,  and Mr Lewzer who identifies as a transman. Fisher is a relatively well known trans activist who has appeared in NHS guidance, School Transgender packs  and in the media.  MrLewzer  is a Transman with a popular youtube channel.  Mr Lewzer has also appeared in NHS training guidance as provided by the Transgender Lobby group GIRES. (Gender Identity Research and Education Service) 👇

CD347791-2A23-486E-9488-633DDEAC9F41A link to the video, on YouTube  here.  (Backed up in case of revisionism)

Here also is a transcript transcription of ChildLine Fox Fisher Transgender


The video begins with an attempt at a definition of what it means to be Transgender.  Fisher tells us that this means you don’t “feel connected to the Gender they were assigned at birth”.  Claiming that sex is “assigned” at birth is pure Trans Ideology. Sex is simply observed and recorded in all but an, infinitesimally, small number of cases.  For some people, born with disorders/differences in sexual development, it  may not be straightforward.  The baby may need chromosomal/ karyotype  tests.  Discussion of trans identity often conflates these very different issues.  There is no evidence that there is a significant correlation between people with DSDs and people with a Transgender Identity. Indeed, in the U.K., research was undertaken which resulted in the discontinuation of karyotype testing, at Gender Identity Clinics.  Source for this 👇 quote here


Defining the undefinable

There’s lots more incoherent & inconsistent statements about “gender” . Gender is a spectrum between male and female; but some people don’t identify with either; and it’s really an individual choice.  Valiant attempts are made to separate “Gender Expression“ from “Gender Identity” but they all return to superficial signifiers like dress and hair. . Good luck codifying “Gender Identity” into law based on these  nebulous descriptions. Gender Identity is a faith based and subjective belief system.  Best stick with the fact that we are Sexually Dimorphic and reserve compassion for the tiny number of people with DSDs who genuinely need some specific accommodations.


Mr Lewzer explains that some people wish to modify their body but some do not. Mr Lewzer tells us It’s a misconception that hormones and surgery make you a man or a woman”


Sadly this display of logic was short-lived.   In a further elucidation of the point we are told, regardless of any bodily modification, it is incumbent on the rest of us to accept a Self-identified gender. Acceptance without Exception!

Terminology.  Keep up!

Fox:  “I no longer use the term Female to Male. To me it implies that I was female. I think a lot of people find that problematic”.

Lewzer explains that they do use the term, MTF, for simplicity’s sake. Though they also add:


Amy, the interviewer, helpfully explains that using the language of “ the community“ , is all about being “considerate of what other people feel”.   Tricky territory when this  clip  illustrates the acceptable language is contested even within the community.  The interviewer is also pushing a version of the #BeKind, faux-feminism that places the majority burden, and risk, on females, forced to affirm males as literal females. 


Strategic Deployment of “Transmen”

It’s also notable that post-medicalised females are often centred in particular discussions. Testosterone packs a  punch on the female body so, Transmen are often “passing”. Whilst they don’t  typically, present a threat to biological males , in female spaces they are likely to disrupt a social norms. They may find themselves in no-mans land.  If women read you as male they will respond accordingly.  At best they will feel uncomfortable. Male To Female (MTF) are less likely to pass and will be coded male in female spaces.   Fox Fisher helpfully interjects to correct the, problematic terminology of “passing” . Apparently we should not use it  because some people don’t aspire to pass as the opposite sex.  Right.  Thus far it’s as clear as mud.

Amy follows up on her appeal to kindness and adopting trans terminology by demonstrating her willingness to ignore the female community.  Here she explains what Cisgender means, as if it’s an unproblematic definition . 89714988-12D9-48D4-A55B-6B2B29CF59CFIn fact many women reject the idea that we identify with our “Gender” which we see as  a collection of , culturally variable, sex stereotypes.  We don’t , necessarily, identify with our Gender. We simply are our Sex. My response to this is simply


Celebrating Gender Non-Conformity?

Another worrying aspect of this piece is the idea that playing around with your “Gender” is a harmless part of adolescent development.   It is true that teenagers go through a period of personality formation; which can include conformity to, or rejection of, expectations for their sex. It is  normal to be experimenting with how to navigate this the bridge to adulthood. However it is only a recent phenomenon that this has involved considering, or, undertaking, medical pathways. That concretises adolescent playfulness in unprecedented ways.

Mr Lewzer explains how mum was persuaded things would be OK by showing her positive stories of Transitioners. “They looked good, they are happy and healthy and have relationships”. Yes! Mr Lewzer. This is the age of social media when people carefully curate their content  to craft a public persona.  Moreover the next statement is striking for what it leaves out.  Puberty Blockers have been given to children as young as 10, in the U.K. They invariably progress to cross sex hormones.  They are not a reversible intervention.  Confirmation from a Tavistock clinic . Britain’s main Gender Identity Clinic is covered here: TAVISTOCK PART THREE (A)


Before I leave this post I want to refer to Fox Fisher’s statement about their own bodily distress. Fox tells us they felt a lot of shame about how they felt. “Throughout my teenage years I had not respect for myself, my body, or anything like that. I’d hate for any young person to have to go through that”.  There’s a glaring contradiction at the heart of this ideology.  It is built on bodily rejection, but dressed up as a person liberation and a route to become your authentic self.

The other elephant in the room is that Lesbians and Gay males are no stranger to performing “Gender” in ways that confound societal expectations.  Internalised homophobia can easily manifest itself as shame and bodily hatred.  I have written on this topic many times. The Woke Gay Conversion Therapy?

I want to leave you with Fox Fisher’s statement at a Mermaids summer camp. Youtube original removed but here is archived content.  Fox Fisher   (Worth watching the whole thing which defends 3 year olds knowing they have a Gender Identity that doesn’t match their sex and a court case in which  child was removed from the Mother who was deemed to be, inappropriately, fostering a Social Transition)

I  cannot imagine any other activist being allowed to express this sentiment  👇and remain associated with a charity which proclaims itself as an ally of the LGBTQ+


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