Sophie Cook: TRAs behind the scenes


Another trans-identified males taking places earmarked for women. Part of a series which you can find here:

“Trans”: Working behind the scenes

About Sophie Cook.

Sophie is a heterosexual, late transitioning male who has fathered three children. Like many older ”trans” identifying males he has a hyper masculine career history, arriving as a football photographer, via the military and ten years in Saudia Arabia. Cook has quite a prominent presence on social media having had their own media career; which appears to have taken off since he came out as ”trans” . You can listen to Sophie talk about their ”journey” on their tedtalk.

Cook’s Ted Talk

It’s important not to take these self-penned narratives at face value. Many males, who had a sexual motive for transition, reinvent their past because of the shame, for example, of autogynephilia. The classic background for an AGP male is that they are heterosexual, often from hyper masculine careers and they always claim, as Cook does, they ”knew” they were transgender at a pre-pubertal /pre sexual awareness age. They will also include unfalsifiable claims of suicide attempts (Cook claim one at the age of 12) and a life of suppressing their ”authentic” self. It is a rare “transsexual” who will admit their identity came out of a fetish for women’s underwear. For more on this see my series on Dr Ann Lawrence who himself owns his autogynephilia.

Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies

Crown Prosecution Services

Sophie Cook has been on my radar for a while but this announcement prompted me to include him in this series: Sophie has been employed by the Crown Prosecution Services as a ”Speak Out” champion!

This is how Sophie describes the role. Note the key words he highlights are independent and impartial. It’s 2022 and the Crown Prosecution Services are still pursuing an agender to embed the mis-named Equality & Diversity Agenda in their organisation; by, er employing a man who attacks women’s rights every chance he gets.

The Crown Prosecution Services have form in this area; having produced a document to teach school children about hate crime, a document they subsequently had to withdraw.

As it happens I had written to the CPS about this document. I had tried to find it on their website but it was not open to the public. The only way to obtain a copy was to request a copy via a school email. A search of the internet turned up a copy on Mermaids website. The CPS did not even accurately state the legally protected characteristics from the 2010, Equality Act. The document was signed off by Ruth Hunt , of Stonewall infamy.


Cook has been working with Stonewall since 2016 when they got involved in the Rainbow Laces campaign. The Rainbow Laces campaign was designed to combat homophobia in sport. This is a laudable aim but extending that to including males in female sports is a regressive move, for the female people.

Sophie is not quite so keen in getting sexism out of sport and seems to think its perfectly reasonable for males to compete against females and to shower with teenage girls.

Colonising Women’s Roles

What people don’t seem to have grasped yet is that this is not a Civil Rights movement. It is a Men’s sexual rights movement. In order to ”live as a woman” it is actual women who are expected to make room, literally, for these men. This might mean losing a spot on a female sports team or a place on the Jo cox, Women into Leadership scheme. This scheme was set up to improve female representation in leadership roles in UK Labour but there have been at least two men who have taken up places; one of them was Cook.

Cook progressed to prospective MP and stood,unsuccessfully, as a candidate for Labour. in 2019 Cook was selected to stand again but subsequently, deselected because of an undeclared bankruptcy, in his past. At this stage a furious Cook stood as an Independent candidate, unconcerned about splitting the Labour vote, but ceased to campaign claiming ”transphobic” abuse. Again I don’t find this account credible since they said, in an interview with Pink News, ”instead of abuse I was greeted with love and support”

Below is Sophie visiting a women’s refuge. Again this is the ultimate goal for AGP males. In order to be validated they have to be accepted in women’s most intimate of spaces ideally ones which exclude other men. What better place than a women’s refuge/rape crisis centre? The same refuge, by the way, is being taken to court for refusing to offer a female only group to a rape survivor. She was distressed about having to recount her experiences in front of a trans-identified male. What kind of abject fool would celebrate a man buying you a mug with that slogan. 👇. ”My feminism includes everybody” Thats not feminism, love, he’s making a mug out of you.


Here the media play into Cook’s lady fantasies by consulting him on women’s language. A prominent organisation had renamed women to womxn but retreated after a backlash.

This was Sophie’s response. Delivered withiut a trace of self-awareness.

Dripping with male entitlement he repurposes the feminazi insult with a modern twist. He thinks he is a FEMINIST! 😂

Sophie Speaks Out: Impartiality?

So, let us look at the issues in which Cook demonstrates the necessary impartiality for his new role with the CPS.

Maybe it is this attack on the NHS for advertising a nurses job on Mumsnet,

Or it could be this attack on a Lesbian, academic. Kathleen was hounded out of her post and to call her anti-trans is ridiculous; her stance is much less militant than mine now that I have seen the masculine arrogance of these absolutely genuine types.

He excels himself with this attack on women who are defending our rights to single sex spaces. This is what he thinks of the sex he claims to identify with.

Not content with disparaging women he proceeds to attack the only organisation defending Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals. They must be slandered because they stand in the way of male ”lesbians”. There is no truth to the claim LGB Alliance is funded by the far right. (I think the detractors are well aware this is a bare faced lie and that will be clear when accounts are published. At the moment the ”trans” Lobby group is trying to challenge LGB Alliance’s charitable status).

Transperbole on Steroids!

The testerical tone of these accusations would be laughable if they were not reported by organisations like the Council of Europe. 👇

You ain’t no feminist bruv!

Knowing what a woman is does not make women akin to Nazis. I am going to go out on a limb and say anyone colluding with the sterilising of kids is Mengele adjacent! The Crown Prosecution Services have shown a woeful lack of judgement, in this area, generally, and this appointment specifically.

If you appreciate my work feel free to send a gift my way. Contrary to the propagandists we are not funded by right wing billionaires but the trans movement is!

Examining the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. Bad for women’s rights, gay rights and dangerous, reality denying cult.