Zoe Playdon :Trans Britain. Part 12a


Lynne Jones: Labour M.P

Lynne Jones was an Member of the U.K parliament until 2010. She was very involved in promoting “trans” ideology across parliament and instrumental in establishing the legal framework that has been so instrumental in destroying sex based rights, gay rights and child safeguarding. Before I get to Lynne (in 13b) I want to cover her partner in crime ;Zoe Playdon.

Zoe Playdon

Playdon was in charge of education at a postgraduate, medical deanery and course leader for a course in medical humanities. Playdon was also involved in the 1996 legal case P v S and Cornwall County Council which made it unlawful to make someone redundant for undergoing “gender reassignment”. For these reasons Jones approached Playdon when approached, for help, by a “transsexual” constituent. They would eventually found the Parliamentary Forum for Transsexuals later to become the Parliamentary Forum for Gender Identity.

Playdon’s website is here: As you can see she gets around a bit, briefing parliament, in the United Kingdom and Scotland and hobnobbing with the likes of Victor Madrigal who is in charge of pushing “transgender” ideology for the United Nations; and Jayne Ozanne, a Lesbian who wants to make it illegal for therapists to try to minimise harmful surgeries on young Lesbians and gay boys. As you can see the activists are still granted audiences at the heart of government and the civil service.

Zoe Playdon

Zoe has written an article for another lobby group, Transactual, whose chair of directors is Helen Belcher (Belcher is covered in chapter 17 so will make a later appearance in this series). Transactual was set up in 2017. This is the link to Playdon’s article.

Playdon on Gender Clinics

Gender Identity Clinics: Genesis and Unoriginal Sin

The article gives a potted history of “trans” medicine in the United Kingdom; harking back to imaginary “better days” before lambasting modern day treatments with the customary transperbole of “trans genocide”. It is interesting that she acknowledges the deceit practiced to access hormones and surgeries.

She continues in this vein describing the way Gender Clinics operate as coercive places where patients are “groomed into compliance”. The irony in complaining about forced sterilisation for adults and turning a blind eye to the practice of sterilising “trans kids” as young as ten years old.

Here is Playdon’s take on the case of Corbett v Corbett. A legal decision brought by the late April Ashley (a trans identified male) in order to secure a divorce settlement. In that judgment Ashley was declared to be male and the marriage null and void. Below is Playdon’s argument for describing the “genocidal” condition into which “trans” people were forced to live.

On the Gender Recognition Act she is incorrect. The lobby groups advising the government managed to get politicians to agree that there would be no requirement for any medical intervention in order to get legal recognition as a “woman”. There is no requirement for sterilisation and it is quite shocking for this to be claimed whilst conveniently glossing over the current sterilisation of children at Gender Abattoirs.

I had a look at the #TransDocFail and harvested a few comments. Demanding that women include “trans” in the fight for reproductive justice! 😳

Mermaids Interview

Playdon also gave an interview to the discredited, charity Mermaids in February 2022.

Mermaids Interview

This interview was to discuss Playdon’s book about someone she claims was a trans-identified female, Ewan Forbes. Forbes came from an aristocratic background, trained as a doctor, married a woman and won a court case to be recognised as male, for the purposes of inheriting a baronetcy. Playdon claims the establishment covered this up and denied access to the legal record about this court case. Oddly it does appear the case actually did get contemporaneous media coverage.

Playdon describes this, admittedly, fascinating tale in her book. She claims he was on cross sex hormones. (if he did actually medicalise he must have been one of, or the, earliest to access testosterone.) He appears not to have undertaken his formal name change until the age of forty shortly, thereafter, to marry his housekeeper.

Playdon’s book ignores any suggestion that Forbes actually had a disorder of sexual development; which was the actual legal basis on which he was allowed to correct his birth certificate. Instead she is quite wedded to the idea he was the first “transgender” man. She argues that there was an establishment cover up and repeats the outrage that covering up this case condemned “trans” people to a live with no civil liberties and endure a brutal regime of compulsory sterilisation on the NHS.

This was the actual basis on which Lord Hunter legally recognised Ewan as male:

Playdon’s argument was that this was an establishment cover up because it could have provoked a constitutional crisis. This seems unlikely.

There was quite a discussion on legal twitter about the case and I can highly recommend this substack post about the kerfuffle. This 👇 is quite a forensic analysis of Playdon’s claims.

The Curious Case of Ewan Forbes

Whether or not there is any truth to the case I am with Barbara Rich on this one. An old campaigning hobby horse dusted off for a new generation.

Playdon goes on to defend her use of “terf”; a slur often associated with threats of rape and violence. Apparently even the Guardian criticised this usage. Playdon dismisses the Terfs (Radical Feminists) as 1970’s Stepford Wives and akin to creationists. 😳. This shows an abject failure to understand radical feminist arguments.

Not content with this Playdon argues that women are engaged in a moral panic about “trans” people and links her book to “decolonisation” projects; a nod to the twin pillars of transgender ideology and deconstructing our colonial history. What Playdon fails to see is men colonising women is as old as the hills.

Playdon wants the “transphobes” to feel shame and claims women concerned about single sex spaces are labelling “trans” people as predators; conveniently omitting that the concern is with men, however they identify.

The idea there are no examples of trans-identified males sexually assaulting women is a easily debunked. Here is an excellent website documenting them in the U.K. 👇

Trans Crime U.K

Here are a just a few examples.

Next Playdon claims women objections are part of a well-funded anti-trans campaign linked to alt-right Christian Evangelicals. Conspiracy theorist much?

Playdon then attacks the legal case taken out by a detransitioned woman, Keira Bell. Bell v Tavistock was a legal case brought by a young woman who had undergone treatment with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy before realising her mistake. Playdon calls this “fake news”.

This is what she is selling. This entire thing is an attempt to reinvent history to claim self-ID of one’s sex was the norm in the good old days and try to gaslight women and persuade gullible politicians we just need to restore the rights “trans” people have lost.

Predictably wikipedia has been completely rewritten to tell Ewan’s story based on Playdon’s book. There is an unverified comment which claims to be from Forbe’s family. Quoted in the Void If Removed substack linked above. ☝️

Playdon seems to have wielded quite a lot of influence over Lynne Jones. They are named as a former member of Gay and Lesbian Liberation front. I have assumed Playdon is a “she” for the purposes of this post. She claims to be part of the “queer” community. Another Vichy Lesbian?

I had a brief look at her twitter account. This is what she has to say about “transphobes”.

This ☝️ is insanity.

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