Jess Phillips. Feminist? Meninist?


Worth a look at Phillips who enhances her political credibility by reading out the names of murdered women and claiming to be a feminist. She can of course call herself what she likes but actions speak louder than words.

Jess Phillips co-sponsored a bill to replace the protected characteristic of ”gender reassignment” with ”gender identity”. Men can already get a Gender Recognition Certificate whether or not they have a penis. Broadening the ”protection” to ”Gender Identity” would be a disaster for women’s, sex based, rights. Try to find anyone able to define ”Gender” without recourse to sexist stereotypes. Clip from Hansard, the official record of the British Parliament.

Phillips also boasted about opposing the Spousal Exit Clause, for women trapped in marriages with men who are wishing to identify as women. It does not stop the man doing anything to his body, changing the way he presents or what pronouns he claims. All it does is allow the woman to exit the marriage before she is officially recorded as being married to someone claiming a legal identity as a ”woman”, based on ”gender”.

Here she is again. This is also from Hansard. Megan Key is a trans-identified male who thinks men who sexually offend, against women, should be allowed in female prisons. What did Phillips say? NOTHING! Professor Brookes is also willing to make women participate in a social experiment against our will.

Jess Phillips has shown who she is, we need to believe her.

This is how Jess Phillips describes herself on her website:

Who funds her?

Attached is a PDF of all her donations as recording on the Electoral Commission website.


Ranked in order of contribution level we find that a Fiona McTaggart is a significant donor: 

Different kinds of women? 😳

This would appear to be the Fiona McTaggart who was head of the Fawcett Society. Here is Jess retweeting her in 2016.

Here is how the Fawcett society responded to the new EHRC guidance which attempted to clarify guidance about single sex spaces.

The proceeded to express concern that the bar for accessing single SEX spaces may ”unfairly” exclude some males.

In conclusion, Jess Phillips has shown us who she is.

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