Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhumanism. Chapter 8

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The final Chapter covers

Unfortunately, for me, Rothblatt, like a lot of men, doesn’t know when to stop so he follows up this chapter with both an epilogue and an afterward. Sigh.

He’s quite triumphalist in this chapter. Once again he located the origins of women’s oppression of women in acknowledging the reality of sex. In his world if we eradicate single sex spaces and open all female only spaces, to men, we will eradicate sexism and women will be liberated. He is astonishingly naive (disingenuous?) in this belief. He has a recurrent theme that abolishing sex based boundaries is being accomplished and “nothing horrible happened”. At the same time evidence is building to demonstrate that horrible things are happening: now on an almost daily basis. Whether this is women being incarcerated with male rapists or a fetishistic teacher parading his sexual paraphilia in a school. This is the brave new world of Rothblatt. Where this man can force school children to participate in his gross sexual fetish, because it is protected by Canadian law.

School spokesperson had this to say:

Rothblatt twists the history of female oppression to serve his own purposes. He misrepresents the achievements of campaigners for same sex marriage calling it “gender blind” marriage. The truth is , in fact, it is legislation to allow same sex marriage. He celebrates the decline of “sexual apartheid” because it is a victory over “cultural fascism”; equating women’s rights with Nazis is the new #FemiNazi. A label beloved by all the MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) that preceded Martin.

Those who opposed same sex marriage campaigned on the basis of religion because they knew they would lose if it became a question of “civil rights”. That lesson was not lost on transgender identity ideologues who have managed to convince political elites that a man’s right to parade his fetish is the new frontier of civil rights.

Not content with forcing society to accept that men can be women the next frontier is transhumanism; 👇

In Rothblatt’s vision we will become hybrids of humans and computers and gain access to immortality. He wants to eradicate death.

He drops the names of the proponents of transhumanism should you wish to pursue your studies further. Julius Huxley, Ray Kurzweill and a man called FM 2030; who has had his head cryonically suspended in the quest to be revived. I did actually watch a documentary on FM 2030 which you can find here:

FM 2030

Theres also a website which Rothblatt promoted which now appears to be called Humanity Plus and has a YouTube channel. I am more concerned with the immediate impact of this ideology but clearly there are already developments to integrate humans with technology even if we may remain skeptical about the eradication of death itself.

Rothblatt clearly thinks this will be a reality in his lifetime so is laying the groundwork for laws to recognise legal personhood for his afterlife.

He justifies this by, once again, comparing a lack of recognition of post human computers to apartheid and sexism.

I destroy my enemy by making him my friend.

Rothblatt claims the victories of transgenderism are because they have followed a well trod path of advancement which includes the end of apartheid, slavery and the end of the oppression of women. At the same time he uses a revealing quote for his epilogue which reveals what he is really doing. He is forced teaming women and gay rights proponents to further his own aims. He is the enemy of groups he proclaims as “friends”.

No longer is there a war between the sexes, in Rothblatt’s world, instead it is a battle of technology and his preoccupation with separating women from childbearing emerges, again. He has a bad case of womb envy.

It is clear that he thinks he has won the battle over reality and we no longer believe there are two sexes. As always he misrepresents the arguments over sex by inferring, sometimes stating, that those of us arguing sex matters want to enforce sex based stereotypes and a belief in #LadyBrain. The people with the penises do in fact thinks differently which is why they are 99% of sex offenders.

How he squares this with his own statements is anyone’s guess. There is no such thing as male or female but Martine still claims he has the “soul of a woman”, uttered with all the confidence of a man.

Yet, like Eddie Izzard, he wants it both ways. He’s not quite ready to jettison that male privilege.

In conclusion.

Martine Rothblatt is no friend to women or homosexuals. He thinks he can be a bridge builder and “transgenderism” is a stepping stone to “transhumanism”; with a detour to destroy women’s rights to male free spaces. He wants the end of the idea of sexual orientation which would destroy gay rights to assemble only with the same sex. This is why Lesbians in Tasmania have lost the legal right to exclude trans-identifying males from Lesbian only events. Just to be clear, Rothblatt, thinks he has morphed from heterosexual male to be a “Lesbian”. This is from the afterword. 👇


This is a placard of one of the trans activists who were there to challenge Lesbians marching in defence of same sex attraction at #LesbianStrength2022

Undaunted some young lesbians were there, fighting back. #LesbianStrength2022

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Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhumanism. Chapter 7


We are on the home stretch. This is the penultimate chapter.

This is the new edition of a book originally entitled the Apartheid of Sex. The author is a “trans-identified”, heterosexual male. He is married and fathered three children. He is also a transhumanist who believes we can live on as “cyber-conscious” beings after our flesh suits have degraded. You might think this would render him an outcast but, in fact, he is currently a trustee sitting of Mayo Clinic, who are a large hospital charity; sometimes described as foremost in the world.

You can catch up with the series here:


Beyond gay or straight.

If chapter 6 has not convinced you that Gender Identity Ideology is an existential threat to gay rights this ought to do it. Rothblatt wants any acknowledgment that sex is real, and that we are a sexually dimorphic species, eradicated. He wants to purge references to male and female from language or repurpose them to mean your subjective sense of self. This is all to validate the author who believes himself to have a female soul. Lest it is not immediately apparent what the consequences are for the L, G and B here are his thoughts.

Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual lose all meaning in a world where sex isn’t real and enough people have been sold a “synthetic sexual identity”. Note that Rothblatt does not insist on any hormonal/surgical treatment to justify claiming to be the opposite sex.

He is insistent, consistent and persistent with this messaging. He really wants it to sink in.

This is where the conflation with racism seeps in. He returns to this theme repeatedly to generate feelings of shame.

You would think bisexuals would get a free pass but, no, they fall foul of the “bi” which acknowledges two sexes. They have to be redefined as “multi sexual” so they don’t leave out anyone who doesn’t identify with the binary. Now he performs faux perplexity about the dating choices of Butch lesbians. The short answer is that same sex relationships do depend on sex organs. A Butch Lesbian who dates a “femme” lesbian would not be similarly attracted to a “femme” gay male because of his sex!


After sex has been abolished and we have all been recategorised according to colours (really! see chapter 6) this is how Rothblatt imagines the future. Notice how he cannot imagine a partnership that does not depend on “mount or be mounted”! Does he seriously think people don’t exchange roles in sex already? All he seems to imagine is a binary of passive v dominant which is the same old binary thinking.

Of course Rothblatt believes your identity is valid no matter your hormone/surgical status but he also normalises irreversible body modifications. 👇 Note the casual reference to “hysterectomy” to eliminate “her” period”. This is a serious surgery that will trigger early menopause and heighten the risk for early onset dementia. Also he is pretending to assume the use of a dildo changes someone sex. There is no point at which two females, who are in a sexual relationship, become a heterosexual couple even if one of them takes synthetic sex hormones has surgeries or uses a dildo.

He begins this paragraph saying there are no valid answers but proceeds to argue that it is valid that one “feels” male more than if they have surgeries. 👇

Notice he first says there is no valid answers, then gives this “valid” answer then undercuts himself again.

He digresses at this point to talk about laws against sodomy and gay marriage. Interestingly he claims that marriage was performed between two people based on their appearance. I suspect this may not be wholly accurate. The problem, he argues, only arises if they separate and one of them wishes to annul the marriage, perhaps to avoid spousal support.

Same sex marriage now exists, in U.K law and, in fact, most of the opposition to the Gender Recognition Act came because the opposition were largely opposed to same sex marriage. The bizarre consequence of the GRA (in the U.K) was that, initially, for people who obtained a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) who were in a heterosexual marriage had to end; this affected women, predominantly because most GRC applications were from men. However, two people of the same sex could marry if one of them had a different legal sex. In effect parliament legalised same sex marriage for this special category of men and made it illegal for some women to remain in their marriage.

He then spends some time talking about the multiple ways in which children could be produced in these relationships. Get your head around this? 👇 “If one of the women was a sterile man” . He is going for the terms “mother” and “father”.

This is also quite revealing. My other half is more nurturing than I. I still carried and gave birth to my two sons and I will always be their mum, just as their dad is their dad and nothing about being male should preclude him from being the primary carer, which he was. This 👇 is like something out of the 1950’s.


We have not, as a society, fully appreciated what happens to the human mind when they can cos play in cyber space. I remember being nonplussed by my son playing animal crossing. It was all perfectly innocent stuff but I wonder now how much living a “virtual life” impacts on the brain. Rothblatt is, naturally, celebratory about the experience of living a different identity on line. Are we fostering this disassociative state on line?

Are our kids performing their “gender” on line, receiving “affirmation” and never engaging with the reality of how they are perceived outside their bubble? Rothblatt seems to have a negative view of real life interactions because they reinforce sexist stereotypes. 😳 I am no fan of the “real life” tests as a gatekeeping tool of sex conformity clinics but now our kids are “affirmed” with only on-line reactions to judge acceptance rates, by we are setting them up for rejection. Are male “lesbians” getting “affirmed” on line and believing the propaganda? Dr Az Hakeem said his most “contented” patients were those with autism because take it all on face value; they took polite pronoun use as evidence they “passed” and were therefore accepted in female spaces.

Rothblatt laments the lack of sensation available in cyber spaces but hails the new technological developments which will allow cyber suits where the subject will be able to feel touch in the virtual sphere.

Doing this in the virtual sphere has no lasting harm written on your body, at least. The effect on the brain, given neuro-plasticity is probably under-researched though I did find one paper.

Disorders from problematic game use

Rothblatt mentions none of this. 👇.

Trouble is when you have taken synthetic hormones, removed your breasts had a hysterectomy or been castrated /had your penis inverted logging off is no longer an option.

Transhuman joy without orgasm.

There follows a section about living a post flesh existence with no ability to erotic function. He believes there will be “killer orgasms” in a future decades away. In my darker moments I wonder if he is watching the deliberate creation of a new inorgasmic breed of males and seeing how it plays out. Nothing suprised me anymore.

He concludes by singing the praises of all the joys of life that are to be had outside of sexual pleasure. Reading, conversation and witnessing the diversity of life with friends and family. If this doesn’t convince you he speculates on the future ability to grow humans, to adult size, in a man-made faux womb. He thinks market forces will make it happen.

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Martine Rothblatt: Chapter 4


This is from a series on this book 👇

This is the second edition. The original was titled: The Apartheid of Sex. The author is a trans-identified male who is also interested in “Transhumanism” which, crudely, envisages a post human life for man melded with technology. Most rational people would find his ideas ludicrous but, unfortunately, he is taken seriously and is now one of the trustees for The Mayo Clinic which is sometimes referred to as a world leading hospital. He is also very rich.

This post covers the fourth chapter of his book.

Notice he puts “objective reality” in scare quotes. Let us hope our politicians row back from following this book as if it were an instruction manual. The truth is this is a man and all the surgery in the world has not disguised him.

The chapter is broken down into the following sub-headings.

Love and Marriage

He starts with gay marriage which sounds perfectly reasonable until you see he wants the eradication of sex in life and law. Inevitably this means denial of same sex attraction.

This summarises his aims. 👇. To get rid of the recording of sex on any documents. Marriage to Rothblatt should be “sex blind”. He is also keen on mixed sex bathrooms and changing rooms. Basically he wants to penetrate all female spaces and he is quite clear a man, with a penis, can identify as a “woman”.

He is a qualified lawyer and very keen on using the law to get his own way. Here he argues that “transsexuals” are ideally placed to contest the recording of sex on marriage certificates.

A recurrent theme is drawing comparisons to the recording of race and racist laws against mixed sex marriage.

The Lovings were a couple who challenged the law which stated that their marriage was illegal. A fight they won, with the help of the ACLU, before they spent their energy attacking women’s rights in the name of Gender Identity Ideology.

Rothblatt argues that a legal case needs to quote the Loving v Virginia precedent to strike down the requirement to record sex on marriage certificates.

For the gay men and lesbians going along with this the goal is erasure of your sexual orientation. If you have not caught up with the #CottonCeiling /#BoxerCeiling now is a good time. The new generation of “transgender” ideologues think you are morally mandated to accept partners of the opposite sex if they identify as Lesbians/Gay men.

Let that sink in!

Government and Sex

Warming to his theme, Rothblatt argues that nobody is male or female.

He then uses the Ruth Bader Ginsberg case; in which she successfully won a male spouse the same rights as females, married to men in the armed forces. I am not sure Bader Ginsberg would have anticipated the way this case would be used by trans-activists; though she did act for a “transsexual” to be allowed to serve his time in women’s prisons.

Rothblatt’s thinks the government don’t need to collect data on sex for its census. He proposes that we add a “transgender “ or “other” category to the census. This has already happened in the U.K and it took a fight to make the Office for National Statistics (ONS) change the guidance to allow men to tick “female” if that was how they identified. A similar fight was lost in Scotland.

Rothblatt aims for a world in which “transgendered” becomes the main category.

In his ideal world the sex question would be dropped altogether and arguments about needing to know which diseases (and treatments) need differentiating by sex he regards as specious as arguments to record race. This is dangerous. To give one example; multiple sclerosis affects women in 68% of cases. At the same time men are more likely to get the progressive version of the disease and their prognosis is worse. Similarly we only recently discovered females were dying at higher rates after heart attacks. Turns out female symptoms present differently and they were being under diagnosed.

This next paragraph is a tiresome. A toddler realising the difference between males and females is a developmental milestone. Activists use this to argue that this is awareness of “gender identity”. Again he attacks the notion of female and male brains, at certain points, but he also argues for the “transgendered” brain. Separating the sexes has been done for safeguarding reasons because the male of the species have trouble regulating their penises. It’s not akin to Apartheid and it’s an odious analogy.

In Rothblatt’s ideal world we need a “Gender Pioneer” to challenge the legislature and argue against recording their sex, or their child’s, then all the other agencies will need to follow suit. We have already see Freddy McConnell fight to be recorded as the “father” on their child’s birth certificate; even though she is female. Another activist has spent years going through the courts to be acknowledged as neither male nor female. In addition a govt funded Research Council handed out a grant to examine this topic.

The bathroom bugaboo

This is the definition of “bugaboo”. He thinks women’s concerns are childish.

In fact there are huge inequities in toilet provision for females and women have been screaming into a void about this for decades. Yet the moment some men have “Lady Feelz” governments, public bodies and corporations have leapt into action. Clara Greed works in this field and has this to say.

You can watch Greed talking about this here:

Toilets WPUK

The author thinks that we can address issues with female provision by removing the division between male and female toilets. He recognises that males may feel discriminating against if urinals are removed and also that the vagina-havers will end up cleaning up male urine. He dismisses these concerns. He is also dismissive about rape. He calls these concerns mere “speculation”.

In fact this is the research.

Unisex spaces and women’s safety

Rothblatt instead chooses to focus on a woman who was arrested for using the male facilities to avoid the queues at the women’s facilities. She is now a campaigner for “potty parity”. Yep, Martine, we want equal provision but we don’t want to share with men.

Papering the Transhuman

In this section argues for the registration of artificial “humans”.

Martine is living in the realms of science fiction and in this chapter he argues for the registration of “trans humans” to enable people to live on in a different form. He has given this a lot of thought even down to worrying about he can maintain controls of his sizeable fortune.

So he wants to reorder the world to fit his fantasy and, thus far, he is getting what he wants.

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Martine Rothblatt: Chapter 3 : Law & Sex


Chapter three continues the theme of insisting biological sex does not matter. According to Martine science has now discovered the “brain continuum” and we no longer need to focus on separation people based on their genitalia. What he never addresses is the criminal tendencies of the penis people.


He addresses the incarceration issue based on male on male rape addressing the case of Farmer v Brennan in Ruth Bader Ginsburg acted. Addressing male propensity to sexual violence by exposing women, the overwhelming victims of sexual violence, to heightened risk if one of the most morally bankrupt ideas of our time.

No such consideration is shown to other young men, who may be gay and vulnerable, but a man who claims to identify as a woman…. You can read my earlier piece about Rothblatt and prisons which provides some background about the Farmer case, below.


Rothblatt asserts that it is impossible to prevent rape in prison. How convenient for him to adopt this defeatist position. I will tell you one way we can prevent rape in the female estate, keep men out. As for pressing women into service as aids to rehabilitation this is pure misogyny.

Rothblatt thinks of everything. Men and women will have their fertility, temporarily, suppressed to make sure there are no “pregnancies” thereby enabling the cover up of rapes in the mixed sex environment. Of course it is necessary to know the sex of the prisoner for this to be effective which somewhat undermines his whole thesis.

He goes on to argue that “sex typing” is anachronistic. He has a little detour to condemn laws against cross-dressing and argues that when it was implemented in texas a large numbers of Lesbians were arrested.


He also rails against the recording of sex for census purposes. Lest you think this is the ramblings of a mad man (it is but he seems to have persuaded a lot of people) let me remind you that the English census tried to make this a reality by allowing respondents to answer according to their self identity. It can hardly be a coincidence that there is a trans-identified male as a senior member of staff at the Office for National Statistics. (ONS). You can read about him here. He also held senior posts at the Government Equality Office.

Alison Pritchard: TRA behind the scenes? Part one: GEO

He also claims that it is the recording of the data, by sex, which creates the discrimination in the first place!

We are back to the racial classification argument. Apparently the problem is that we are told we are male or female in the first place. Given the choice many would, he claims, all identify as “other”. I guess this explains the non-binaries who stupidly think this would enable them to dodge sexism. Sigh. People are really this deluded.


He really surpasses himself on the sport issue. As we watch numerous men identify as women for competitive advantage this 👇 argument makes him look ridiculous. “Would not men masquerade as women in order to have an edge in the fame and fortune that comes from athletic success?”

He even argues that females are segregated to save men from hurt feelings! Arsehole.

Luckily we can rely on Professor Fausto-Sterling to bring some science to the table.

Here comes the crazy if you have not seen enough. The Vagina People need to compete against men to up our game! Apparently we were only ever excluded so the nasty men could take all the top prizes. (Oh and he throws in a few references to the disadvantaged Japanese people to bring race into the argument, again).

Cyber People

Now some bonkers stuff about having multiple meat sacks and humans grown in twenty months!

Why? Multiples, of course.

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Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhuman:



This is the second edition, with a new title, of Apartheid Of Sex.


The foreword to this edition was provided by Harold Blackman. Blackman was a historian and consultant to the Simon Wiesenthal centre. He opens by claiming that Martine, writing with lawyerly precision, will be seen as a visionary who made the case for the transgender movement.

Sex denialism

Like the first edition it relies, heavily, on the idea than any separation of the sexes is akin to apartheid. Furthermore Rothblatt’s vision includes the ultimate in sex denialism, to the extent that he opposes recording sex on any official documentation.

Rothblatt is not the only one drawing a comparison to South African apartheid. Here is David Lammy (U.K M.P. and the man who steered the Gender Recognition Act through parliament) using the same argument.

Brockman proceeds to argue that Rothblatt’s ideas, that there is “no absolute binary male-female distinction” would have impressed Charles Darwin. He claims Rothblatt has built his case on evolutionary biology, animal and human, which turns out to mean a variation of the clownfish argument. For neophytes this is based on various fish who switch between male and female to balance out the sexes; his examples are the swordtail and butter hamlets.

If this argument fails to persuade, Brockman argues, Rothblatt has other contentions that may convince you. Perhaps you are more persuaded by the “transgendered brain” but, for Brockman it is the minimal differences between the sexes that should end “gender segregation”.

If you wonder why women, fighting for single sex spaces, are often called “Nazi” this is an equivalence made frequently by Rothblatt.

Writing gay men and Lesbians out of history

No account would be complete without referencing the “transgender” contribution to the Stonewall riots, even though these accounts range from merely exaggeration to the totally fabricated. Brockman does not disappoint. For a true account of the Stonewall riots see Fred Sargeant, who was actually there.

Fred Sargeant on the Stonewall Riots

The eradication of homosexuality

Could there be any clearer statement of intent than this quote. 👇

Gay straight and even bisexual will lose all meaning”.

Transgender to Transhumanism.

Not content with destroying sex based rights and gay history, Rothblatt is also going for, arguably, what it means to be human. Martine envisages a future when we escape the prison of the flesh and our own mortality. This is what underpins the Terasem movement; “indefinite life extension

You can read the preface, in full, at the link below.

Martine Rothblatt’s The Apartheid of Sex 15 Years Later

Part of a series on Transgender to Transhumanism. More to follow.

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Martine Rothblatt: Billions of Sexes. Part 2 of Chapter 1


This covers the final part of this chapter. From Transgenderism, The Apartheid of Sex to Persona Creatus.


Prepare to laugh out loud as Rothblatt claims “transgenderism” is a grass roots movement. The fact is that it is not possible to change sex. Your sex is coded throughout your body. This, in my view, is what drives the authoritarian dimension to this movement. If your life is built on a lie the only way to make silence the cognitive dissonance is to force everybody to “believe” it’s true. Hence the thought terminating cliche “Transwomen are Women”. Even then it is noticeable that it is this mantra never gets forgotten while “Transmen are men” is frequently omitted; which, ironically, is a bit sexist!

This is delusional. Granted females who take testosterone can, superficially, “pass” but males who wish to be read as female have a much harder time of it. Even extremely wealthy men who can afford lots of plastic surgery can be “clocked”. The insecurity this must breed would generate mental health issues by itself.

Rothblatt, who fathered children himself, talks about pregnancy and childbirth in such dehumanising language. He cannot bear the idea that women have a “monopoly” on this and wishes to reduce children to commodities and women to paid gestators. No consideration for the resulting babies or the health of the “womb carrier”. What a dystopian vision for the future of humanity.

This is what is known as “reaching”. Women are not cross-dressing when we wear jeans and a T Shirt. Men who cross-dress do so to facilitate masturbation. There is no equivalent in the female sex because sexual fetish is almost entirely a masculine phenomenon. The rapidly growing number of men who have begun to cross dress probably mirrors the rise in porn usage. Many of those men specifically fetishise the “inferior” status of women in those who practice “forced feminisation”. This kink depends on the idea that the most humiliating thing that can happen to a man is to be feminised. See the rise of “Sissy Porn”.

Rothblatt toys with the idea of masculinised or feminised brains only to pull back and argue we flow to our natural orientation for “aggression” (male) or “nurturance” (female). For all his fancy talk we are right back at sexist stereotypes. Female cross-dressing isn’t a thing no matter how you try to make it so…

Finally, this is not a Civil Rights movement, it only masquerades as one in order to colonise the female sex and strip rights away from women. It’s not grassroots either. It is backed by billionaires with “charitable” foundations, the pharmaceutical industry and all the apparatus of the Gender Industrial Complex. You are not “brave” you are an entitled man doing what men do best, destroying all that makes us human.

Apartheid of Sex.

This was the title of the first edition of this book. Yes, we are groomed into adopting “acceptable” behaviours for our sex from birth. Yes, we should work to dismantle as many artificially imposed restrictions, based on our sex. No, the way to do this is not to carve sex stereotypes into, and out of, our flesh. This is the opposite of liberation.

Rothblatt has this backwards. The destruction of the idea that women exist, as a separate sex class, with our own needs and aspirations, does not liberate women. This purported, grassroots, movement is Patriarchy on steroids, or cross sex hormones. It reduces women to an idea in a man’s head that he can project onto women and then claim as his own to play act. If Rachel Dolezal is an imposter then so are all the trans-identified men.

Once more. When the sex that is responsible for 98% of sex offences (probably 99% because some male crimes are now, falsely, attributed to females) mends its ways then we will know that something has been achieved. Women need male free spaces so we are shielded from male violence but also simply to meet and talk about our common interests or enjoy female camaraderie. Some men cannot bear women to gather without them. It is these entitled men who are at the vanguard of transgenderism. Is he really blaming male violence on their frustration that women have any space for ourselves? 👇

Nope. There are not billions of sexes there are personalities. There have always been people who reject the straight jacket of rigid sex stereotypes. We won’t liberate ourselves under the totalitarian movement that is transgenderism. Given the first men to claim they are women seem to be dripping with male entitlement, and a need to dominate, I have seen the trailer and I don’t want to live out the full film. No Thank you.

Persona Creatus

Rothblatt’s faith in technology to make a new kind of human is based on the role of technology. We have not begun to deal with the consequences of children born via surrogacy; which I predict will be grim. No child wants to know they were produced via a commercial transaction and separated from their biological mother.

This man wants to invent a new species like a fucked up genius with a god complex.

He imagines a world beyond flesh with artificial intelligence imbued with “personality”, to be treated as if it were human. I cannot think of anything more frightening than this “vision”.


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Martine Rothblatt: A Billion Sexes!


Chapter 1.

This is part of a series on this book. This is the second edition. The original title was The Apartheid Of Sex.

In this edition Rothblatt elaborates on his original thesis and introduces us to the real project. A new type of human. Human Avatars.


I am allowing myself a wry chuckle at Rothblatt’s attempt to claim there are more than two sexes and also that “transgenderism” is a grassroots movement and labelling male and female is akin to South African apartheid. He also claims this emerged from feminist thinking which is a familiar distortion and, sadly, has convinced many a woman who claims the feminist label.

Rothblatt uses the fact that men and women don’t tend to adhere to sex stereotypes as an argument that male and female is a continuum. It is certainly true that many, I would even say most, people do not perform a pure Barbie or a G.I. Joe; I would argue that uber conformist “feminine” women or “masculine” men are a minority. If we were to draw up a list of characteristics, traditionally associated with either sex, I challenge you to find one person of your acquaintance who doesn’t deviate. This could be my body building, HGV driving, brother who is afraid of spiders and enjoys bird watching (feathered variety) and does a mean Beyoncé impression. Or his dynamo of an ex wife, a diminutive blonde, who dealt with the said spiders and is super ambitious, a leader and a force to be reckoned with. Rothblatt recognises all of this but, for him, it adds up to “Men can become women”; all entirely unconnected to his own identification as a “transgender woman” I am sure. 🤔

Sex assigned at birth.

The first step in embedding this ideology is to claim the identification of sex is problematic. Sadly the NHS and the British Medical Journal have both adopted this terminology. In fact there are a tiny number of babies, with an indeterminate sex at birth. A simple Karyotype test will confirm the biological sex and which disorder of sexual development (DSD) he, or she, suffers from. Each of these DSDs affect either males or females, conforming that we are, in fact sexually dimorphic.

Martina’s biology lets him down here because the vagina is not visible: he means the vulva. He is right that the life a baby will have be shaped from the moment they are dressed in pink or blue. The baby will be treated differently in conscious and unconscious ways. Girl babies are left to cry for longer, for example, boys rewarded for “cheeky” behaviour and girls admonished etc, etc.

From this Rothblatt leaps to the idea that sex is not immutable but is a “lifestyle choice”. Notice all these conclusions validate his choice to “live as a woman” whatever that means. Methinks the wish is father to the thought.

Professor Ann Fausto-Sterling.

It’s worth spending a bit of time on Fausto-Sterling and her views. The 4% is an exaggeration that includes all disorders of sexual development, many of which create no confusion about the sufferer’s biological sex and are only apparent when , for example, menstruation fails to start.

Here is another contribution from the Professor, in which she claims there are five sexes. Later she claimed she was being “ironic”.

I include this exchange because it amuses me. Colin is right but I have to admire her magisterial put down. 😂 (I know that makes me a bit contrary).

Richard Lewontin

Rothblatt also presses Lewontin into service. I have made some enquiries about his work to try to determine if Rothblatt simply inserted (sex) and Lewontin was talking about race; for which he is well known. Lewontin has now passed on so we have to rely on his existing body of work.

This is a quote from Lewontin, he argued against classifying humans by biology in terms of race. From what I can ascertain he also railed against the exclusion of women from specific professions but I would doubt that he also thought men should be able to undress beside his wife. (He had a long marriage and they died within days of each other).

Lady Brain.

I am not entirely sure where Rothblatt lands, ultimately, in relation to brain sex. He seems to argue that there are no biological differences, between men and women in respect of our gray matter, but then he also talks of the “transgendered brain”; the idea that a female brain has landed in a male body. I am going to assume that the Lawyer in him throws a number of arguments at the issue, in the hope that one will stick.

Rothblatt spends a bit of time on this and brings our old friend Fausto-Sterling into play. All that needs saying is that nobody separates spaces by “brain sex”. Spaces are separated on the basis of which sexed body houses the brain.

New Feminist Thinking

Let us see which feminists he has pressed into service. Sylvia Law is based in New York and employed at a University so I am going to assume she is on the same page as Rothblatt. Ruth Bader Ginsberg argued for fair treatment for the sexes using a man as her first case, reasoning that the all male panel adjudicating may be stirred to sympathy for one of their brothers; I think she knew biological sex was real. Simone De Beauvoir gets trotted out all the time by the hard of thinking.

Simone De Beauvoir

What De Beauvoir was arguing was that what we assume to be the nature of women is actually largely due to. female socialisation. You can watch her talk about her position in this interview:

Simone De Beauvoir

Here are a few clips:

Knows which sex gestates and bears children. Argues this is not the cause of female oppression it’s the pretext.

Finally Simone thinks women need spaces away from men to discuss issues that affect us.

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead is an anthropologist most famous for her book Coming of Age in Samoa. She also wrote a book called Male and Female. In that book she examines the different ways women and men are expected to behave in different cultures. In some women are regarded as too weak in another women are the beast of burden and believed to have more capacity to carry loads on their heads. Sometimes the male children are seen as the vulnerable ones, in others it is the female children. Like De Beauvoir she sees the way being male or female, in terms of expected behaviours, as societally constructed. She does not, however, disregard the existence of two sexes.

You can read the entire book via open She does have a lot to say about the way different societies accommodate more “feminine” men who are sometimes accommodated, as homosexuals, via various manifestations of transvestism. She does bear in mind that however the expectations of the sexes vary between societies there is a core truth that appears in all societies.

John Money

John Money was a sexologist whose posthumous reputation is now besmirched by his role in the Rheimer twins. One of the twins had his penis burnt off during a botched circumcision. His parents came to Money for help and they were advised to raise one of the twins as a girl. Later it emerged that the twins had been sexually abused, by Money, when they were taken to see him. In the end the twin, raised as a girl, discovered his secret which explained his inability to fit in as a “girl”. He reverted to acknowledge his birth sex. Both twins committed suicide. Rothblatt mentions none of this.

Money is brought in to claim that differences between men and women are few and that the day is coming for a male pregnancy since fertilisation has occurred in women without wombs. Even uterus implants in females have a low success rate in terms of live births.

Rothblatt argues that technology has made the differences between males and females irrelevant because machinery can allow anyone to do the “heavy” work and formula can substitute for breast milk. Martine seems to have a bad case of womb envy.

I will leave this chapter there and return with Transgenderism, The Apartheid of Sex and Persona Creatus.

This should give you an idea of Rothblatt’s scattergun style of argument. He is a master of appropriation, cherry picking arguments, leaving out inconvenient facts. He is compulsively driven to mould the world to validate his desire to be the opposite sex while, at the same time, obliterating the reality of the sex to which he claims membership.

If you want to see male entitlement, ruthless quest for dominance and a desperation to achieve mastery there is no better case study.

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Apartheid of Sex 2 : Martine Rothblatt


Forgive the title, especially those of you with experience of actual apartheid. This is the title of a book by a heterosexual, married, trans-identified male : Martine Rothblatt.

I have written about Rothblatt before but, as of August 2022, he is now on the board of the Mayo Clinic, which among other things, provides “transgender medicine” ; hence he needs a further post (s). 👇

You can read my first post here.


Rothblatt’s Finest Hour.

Rothblatt is a remarkable person with an impressive list of achievements, some of which. seem laudable. For me, his finest hour was his actions when he discovered his daughter had a life limiting condition, pulmonary arterial hypertension. One source stated that this was expected to take her life within two years, though Rothblatt is quoted as saying within three months, in one article. Irrespective of any discrepancies about the time frame it was a life threatening condition, at that time.

Rothblatt threw himself into research to search for a cure. Of course, it helped that Rothblatt was a millionaire, but he does seems to have done the initial research himself. He is evidently a smart guy so I find this plausible.

His mission was successful: He found a scientist willing to help, at a price, and the results saved his daughter’s life.

It’s possible there are some distortions /exaggerations in these accounts, the money sure played a role but he was tenacious in his fight to save his daughter’s life and it seems churlish to try to diminish that achievement. Whether this success fuelled a “God complex” seems like a reasonable supposition based on his future activities.

Onto the more controversial stuff:

First off, Rothblatt was described as the highest paid “female” CEO. I wonder if Rothblatt’s ponders whether another man might take an award /post/ achievement away from his daughter? (source

He also has an interest in cyber technology, specifically constructing robots with an ambition to make them sentient. He created one, called BINA48, to which he uploaded information, about his wife, based on her digital footprint. Rather spookily the robot is called the same name as his wife, Bina, and the creation is referred to as a “gynoid” .

This takes us onto another of Rothblatt’s pet projects, not unconnected with the robot wife.

Rothblatt’s is a renowned transgender activist but he has the added twist of transhumanism.

👇 “One of <his> goals is to tear down walls and barriers that exist between the digital world and biological existence”

Before I do a full review of the book I refer you to these articles on Rothblatt. Their coverage is such that it would be superfluous to add more here.

First up from the women are human site. (Superb resource, well worth signing up).

Mad Architect of Gender Ideology

This gives you a flavour.

Next is part 1 of a series on the 11th Hour Blog. Worth reading the whole series which will give you an idea about how strategic this movement is. It took a lot of planning to spread this ideology, globally. U.K readers while find our own Stephen Whittle pops up.

Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhumanism

You can also find a thread about this book, by me, on twitter:

Apartheid of Sex

I will do a detailed review of the book, Apartheid of Sex, for this blog;for completeness. However, my thread 👆is quite comprehensive so I will postpone that until I have read and reviewed his other book. (Post script: I have now read the book, Transgender to Transhumanism, and it is a new edition of the Apartheid of Sex, so I will cover that and post on the differences, if it seems worthwhile).

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