Peter Tatchell: Three


Another outing for Tatchell on GB News. I have transcribed the whole thing here:

Peter Tatchell October 2021 Stock resignation

Alistair Stewart is the interviewer and tells us that Peter Tatchell is an “old friend”.


Alistair introduces Tatchell as one of the best known Gay campaigners but then asks if this is an accurate description “after all those letters” . A necessary question now Gay rights has morphed into LGBTQIA+. Tatchell answers as follows:


It would be an interesting exercise to see if this claim stands up to any scrutiny. 50 years is a long time.

Calm Down!

There follows the ritualistic call for a calm debate instead of the “pitched battles” as Stewart references. This repeated request for a calm debate implies this is ”bad on both sides” when the aggression on display, almost invariably, comes from Trans activists and their allies. The threats of rape and sexual violence associated with the term “terf” are documented on the site terfisaalur, link below . This is illustrative of the male-typical response, when women say NO! to men.

Misogyny in Drag

This is a sample.


The usual tactic is to dismiss this as a few psychopaths on the internet. However this has even extended to San Franscisco Public Library, who hosted a display of “Art” by a Transactivist group, called the Degenderettes. You can read about it in this article:

Misogyny In Drag

Here are some clips of the art work:

Here is an excerpt from the above article:


So, yes, women are angry but the tone policing of women is all over this debate; now that we are finally having one. It is fascinating how men don’t realise how society shames women for expressing anger and the double standards applied to male speech. Here is one interesting study on male and female jurors, linked below, this is the conclusion.

Angry women


Tatchell responds by acknowledging the debate is “far too toxic” but clearly demonstrates where his sympathy lies. This would have been a good time to ask what Kathleen has actually said because I guarantee 99% of ordinary people would agree with her stance and some feminists, including myself would go further. You can find my review of Kathleen’s book on my site.


On Kathleen Stock’s treatment Tatchell does say threats, harassment and intimidation go too far. There has been such widespread, media, coverage of Professor Stock’s treatment, which led to her resignation, it is difficult to deny. However he then goes on to make an astonishing claim for which I would like to see evidence of the abuse and how he can possibly claim the perpetrators share Kathleen Stock’s world view. Whilst he was making these, outlandish, claims it was Kathleen’s face on screen. Claiming women, feminists, campaigners against male violence send out rape threats! Threats to castrate him? Murder threats? I do not deny Tatchell may indeed have had all these threats but the idea these are people who share a world view with Professor Stock would be laughable, were it not so dangerous.


Tatchell ends on a note which suggests he is providing brand new information, once again I wish he had been pressed on this statement. Actually, Peter, there are plenty of people denying biological sex is real, search #SexIsASpectrum. Look at the way people born with differences of sexual development (“intersex”) are wheeled out to deny humans are sexually dimorphic. Look at the demands males who claim to be ”women” are prioritised such that females have to accept their crimes in female statistics or their bodies in our spaces. If you really believe this you have not being paying attention. Giving ”Gender Identity” primacy over biological sex is the precise aim of this ideology.


I spend time on Peter Tatchell because he appears to be treated as some sort of authority in some circles. He is not. He is not an expert on the impact of “Gender Identity Ideology” on women nor even on the impact on young gay males and Lesbians. He is trading on a legacy, much like Stonewall, and his contributions are not the calm, neutral, participant that some broadcasters assume.

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