Peter Tatchell: Three


Another outing for Tatchell on GB News. I have transcribed the whole thing here:

Peter Tatchell October 2021 Stock resignation

Alistair Stewart is the interviewer and tells us that Peter Tatchell is an “old friend”.


Alistair introduces Tatchell as one of the best known Gay campaigners but then asks if this is an accurate description “after all those letters” . A necessary question now Gay rights has morphed into LGBTQIA+. Tatchell answers as follows:


It would be an interesting exercise to see if this claim stands up to any scrutiny. 50 years is a long time.

Calm Down!

There follows the ritualistic call for a calm debate instead of the “pitched battles” as Stewart references. This repeated request for a calm debate implies this is ”bad on both sides” when the aggression on display, almost invariably, comes from Trans activists and their allies. The threats of rape and sexual violence associated with the term “terf” are documented on the site terfisaalur, link below . This is illustrative of the male-typical response, when women say NO! to men.

Misogyny in Drag

This is a sample.


The usual tactic is to dismiss this as a few psychopaths on the internet. However this has even extended to San Franscisco Public Library, who hosted a display of “Art” by a Transactivist group, called the Degenderettes. You can read about it in this article:

Misogyny In Drag

Here are some clips of the art work:

Here is an excerpt from the above article:


So, yes, women are angry but the tone policing of women is all over this debate; now that we are finally having one. It is fascinating how men don’t realise how society shames women for expressing anger and the double standards applied to male speech. Here is one interesting study on male and female jurors, linked below, this is the conclusion.

Angry women


Tatchell responds by acknowledging the debate is “far too toxic” but clearly demonstrates where his sympathy lies. This would have been a good time to ask what Kathleen has actually said because I guarantee 99% of ordinary people would agree with her stance and some feminists, including myself would go further. You can find my review of Kathleen’s book on my site.


On Kathleen Stock’s treatment Tatchell does say threats, harassment and intimidation go too far. There has been such widespread, media, coverage of Professor Stock’s treatment, which led to her resignation, it is difficult to deny. However he then goes on to make an astonishing claim for which I would like to see evidence of the abuse and how he can possibly claim the perpetrators share Kathleen Stock’s world view. Whilst he was making these, outlandish, claims it was Kathleen’s face on screen. Claiming women, feminists, campaigners against male violence send out rape threats! Threats to castrate him? Murder threats? I do not deny Tatchell may indeed have had all these threats but the idea these are people who share a world view with Professor Stock would be laughable, were it not so dangerous.


Tatchell ends on a note which suggests he is providing brand new information, once again I wish he had been pressed on this statement. Actually, Peter, there are plenty of people denying biological sex is real, search #SexIsASpectrum. Look at the way people born with differences of sexual development (“intersex”) are wheeled out to deny humans are sexually dimorphic. Look at the demands males who claim to be ”women” are prioritised such that females have to accept their crimes in female statistics or their bodies in our spaces. If you really believe this you have not being paying attention. Giving ”Gender Identity” primacy over biological sex is the precise aim of this ideology.


I spend time on Peter Tatchell because he appears to be treated as some sort of authority in some circles. He is not. He is not an expert on the impact of “Gender Identity Ideology” on women nor even on the impact on young gay males and Lesbians. He is trading on a legacy, much like Stonewall, and his contributions are not the calm, neutral, participant that some broadcasters assume.

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Peter Tatchell Two


Let’s Talk Wokery

Peter Tatchell seems to be the go-to commentator on the anti-women’s rights movement which masquerades as a trans civil rights movement. I have transcribed this interview, by Alex Phillips, from GB News here:

tatchell gb news

The interview opens with this statement by the interviewer. I think she means this is a delicate topic and the campaigners are vociferous. She highlights the fact the term “terf” is thrown about with abandon. What she doesn’t say is the term “terf” is often accompanied with threats of rape and violence.


Calm down, dear

Peter’s response is to tell “people” to calm down; he often uses “people” when it is perfectly clear he means women. This is likely because he knows its a sexist putdown directed at the female type of people. Reassuringly Uncle Peter advises us that he does not see a conflict between women’s rights and the rights of men to identify as woman. Nothing to see here. Calm down you hysterical women. That is what I hear when he repeats the “calm down” mantra, ad-nauseum in every single interview, which I have seen, on this topic.


Tatchell includes males as women and is at pains to claim these men can be victims of misogyny. In fact the word itself is defined as hatred of women and derived from ”gyne” , meaning “woman” which is also the root of less obscure words such as gynaecology. Whatever males are suffering from it is not, therefore, misogyny. Naturally he references murder rates which I have covered before to show that trans-identified males are more likely to be perpetrators than victims. Posted in the link below. .




So here Tatchell is “forced-teaming” women. This is a tactic to convince a group they have common interests with another group/person this “alliance” may in fact, run counter to their own interests. In this instance it has been used to good effect, especially in the “professional feminist” sector, they have been de-fanged by capitulating to the invented category of male-born women. A woman’s movement that does not centre the female sex is not worthy of the name. As I demonstrated above this category of male retains a male pattern of violence. I might add that this category also show no less propensity to sexual violence against women. I based this observation on incarceration rates of males in female prisons, in the United Kingdom. 18% of those in the male prisons are detained for sex offences, the percentage of males in the female estate, for sexual offences, is over 40%. You can argue this is abusive males gaming the system, the end result is the same. A policy of allowing self-proclaimed women in the female estate demonstrably exposes women to unnecessary risk. Tatchell is asking women to treat a potentially more dangerous category of male, as a “sister”. As a side issue I do wish someone would push him on whether or not he believes in Lady Penis; not because I think a surgically modified male is a woman, but so the general public know what Tatchell is advocating for/demanding of women.

Mixed-Sex Toilets.

Peter then slips in a reference the fact that GB news have mixed sex toilets and he, a man, doesn’t see what the issue is. Once again he uses “people”, not women when it is perfectly obvious it is women who don’t like sharing intimate spaces with the sex that rapes us. This is a deliberate tactic.


Nice reply from Alex Phillips who reveals she doesn’t like mixed sex toilets and has to go out of her way to find toilets she feels comfortable using. She also, correctly, suggested that developers love uni-sex facilities because it is a way to reduce costs. Tatchell doesn’t challenge her on this point.


Oxfam: Transwashing

Next up Phillips asks Tatchell about the, cowardly, decision of Oxfam to withdraw a game celebrating female role models. There have been various theories about why Oxfam decided to erase women of achievement in response to staff complaints. Some say it is because one of the women was JK Rowling. Others say it is because Ellen Page no longer identifies as a woman. Either way the game has been removed which looks like a bit of Trans-washing by Oxfam who have been rocked by quite a few sexual abuse scandals in recent years.


False Equivalence: The “N” word

So how does Peter respond? He does a bit of #BeKind re the pronouns and then makes an astonishing pivot. He uses the analogy of racism to equate the erasure of successful women with people stoping using the “N” word. Is he saying it is offensive to trans-identifying males to see any celebration of successful women?


A man for the Salary

Are women allowed to be offended by the growing list of men who have been handed awards reserved for women? Some of who are not even full-time with their colonising. See Philip/ Pippa Bunce. A man for the salary and a woman for the photo-gallery.

Father Tatchell goes on to offer forgiveness for accidental (accurate), pronouns. Providing you repent and seek redemption, of course. How benevolent.


Outrage archaeology

Alex then draws an apt comparison between the witch-hunts and the militancy of the pronoun police. Somebody coined the term “outrage archaeology” which describes the phenomonon of actively seeking an adrelanine rush from digging out, often historic, opportunities to generate a feeling of “synthetic offence”.


Alex continues to raise the fact that Tatchell has been the target of abuse by trans-activists himself. Something I covered here 👇


I suspect his desperation to insert himself into this debate is motivated by self-aggrandisement, misogyny and a desire to ”queer” boundaries. His answer is to claim he has always campaigned for trans rights but he did sign a letter asking for a civilised debate and then, shock horror it turned out to have been signed by the wrong kind of feminists; who, of course, Tatchell calls “trans-critical”. He is keen to point out that letter “did not, in any way, criticise, deny or abrogate the rights of trans-people” , it merely called for civility. In conclusion Tatchell seems to acknowledge the tactics of the trans community are self-defeating.


I wonder if he got some pushback for acknowledging the aggressive tactics of trans-activists because the next interview I saw he made some astonishing arguments to claim there was “bad on both sides” . I will cover that interview next.

Researching the impact of Gender Identity Ideology on women & girls as well as the consequences for Lesbians, Gay males and autistic kids. I do this full time and have no income. All my content is open access and donations help keep me going. Only give IF you can afford. Thank you to my generous donors.




First of all kudos to GB News for tackling the issue of Gender Identity Ideology and having a, desperately needed, public debate. In this programme the perspectives of a Trans-Identified male, a Women’s rights campaigner, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshall (A.K.A Posey Parker), Beverley Jackson (LGB Alliance), Gary Powell (Gay man) and Peter Tatchell (Human Rights campaigner) were interviewed. The U.K Charity, Stonewall, were invited to participate but, to no great surprise, declined to participate.

Today I want to unpack the contribution of Peter Tatchell. You can watch his contribution below.

Peter Tatchell : Gender Debate

Transcript here:


Peter Tatchell is a, self-styled, Human Rights campaigner, best known for his Gay Rights Activism. His high profile arrest, in Putin’s Russia, for protesting against draconian, anti-gay legislation garnered headlines across the world. He also known, especially in Zimbabwe, for attempting a citizens arrest of Robert Mugabe. Latterly, he is better known, in some circles, for situating himself at the centre of conflict between Trans rights & the rights of Women. He has also attracted criticism from Lesbians and Gay males for his stance on “trans-rights” for ignoring the impact on homosexuals, especially the Lesbian kind.

Peter seems quite keen to speak on this issue. So many Trans Lobby groups refuse to debate the issues so it is, perhaps, unsurprising his views were sought. What is less clear are his motives. Why is he inserting himself in the middle of such a controversial topic? He is, however, especially keen to dispel any notion that he has anything to gain, though a cynic would observe the topic garners a lot of publicity.


Perhaps it is an elaborate penance for a letter he signed, defending free speech, on the controversial topic of Trans Rights? This resulted in, by his own account, the worst abuse he has had in decades of campaigning: Article below 👇

Peter Tatchell and the Trans Backlash

Perhaps he is driven by an ideological commitment to disrupting /queering social norms? Whatever the reason he does seem overly invested in an issue which is unlikely to impact him, personally. Tatchell is keen to neutralise criticism that he is elevating his voice above trans-people. It is noticeable that he does not show a similar concern about speaking over women.

This latest intervention comes after he withdrew from a debate, with Kathleen Stock, on this topic. Trans activists were vocal in their condemnation of him for agreeing to debate Professor Stock. They did not want him lending any credibility to Kathleen’s (quite moderate) stance on this issue. Many women were also unhappy about debating the issue, specifically with Tatchell, but his withdrawal from the debate was driven by Trans Activists, not the pesky women folk. 👇


Alex, the interviewer, opens the debate with two questions. Both relate to the practical implications of biological sex denialism; it’s impact on women’s privacy and the medicalisation of children who display “Gender” non-conforming (GNC) behaviour. Lesbians and Gay males often deviate from performing sex stereotypical behaviour which is why this question is a good one to ask a Gay man with a reputation for defending gay rights. He doesn’t respond to the question about medical interventions on children.

[Both proto-gay males and lesbians can present,early, with atypical expressions of femininity/masculinity, sadly that issue was not explored in this segment. This was a shame because I would like to see Tatchell oppose the Gay Conversion Therapy on his doorstep but he probably knows the headlines would not be as good].

Tatchell opens with a (nervous?) statement about the capacity in which he is speaking. He is, emphatically, not there to speak on behalf of the trans community. He is there as a Human Rights campaigner to speak up for the rights of both women and transwomen. By which, he means, for the rights of males to be included in the category of women.

He demonstrates his neutrality, beautifully, by directing his ire at the previous speaker, a woman. Kellie-Jay, made it abundantly clear that the category of woman is based on SEX not Gender Identity. Tatchell used the, common, tactic of associating women, defending the colonisation of our existence, with homophobia meted out to Gay rights campaigners. He also accused Kellie-Jay of whipping up hysteria about the dangers posed by “transwomen”.

Firstly, Gay men did not demand to be re-categorised as “women” and granted access to spaces where women are undressing, or merely associating, in a female only space. The legal recognition of same sex attraction had ZERO impact on the protected characterstic SEX.

Secondly he has no data to suggest males, who identify as transwomen, present a lower risk to women than other males. It is perfectly possible this category houses more predatory males because it includes those with the paraphilia “autogynephilia”. Also because of the queering of the boundaries, between males and females, we are being asked to accept the notion that some women have a penis . He is defending an ideology which promotes the idea of be-penised women and that a Lady Dick can be distinguished from the average penis. This kind of Phallus in Wonderland, magical thinking, sadly, was not exposed in this interview. I suspect the interviewer may be unfamiliar with the more radical claims of the Gender Identity Ideologues. Or, she may believe the general public are not quite ready to deal with the more outlandish claims. Sadly these beliefs are gaining traction among the political and Chattering Classes.

The various segments were not done in a format that allowed a right of reply so Kellie-Jay was not able to respond to the claims, made above. I wonder if Tatchell knows he is echoing the #NotAllMen phallusy of Men’s Rights Activists? Women exclude males, as a SEX class, because we know that some males are sexual predators. We should not, however, have to invoke fear of sexual violence to demand a right to exclude males. We should be legally protected because we have a right to bodily privacy. We should be, legally, able to congregate, in female only spaces, to discuss issues that affect our sex and only our sex. We don’t want to include males in these discussions.


The “handful” argument is belied by the increased media reports of sexual offenders gathering under the Trans Umbrella. When we finally get actual data monitoring this category of males, specifically, I fear it will confirm women’s worst fears. Presently, the prevalence of trans sex offenders is difficult to ascertain. We do know that under U.K law Rape is an offence specifically involving a penis and that there are over 400, allegedly, female rapists in UK crime statistics. I imagine the number who are actually female is vanishingly small.

It is also only possible to get information by trawling through mis-leading media reports which consistently report Male crimes as if they were commissioned by Women. This is because media guidelines demand female pronouns for male sex offenders. Thanks IPSO! It is IPSO who produced the media guidelines which encourage the media to hide male crimes. Below is a short piece on these guidelines 👇


Below is another diversionary tactic; the substitution of arguments about race to imply they are analogous to the issue of trans rights/women’s rights. By using this argument, Peter, tries to associate feminist arguments with racists. Instead of falling into this trap journalists should demand the interlocutor remain on topic. Argue the merits of your own case directly rather than implying that society needs to throw off the shackles of our backward Sexual Apartheid because it is bigotry akin to racism. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t care what colour your dick is, for the purposes of women’s single sex spaces:


Tatchell then deploys another strategy. He claims the thing that women are complaining about has been going on for years and dismisses the “fuss” women are making. This is mendacious. The Transgender Lobby have just LOST (in the U.K) a very public campaign to allow any male to self-declare he is a woman. The new tactic is to claim males have been using women’s spaces for decades and we just didn’t notice! Sadly, for Peter, testosterone packs one hell of a punch and passing remains a pipe dream for most trans-id males, even those with resources to undergo significant surgery. Women are socialised to #BeKind but we do, in the main, recognise biological sex, evolution is such a Terf Bitch. Our safety depends on knowing if we are in a space with a male. Do we say anything thing? No! I refer you to #BeKind and our personal safety. We have all seen the Narcissistic rage of TRAs called “sir”, our lives depend on silence. Peter may interpret this as #Kindness but he is wrong to equate our silence with consent. It is more likely a result of #BeKind/ Doormat feminism or good old fashioned FEAR.

All the countries which have passed Self-ID legislation did so without holding a public debate. It was the public debate that did for this legislative change in the U.K. Grass roots resistance, led by a new group of women’s organisations, alerted ordinary women and we fought back. Women in Ireland, Malta and Argentina and the other countries were less prepared and this legislation was passed by stealth/ tacked onto popular causes. Professional women’s rights organisations were complicit and, consequently, women in these countries are only now waking up to the nightmare scenario the political classes have unleashed on women.


I have written extensively about the current process for obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in the U.K. We have already given them to fully intact males, even where they have convictions for sexual assaults. For this reason I am not a defender of the status quo but allowing self-declaration would remove any gatekeeping. I would repeal the GRA and provide any protection needed, for refugees from masculinity, on some other basis. I would not allow males to identify into the legal category of woman, because it has been a disaster for women’s sex based rights.

Nobody can just declare they are “trans”

I assume Tatchell is here 👇 talking about the proposed changes to enact a self-id regime in the U.K, or the process in other countries. Here he is saying nobody can just “declare” they are trans by er, checks notes, outlining the process by which anyone can just declare they are trans!


I do like his confidence. It seems such a shame to interrupt his confidence with some FACTS. Let me think of a few. Men in women’s sports, a man running a rape crisis centre and telling rape victims, afraid of ALL males, they need to unlearn their transphobia! Rapists in women’s prison, men taking a disproportionate number of places on the Women in Leadership (Jo Cocks) programme…I could go on.

Oh No! He said “Trans Women are Women”

Chanting a thought terminating cliche is beneath an intelligent man. I don’t doubt there are many issues faced by males who adopt the prescribed social norms for women. I don’t doubt they face sexual assault and harassment. Peter may not be aware that Hate Crime legislation doesn’t include the category of SEX, but does protect the category of “Transgender”. So, yes, he can produce the Hate Crime stats and all I have to counter it is a list of, not of the dead-named, but of the actual dead women. Misgendering is the least of our concerns.


This next bit is some forced-teaming from Tatchell. Come on girls, expend your energy being support humans to my undercover brothers, you know you want to! There is a concerted effort to invert the privilege hierarchy and place white males at the bottom of the pile, rhetorically speaking. To convince us black is white transperbole is deployed and, once again, he leverages the much discredited hate crime statistics. Not buying it.


The interviewer interjects at this point to thank Tatchell for his cogent and rational arguments. I instinctively bristle at a man being called rational. Fairly or not, what I hear is, rational as opposed to the hysterical women. Another pet peeve is the way this “debate” is portrayed as #BadOnBothSides. It is a War on Women. We are defending ourselves from the neo-colonialism that is Trans Activism. It is playing “nice” that has allowed the #BeKind Brigade to be, well “brigaded”. Women have been trans-jacked and fighting back is what you do when your rights are under attack. Additionally, anyone paying attention would see the threats of violence, much of it sexual violence, comes from the male people. Women’s counter “attack” is, at its worst, refusing to use female pronouns or commenting on masculine features.

So let’s hear more from a man white-knighting for this most marginalised community. Fact free assertions about inner identity, parroting the authentic selves narrative, bla bla bla, hate crime, marginalised etc etc. Also Peter is a libertarian dontchaknow. If people want to be lifelong medical patients they should be allowed. (I don’t think many people have argued for an end to all surgeries, though I would argue it should be a last resort AND still not grant access to spaces set aside for another sex) Peter is tilting at windmills.

Breathtaking arrogant assertion is his next gambit. People (by which he means women) are making a mountain out of a molehill. Women objecting to having our sex redefined to admit any male are over-reacting! These hysterical women are projecting onto a vulnerable community. So vulnerable they have managed to roll back gains women made over a hundred years ago. So marginal they have captured, nearly, the entire political class.

Safeguarding 101

Also👇the central plank of safeguarding is the need set to a bar high enough to protect vulnerable groups from the BAD APPLES! That’s 101 of safeguarding, design your policy with a focus on the BAD APPLES! Because predators will migrate to where the loopholes exist and this ideology is dismantling safeguards left, right and centre.


He can’t get any worse can he? Yep. He can. 😳. No we don’t ban cars Peter. We do make you pass a test, we make learners wear an L Plate, we fine people for motoring offences, we can ban you from driving and even imprison offenders. We also have social norms (and laws) against drink-driving. This is not the gotcha you think it is.


I like to think Alex had enough at this point. Here the interview should end, and it nearly does. I don’t think it’s a shame the debate is polarised. When someone proposes to socially engineer society, based on a toxic ideology, there is no compromise to be had. We can’t let men have some of women’s rights. The answer is NO! It is a shame that women are being forced to concede our hard won gains in 2021!.


Does Peter go gentle into his goodnight. No! he carried on and makes it, if you can believe it, much, much, worse.

His heart is breaking!

Gloves are off now. How FUCKING DARE you! I will decide who my sisters are thank you very much! We are not SUPPORT HUMANS, there to tend to those males you can’t bear to have in your sex class. YOU DO THE WORK! Maybe have a bit of a think about why you can’t tolerate variant masculinity in your spaces?

We are all Biological Essentialists (apparently)

Next up the old accusations of “biological essentialism”. The argument, he is making, is that Women are allowing ourselves to be defined, and limited by our biology. No, Peter, the “Biology is not Destiny” was an attempt to resist being defined ONLY by our reproductive functions. It did NOT mean we deny the basis of sex based oppression, which originates in our ability to gestate babies. Hence a significant amount of feminist activism has been about controlling our fertility in case you hadn’t noticed.

We were not marching for the right of Laurel Hubbard to lift weights with us!


Hijacking statements about women’s liberation to re-purpose them for trans idealogues is a tactic we have seen before. It lends credence to your argument, at a superficial level, if you can use our words against us. Way to put the MAN in HuMAN rights Peter.

Tactical Obfuscation

Next up he is claims being a woman is a psychological / emotional state. The last bit is nonsensical. No males are members of the sex class of women, irrespective of their intake of artificial hormones. The bit about reproductive capacity is nonsensical. What is he trying to say here? Even if the franken doctors manage to develop artificial wombs to validate a trans ID male, it STILL won’t make them a woman.


He surpasses himself with his sign off. He doesn’t mean hate us, he just knows better than we do. It is the smug, holier than thou, tone that is really enraging.


Thanks Peter. I feel I may be in danger of adding to the toxicity of this debate because all I have to say to you is FUCK OFF and when you get there FUCK OFF some more. (And I rarely swear on here but everybody has their breaking point.)

Researching the impact of Gender Identity Ideology on women & girls as well as the consequences for Lesbians, Gay males and autistic kids. I do this full time and have no income. All my content is open access and donations help keep me going. Only give IF you can afford. Thank you to my generous donors.