Sue Sanders: Trans Britain (Part 15)


Sue Sanders

Sue Sanders is given a chapter in this book having set up LGBT History Month and also worked with an organisation called Schools Out and one called Chrysalis. Sue is a lesbian with a background in teaching and the arts scene. Here is an interview she did with “Christine” Burns who also claims to be a Lesbian a mum and a grandma even though he is a man.

Half an hour with Burns

This interview is from 2009 and Sue explains how she was working with senior civil servants to embed diversity training in the teacher training. 14 minutes in she explains how they got funding from the Dept. of Education to launch LGBT History month. By 2009 they had 600 events a year. 16 minutes in she talks about how a “brilliant” teacher Ellie Barnes was working to get this embedded in schools. Elly Barnes is part of Educate and Celebrate who used Jordan Gray to go into schools, denied it and then deleted their twitter account. Jordan Gray recently showed off his Gynecomastia and his penis on channel 4’s Friday night live.

Sue Sanders then explains how she is keen to get LGBT embedded in the school curriculum to “usualise” LGBT people among school children. Sanders also delivers inset training for teachers so that they can answer the questions from children. She is very critical of the training materials are excessively “heteronormative”. She then points out how different festivals during the year as a hook to get this content into schools. They chose February so that Libraries and Museums would seize on this as useful content to fill the half-term.

Here is the Schools Out website.

Schools Out

They target early years and have gained accreditation from OFSTED.

I hate to think of the indoctrination that goes on at these summer camps for kids.

Sanders also gave a Ted Talk which you can see here.

Ted Talk

This was the title of her talk:

Her “thesis” is that “queer” history has been hidden and that LGBT people have no visibility. Maybe that was true when Sue started out but it’s disingenuous to claim this is the case now when the “trans” agenda is rammed down our throats by every major corporation, governments etc. She also rails at psychiatry for labelling lesbians and bisexuals as wrong and in need of “treatment”. Oh, the irony. These are the stats for those receiving “treatment” at gender abattoirs. This is the new way Lesbians and gay men are labelled as “wrong” and Sanders is going along with it!

Ten minutes in she has this to say:

Her aim was to “usualise” Lesbians, gays, trans people and also other racial minorities and embed them in the curriculum by also embracing the decolonisation of the teaching materials. She rails against colonisation whilst embracing the colonisation of females by men claiming to be us!

Trans Britain.

After this detour let’s look at what Sanders says in her chapter. She was quite embedded in the establishment for someone decrying a lack of visibility; working with the metropolitan police and the criminal justice system on hate crime.

She decries Lesbians who didn’t accept “trans women” as like straight feminists who didn’t accept lesbians.

She also spectacularly misses the real scandal of “transing away the gay” by making the spurious comparison with the demonisation of homosexuals by section 28.

Sanders makes it clear she was “trans-inclusive” at the outset and her claims to be marginalised are laughable considering her C.V.

The composition of an advisory group she was asked to set up made sure to include “trans” voices. Grayson Perry, Christine Burns and Claire McNab.

She also consulted trans lobby groups GIRES, Gendered Intelligence and the beleaguered charity Mermaids. Burns and Stephen Whittle became patrons of LGBT history month.

They even invited Susan Stryker who this year was invited to represent “women” at a celebration of Lesbians!

Can also be found trying to besmirch U.K women (mostly left wing) who are fighting for our sex based rights.

In and amongst the blatant misunderstandings there is some good stuff on the impact of Section 28 and historic oppression of homosexuals. Unfortunately Sanders has “queered” the history of Lesbian and gay struggles and is unable to address the elephant in the room: Men who fetishise her very existence.

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