Spreading Gender Ideology to Africa 2


This will be part of a series following on from part one which you can find here: 👇 Part on reveals how much money is behind this and, of course, they are bankrolled by the Arcus Foundation.

How to spread Gender Ideology

Importing Gender Ideology is Neo-Colonialism

In part one I covered a mini-conference which was a precurser to the main event. I have not, yet, managed to locate the report of the 2019 conference but I have found a report from the 2017 event; which is absolute dynamite in what it reveals. I will cover what I can in this series but we definitely need boots on the ground, in Africa. I will share anything I have, including country specific data, to anyone who contacts me, via twitter. Here is the report 👇


Trans-activists from all over Africa gathered together at a conference attended by representatives of billionaire funded foundations and even a representative from the European Parliament.  Also present was an academic (S.N Nyeck) from California, who had, for one of her specialties, queer theory but also researched globalisation and the law and the outsourcing of government procurement : a rather interesting combination.  The conference itself was organised by an alliance of “sex worker“ activist and trans activists.

For those of you familiar with this terrain the thought terminating cliche ”Trans Women are Women” is often accompanied by #SexWorkIsWork. One of the explanations given is that trans-identified people (mainly males) often resort to prostitution to fund their surgeries. A further rationale is that both movements involve the commodification and objectification of the human body. Another group has allied with prostitutes and drug users, on the grounds they all outlaws subject to draconian measures.

The activists are gathered to thrash out the aims of the movement and share strategies deployed in their home countries. As you can see they share the language of Western activists such as “Cis” and smashing heteronormativity. They also talk about ending segregational politics which, from the context, probably refers to sex segregationalists;, thus labelled to imply we are akin to the architects of apartheid.

The technique of ”forced teaming” is also evident from the document. Common tactics are to inveigle their way into organisations for gay rights, women’s rights, especially reproductive freedom; linking access to abortion to bodily autonomy arguments to access ”trans” medicine. Of course they call this ”people centred reproductive health” . (IEC materials = Information, education and communication materials. )

The role of the media.

As in the ”west” there is a lot of emphasis in structuring the ”trans narratives” in the media. Quite a few activists explained how they cultivated sympathetic journalists to get their message out. Here a Sudanese activist recommends this strategy.

An activist from Togo had already begun the work of cultivating their media.

Some participants were actively training the media, as also happens in the U.K.

Another activist, in Mombasa, employed a more low tech method of getting the message out. Michael is not alone in expressing his revolutionary fervour.

Unsurprisingly many activists talk about the key role played by the internet, especially those that live in repressive regimes.

Just as in the United Kingdom one accurate portrayal of the aims and impact of Transgender Ideology can reframe the narrative and alert the general public to what is going on. Naturally the activists have a somewhat different vantage point. What activists call “sensitisation” is actually indoctrination.

Law Enforcement, the Judiciary and Politicians.

As in the U.K many conference participants talk about how they were able to lobby police, politicians and the legal profession and to strategically litigate to challenge their government. Here one group speak of a partnership with the police and local government: 👇

Another activist talks about his own legal action against the government in Zimbabwe.

Strategic litigation is a key tool for activists but sometimes they can get politicians to pass laws if they lobby them effectively. In Liberia this activist is doing this and working with the police.

In Uganda a similar approach has been taken using Human Rights infrastructure. It never fails to shock me seeing how many HuMAN Rights Lawyers are very prominent in the dismantling of women’s rights. In Tanzania all women’s rights activists are assumed to lesbian rather than labelled Terf.

The ”Matriarchy”

There is so much in this document it warrants another post. You will especially like the section where they share sexual fantasies. There are also sections engaging with the Funding organisations and a contribution from a representative of the European Parliament. I will also find some time to follow up many of the trans activist groups named.

For now, I will leave you with this quote from Rwanda. Apparently Rwandan activists have add added problem; The Matriarchy. 🤷‍♀️

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