Carola Towle: Unions: Part 3 (18 c)

From the book: Trans Britain

I have broken this section of the book into three different pieces to enable me to follow up the trans-activists name. These are the people effectively put forward as part of a public relations campaign. There could be others, who are not named but also working behind the scenes. There will likely be some repetition in this piece so that people can read this post as a stand alone piece, on the work of Carola Towle.

Sunk Cost “Phallusy”

Carola is a Lesbian. One of the old-fashioned types; the annoying kind without the penis. She is not the only Vichy Lesbian who has thrown her lot in with our trans overlords. If asked to speculate on their motives I would say naïveté, when I am feeling charitable, and self-interest when I am not. In any case the time has long since passed when any Lesbian can claim to be ignorant of the consequences for women, in general, and Lesbians in particular. Having invested, so publicly, in transgender ideology, many of these prominent Lesbians are probably becoming aware of the unforeseen implications for Lesbians. So why are they sticking with it?

Sunk cost fallacy is one likely explanation.

Not everyone recognises the need to cut their losses and they may, instead, double down or escalate their commitment. This may apply to Nicola Sturgeon who seems wholly unable to course correct. The SNP are hell-bent on pushing through disastrous legislation on the right to make a false declaration about your sex.

Sunk Cost Phallacy (sic) is one way of looking at this issue, another way would be to say that the Vichy, vagina-havers are penis pleasers for the benefits that accrue, to themselves, personally, while leaving those other bleeders to pay the price.

Quick recap on who Carola is: 👇

This chapter is all about the “placemen” who have infiltrated the union movement, not to fight for workers rights, but to advance their own. Trojan Horse like they appear to be a gift horse, feeding the narcissistic, virtue signalling, social justice class. In reality they are manipulating the focus of the unions so that they forget their core purpose and are co-opted by the “trans” agenda. Never underestimate the focus of a man with a sexual compulsion.

This has not happened over night. It dates back to nearly 50 years ago to 1974. Below 👇 Towle rewrites history to claim an historic LGB + T alliance which was merely “forgotten” for two decades.

Below we learn the force-teaming of the LGB was not greeted with unalloyed enthusiasm and indeed some members were actively resisting. Towle ascribes this to “transphobia” and resistance to change. She also deploys the idea they were simply ignorant; suggesting they just didn’t know any “trans” people. Maybe the problem was that some of the Lesbians and Gay men had met a “trans” person?

The homophobia of the trans movement was also display, as demonstrated by this delegate who did not want to be “tainted” by association with homosexuals. Towle doesn’t explore whether this was a significant strand of thinking in the “trans” community, indeed she shows a remarkable lack of curiosity for a Lesbian.

Undaunted by the failure, to pass a motion in support of “trans” inclusion, they set out to win hearts and minds. Sadly, or maybe not, I have not been able to track down a recording of this campaign song. 👇

Unsurprisingly the campaign did result in more people cross-dressing in public and *some* of these will be men who get sexually aroused by parading about in women’s clothing. It is likely that some of these men would also get sexual gratification from breaching women’s boundaries and toilets would provide a specific thrill. To go where most men were excluded is a common fantasy.

Here is one of the newly emboldened 👇 boasting about being “front and centre” in the union.

After years of preparation the trans faction would not be quiet and Unison, with a majority female membership, have chosen a elevate a tiny minority of men, aided and abetted by females in flight from their sex, over women. Notice two seats are reserved for “trans” representatives which must surely have provided them with a competitive advantage. It would be interesting to see a breakdown, by biological sex, of all those in influential positions. The most prominent ones, seem to be males. Quelle Surprise!

Emma Proctor

There appear to be a number of men who have identified into roles set aside for women, to address the under representation of the female sex. Let’s take a look at Emma Proctor.

Emma has been elected onto the National Executive Committee (NEC). It appears “Emma” campaigned for a reserved seat but it is not known if this is reserved for women or a “trans” representative. Either way it looks weighted in favour of the “trans” delegate; who either competed against a tiny demographic or has taken a seat meant for women.

However Proctor gained this seat on the NEC, they have definitely taken away a place on the National Women’s committee, even to the point of becoming the chair!

Proctor is making pronouncements about women’s lives, of which he has no “lived experience”. I can’t tell you how enraging it is to see a man using our lives for “cos-play”. Only an arrogant man would do this.

What is more galling is that “Emma” also gets roles as a “trans” person and of course, he is most keen to get the Gender Recognition Act “reformed” whilst also pretending to care about /be a woman.

Other influences.

Unison also published jointly with Scottish Trans Alliance a document written by extremist trans-activist James Morton; who I covered below. They also collaborated with GIRES (Trans lobby group)

C. Burns: Trans Britain (Part 16)

It is disturbing how they were able to spread this ideology throughout the Union movement and by extension, the Labour Party as Towle writes.

I covered Megan Key in two pieces and he doesn’t appear to be isolated in the workplace. He is employed by the probation and prison services and advises on prison policy. He even testified before Parliament, before the Women’s and Equalities Committee, that being a sex offender shouldn’t bar a male from the female prison estate.

Megan Key: Probation Services

The second piece covers Key’s lack of sexual boundaries.

Megan Key: Update.

Carola Towle: Statements

Below is Carola reflecting on the vibrant Lesbian scene she frequented in the 1980’s. I wonder if she knows that Lesbian’s in Tasmania recently lost a legal battle to run female only Lesbian events because of that would exclude males who identify as “lesbians”. She also laments that a trans rights (a belief that a man can be a lesbian, in effect) are a matter for “personal conscience” which is a rather authoritarian perspective.

Here she is attending the ILGA conference in 2000. The conference was funded by Astraea Foundation and Open Society Foundations: both are responsible for funding the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. Astraea are funded by Arcus Foundation and began as a Lesbian organisation, set up by actual females. They now accept male lesbians.

I also draw your attention to this quote:

Trans people are the most vulnerable!

This is a picture with names of the Trans caucus.

Peter/Victoria Benjamin

The same picture was used in a 2015 paper by Transgender Europe:

The person I have circled in red is Victoria Benjamin. This would appear to be the same Victoria Benjamin who has now detransitioned and re-identified as Peter, albeit this was post the surgery known as sexual reassignment surgery. Here is another picture of “Victoria” who is at a stand for the National Crime Agency.

Here is an article about his backstory as a heterosexual, cross-dresser, who obtained surgery after his third wife died.

Peter Benjamin

By his own account he was not challenged about his belief even though he was grieving and drinking heavily.

He are two pictures side by side one from Trans Britain and one from the article about Peter Benjamin. I think it is highly probable that I am right about “Victoria’s” identity.

Carola ends this chapter on an optimistic note with reference to the picture in which Peter /Victoria is included. Presumably Carola was unaware of Peter’s new chapter, at the time of writing.

This ends the Union specific chapters. I intend to create a page for Union related content in addition to listing these under the Trans Britain Series. If you can support my work, financially, consider a paid subscription to my substack or my paypal. I know people have misgivings about paypal but I have yet to figure out how to connect my stripe to my wordpress or my donate box.

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