Jane Fae: Trans Britain (Part 13)

“Jane” Fae.

Can’t quite believe I have never covered Fae before. Fae has his own chapter in the book “Trans Britain”. Fae is another, heterosexual, man who married, fathered children and, when he hit middle age, began to identify as a woman. In his previous name “John Omizek” he was a defender of extreme porn and has published on this topic in the Guardian, Index on Censorship, Liberty etc. He has also self-published a book called “Taming The Beast” which also explores the attempts to regulate pornography.

You can read Fae on porn in this article. This article was originally published as John Omizek.


The article defends extreme pornography, dismisses feminist’s who expose the harm of this material, uses the language of the “coven” to describe those “witches” who oppose pornography and even appears to question the idea that men, who possess violent pornography, might be unsuitable for some forms of employment. Here are a coups of clips.

Above ☝️ Fae displays his witch-finder general side. Below is his view on the possession of extreme pornography. 👇

Apparently a chill wind has passed over the practitioners of sadomasochism. Fae paints the Labour party as the prudish maiden aunt of politics. Fae himself is a Liberal Democrat.

His chapter in Trans Britain introduces him as a “feminist” and journalist. Like a lot of these men have a background in I.T and an interest in preserving the rights of purveyors of extreme pornography.

Fae’s chapter repeats much of the ground by other contributions so I won’t detain you with much of the detail. He analyses coverage of the “trans” community in print media complaining that it tended to to be treated as if it was a sexual kink. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest Fae’s “kink” and interest in BDSM is his route into the identity of “transwoman”. As if enjoying being hurt during sex is the essence of being “female”; a not uncommon attitude from the penis wing of “womanhood”.

He is not alone. Here are some prominent “trans” identifying males pontificating on what it means to be a “women” to them. These are the extremely sexist fantasies of porn-addled men.

Fae allows himself a detour to attack Janice Raymond’s book “Transsexual Empire” which I cover in this series.

Janice Raymond: Transsexual Empire: Final

He also takes side swipes at Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel, who he has debated a few times. You can find some of his debates,with Bindel, on YouTube should you wish to see him in action. In one he appeared alongside Bindel and Milo Yiannopolous; where he ostentatiously produced his knitting; a common hobby in behavioural autogynephiles.

Much of his chapter is repetitive but I do want to single out this one quote 👇 which lies about the law to claim that “transgender” is a legally protected characteristic. It is not. The protected characteristic, in law, is “Gender Reassignment”. The GRA is a very badly drafted piece of legislation but it does not do what Fae says here. 👇

In Trans Britain Fae links the backlash to the election of Donald Trump which, he argues, unleashed anti-trans sentiment and imported narratives about “bathroom” usage to the U.K. This resulted in a plethora of articles he labels “anti-trans” from a range of media outlets.

Along the way Fae finds time to attack coverage of the medical malpractice of Russell Reid which I covered here:

Russell Reid: Part One

Fae expresses his misogyny in interviews on YouTube and on his twitter account. This is one interview well worth a listen. The trans activist has rather a puerile introduction which relies on the scatalogical humour of the adolescent male. You might want to fast forward that but. 😳

 Jane Fae

In this interview Fae claims that “terfs” are allied with regressive movements in the United States and the crowdfunding to defend women’s rights is a great way to launder money from across the atlantic. This is how Fae characterises gender critical feminists on his twitter account.

His interviewer goes further and calls LGB Alliance a homophobic, hate group who are supported by neo-nazis. Fae also uses the tired old trope about middle-aged women being prudes and lacking a sex life. Sigh.

Both men pretend that the women they call “terfs” have shown zero concern about male violence against women and are using faux feminist credentials as a cover for their “anti-trans” hate. These men also claim to have done more work to oppose male violence which, of course, in their minds is only perpetrated by “cisgender” men. Let us remind ourself about Fae’s work on male violence against women. This 👇 is called blaming the victim.

Coming out as “trans”

Here is an interview with Fae on coming out as “trans”.

Coming out

We learn that Ozimek had been married before and had a daughter who was 16 when he decided to “come out” as “trans”. His teenage daughter had a hard time with the transition and elsewhere blamed the stress on her failed A’Levels. This is the reason Ozimek gives for the failure of the first marriage.

There is a strategic omission about his interest in sadomasochistic practices but he does admit to an early history of transvestism; which “thrilled” and “terrified him. He gives no further details of the nature of the “thrill”.

His then partner vowed to stand by her man but it was clearly taking its toll on her:

This is Fae’s public narrative about how he came to identify as a woman. The usual sexist, regressive bullshit carefully crafted to de-emphasise any connection to a sexual motive.

Fae and partner had a five year old son. She attempts a bit of levity about now being a “lesbian”. I don’t think they remained together.

Consensual Slavery

Before I leave Fae just a reminder of when John Ozimek engaged in that most feminine of pursuits; defending Consensual slavery.

Here is advising about how to evade new laws about extreme porn even offering tips about how to clean up your hard drive.

Obscenity Laws: Darryn Walker

This is a legal case in which Ozimek appeared as an expert witness for the defence.

John Ozimek Legal case

This is what he was defending 👇

His sympathy lies entirely with the porn-addled bloke, a civil servant.

I was going to finish on the unexpected discovery that, as John Ozimek, the son of a doctor and graduate of Oxford University, was an erstwhile joke writer for Noel Edmonds. However, I read Fae’s Submission to the Transgender Equality Inquiry and came across something I found more noteworthy (and, frankly, disturbing). Fae boasts of advising an organisation dedicated to child safeguarding. Why is the U.K Council for CHILD internet safety listening to a defender of extreme porn?

If you still believe Fae got into this through an excessive love of ironing I have a bridge to sell you. Next piece, in this series, is on the delightful Annie Wallace.

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