Marketing the Transgender Child.2


This is from a video promoted by the ACLU, an organisation that has morphed from a respected civil rights organisation into a trans lobby group. This is promoted on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Kai Shappley

Kai is born to a Texas mum who is of a Christian Evangelic persuasion who, by her own admission spent years saying homosexuals should go to hell. Well, to be accurate, she now says she spent years condemning ”LGBTQ” people but judge for yourself what seemed to be her major preoccupation.

Kai was not interested in the pursuits favoured by his older brothers. He showed a preference for pursuits which led his mum to fear he would be gay. Here she is saying this in an interview:

In the video she is explicit about these fears and the lengths the family went to discourage Kai from his atypical male behaviours; which are not unheard of for a boy who will grow up to be a gay male. Kai was scolded, given time-outs and slapped, slapped hard for not conforming: “I thought this kid might be gay and I thought that could not happen. It would not happen”.,

It gets worse. She then started praying and googling Gay Conversion therapy and working out how she could deploy these strategies at home.

Could it be that Kai saying he was a girl is the answer to her prayers?

The mum gets a lot of media attention when she accepts Kai as a girl. Predictably this is accompanied by her son begging Jesus to take him if he can’t be a girl and a reference to the dodgy suicide statistics which are a feature of cult tactics.

We are then treated to some plaintive entreaties from sweet Kai about a school policy which insists on sex based toilet facilities. Alternative arrangements are made for Kai, but, of course, now he is being told he is really a girl this must feel stigmatising. The problem is social transition not girl’s need for privacy but you would have to have a heart of stone to resist young Kai, or do you? Feels like emotional manipulation of Kai’s likely real distress by his mum and, likely the transgender lobby groups that are prepared to use a gender non-conforming potential gay boy, to push their agenda.

If I had any lingering doubts about the agenda here let us return to his mum. Here she is attending a, filmed, speaking engagement apologising for hurting the LGBTQ community. In order to atone for her sin she makes the ridiculous claim that her child would be forced into the ”mens”. In reality mums take their little boys in to the female toilets at Kai’s age.

In conclusion. How certain are we that we are not witnessing an Evangelical Christian who is using ”Better a live daughter, than a dead son“ in public while really, consciously, or otherwise, the phrase ”Better a daughter than a gay son” is more appropriate for what she is doing.

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