David Lammy: Respect My Sex!

David Lammy, as many of you will be aware, steered the Gender Recognition Act through Parliament, in 2004. Latterly he labelled women’s rights campaigners as dinosaurs, hoarding their rights. He also claimed that men can grow a cervix. If he ever goes on mastermind (again) I would suggest he does not make female anatomy his specialist subject.

David Lammy made some points which are now familiar arguments used by trans activists. He was very keen to point out the GRA would only affect an estimated 5000 people. He claimed this tiny minority were meek and timid and that his opponents in the debate needed to get a little perspective. His tone throughout was one of barely restrained exasperation in the face of objections. Sadly, few even mentioned the impact on women. Most of the tabled amendments focussed on the danger of allowing same sex marriage.

Lammy also compared the issue of sex segregated spaces to apartheid in South Africa. The clear implication is that women who don’t want to share spaces with biological males, aka men, are akin to racists.

For consistency with these series I also downloaded Lammy’s record of political donations. They are attached below:

David Lammy

There were two points of interest.  One was a visit funded by Open SocietyFoundation. The Open Society has poured millions into the spread of Gender Identity Ideology.

The second was from Michael Hamlyn. Hamlyn was responsible for the film Priscilla , Queen of the Desert. He is also the son of Paul Hamlyn. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation shares a trustee with the Scott Trust, which oversees the Guardian. Michael Hamlyn sits on the board. The Paul Hamlyn Trust donated to Mermaids and other Trans Charities.

You can read more about the Paul Hamlyn Trust in this blog.

Why are the Guardian suddenly so woeful on women’s rights?

So, no real smoking gun re his donors. Can it be he really believes in this stuff 🤷‍♀️. The sad thing is he does make some great interventions in respect of women’s rights. He raises the rate of femicide in the UK, low sentences for rapists and women incarcerated at levels too high for the types of crimes (mainly non-violent and related to poverty). All of this good work is squandered when you argue for males to be in female spaces and, in particular, if you tacitly approve of those same rapists being housed in female prisons.

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