School Transgender Policy 2. Suffolk


I have done a number of twitter threads on School policies, ostensibly, about protecting “transgender children”.  I  have already blogged, on the way they treat parents. We are treated as potential bigots who need educating on Gender Identity issues. The Schools,  invariably, take it upon themselves to keep parents in the dark about our “Gender Dysphoric” kids.  They blithely inform us our kids are at significant risk of attempting suicide but still think it is good practice to hide pertinent information from parents. You can read that post here: Putting the Loco in Loco Parentis.   

This is the second of a series on the policies I have found. Some have already been withdrawn but we need to preserve a record of the extent of the policy capture. Note that this series will be repetitive as they are clearly modelled on a small number of templates. The poor practice is widespread due to the cut and paste nature of the policies. The positive spin on this is that we can recapture in the same way. We only need sensible templates which balance the needs of kids with Gender Dysphoria and the protected characteristic of sex. We also need schools to stop usurping Parental Responsiblity. I know of multiple parents who only found out their daughters were adopting male identities, at school, due to an administrative error! This cannot be right. I was fortunate that this was not the case for my child, possibly, because it was back in 2015.

This post is on the Suffolk guidance. It is modelled on the Allsorts toolkit, which was the first one I covered. You can access the document below:

Suffolk Trans-Inclusion-Schools-Toolkit

Educate and Celebrate? 

In the introduction we are told this was produced with input from transgender children and their parents. The other agencies they reference, quote, or signpost are listed below. Nearly all of these are Lobbying groups; advocating for the inculcation of Gender Identity Ideology in our schools, universities and other public, or indeed private, institutions. Stonewall, Mermaids, Gendered intelligence, Gires all get a mention.

I can’t possibly include all the clips I made of this document. I will just select the most egregious examples.

Predictably we go straight to the suggestion that trans-identifying children are at a greater risk of self-harm and suicide. This fear is leveraged to insist we have a “moral imperative” to act using emotional blackmail to demand “effective support”. What they propose , however, is the wrong kind of “support”.


I have rebutted the data on suicide many times on this blog. Below it is referenced once again. It is based on a study which included 27 trans-identifying people under the age of 26. Of that sample 13 had self-reported a suicide attempt. Even the author, of the PACE report, confirmed the difficulties that arise when research is used by lobby groups for their own purposes. Be very skeptical about suicide data in this field. It’s use, in my view, is not far removed from a terrorist tactic. Politicians are fond of saying they won’t negotiate with terrorists. In this case they have outright capitulated to lobbying groups deploying the most egregious of threats. Do this or I will kill myself/Your child will .


So how are Suffolk defining “trans”? Here is the list. This is unscientific nonsense and the last catetory is nonsensical. The authors clearly know we are making up genders, daily, so have added a catch-all category at the end.

Stonewall Lesbian


They also add this revealing caveat about why they are omitting “cross-dressers”.  Most people don’t know that transvestites are considered to be “Trans” and covered by the Stonewall Umbrella. 


It seems, for  children, the authors recognise  dressing up in clothes “stereotypically intended for the “opposite” sex”   (note the inverted commas around the word “sex”) doesn’t make you “trans”.  So what changes when you are an adult?  Kids who experiment with dress are not automatically assumed to be “trans” but adult men who indulge in fetishistic transvestism are?   Here we are grooming children  to accept transvestites as some kind of “woman” when many do so for a sexual thrill.  An erotic charge which  can be heightened when undertaken in a forbidden (female only) space. 


Below they engage in the linguistic gymnastics to change the definition of sexual orientation, a legally protected characteristic, by some careful wording.  We used to call gay love the love that dared not speak it’s name.  We are doing the same thing in 2020.  This alteration of the meaning of sexual attraction to “romantic” is designed to make sure a heterosexual man, who identifies as a woman,can still be a “lesbian”.  I concede that, if  you are new to this subject, that last sentence will sound like an outlandish statement.  Bear with me!



Here is Alex Drummond.  Stonewall ambassador and bearded “lesbian”.  Note the stance. I don’t think I have ever seen adult women adopt this, toes turned inward, stance.  You won’t find a better take down of Alex than is to be found on the YouTube channel of the late, great, Magdalen Berns.

2020-11-26 (2)


We have just been told that any trans-identifying children are at a higher risk for self-harm and suicide but, now we are told there are no safeguarding issues. At the same time we also telling staff that it is Ok to allow children and young people to use the toilets and changing rooms of the opposite sex. NO SAFEGUARDING ISSUES?

71ABFF21-638E-4151-AABD-1778A0D250D6Our children are also being taught that all people’s bodies and genitals are different. Not males and females have different bodies but “peoples”. 


Yes we know the male people have different genitalia to the female people.  Here they are indoctrinating children to divorce sexed bodies from “gender identity”.  Specifically suggesting that recognising biological sex is based simple on “societal assumptions”. It is absolutely reckless to lower girls  boundaries about male-bodied people, in their spaces, in this way.  The tiny number of people with Disorders of Sexual development (here they use the term intersex) don’t undermine the fact that we are sexually dimorphic.  This is why the word “gaslighting” is ever-present in this “debate”.  if you don’t feel crazy trying to keep up with these teaching materials then you might not be sane!


Next up they acknowledge the high prevalence of children with autism who are questioning their gender. Here they warn staff not to limit the autonomy of the autistic child by questioning their gender identity. In fact the guidance is contrary to what is needed here. Children who are autistic are particularly vulnerable to gender identity ideology and ought to be protected from being defined as “trans” for behaviours common in autistic children. As an aside Autistic Charities have been reckless in their rush to embrace Gender Identity Ideology. Those thathave colluded with sterilising autistic ought to be removed from their posts. A clear out of senior staff at Autistic Charities is well overdue. I suspect, instead, they will end up in the House of Lords.


Withholding Information from Parents (again!)

Another common thread is the schools deciding to withhold information from parents about their own children. Parents are not told about a child’s transgender identity despite believing this makes them in a high risk demographic for suicide and self-harm. They don’t seem to see the safe-guarding concern in the denial of salient information to parents. On the contrary they see the safeguarding risk as originating with parents. Once again painting parents as less likely to care about our children than a transient person in the school. I would argue we are setting up a situation where a child has a secret with an adult which may make them more vulnerable to grooming by that member of staff?


Furthermore other parents are not to be told that a boy, a male for clarity, is using your daughter’s changing rooms. I absolutely hated even single sex, communal changing rooms and showers and I was not alone. It is beyond belief we would consider it Ok to put girls in this position.

Here it is made explicit that this is also intended to apply for overnight stays. 👇


Overnight  school trips was that it was an important rite of passage to have nights away from home and typically the teachers left the girls unsupervised in the dormitories.  This was a key part of the trip.  The above guidance, however, means a teenage boy could be left in a girls dormitory.   What will it take before some grown-ups step in and acknowledge that sexual offences, in schools are off the scale and are being committed by males, as a sex class, not as a gender identity.  

The second point about that guidance is that any girl who feels uncomfortable will be stigmatised because she will be told she has to be the one to move. What girl will speak up in this climate?

So now we move on the case studies which, if you think I have been over-interpreting the guidance, lay out it clearly. This is a shameful misuse of the phrase “Human Rights” by the way. There is no human right to invade, women and girls, single sex, spaces.


Now we have taken away the right to single sex spaces what other ways could we screw over the female pupils? Oh, that’s right Sport. I am absolutely staggered that this policy was accepted without question. Of course a girl is going to be at risk playing a contact sport, like Rugby, against a male. And look at the language. “Trans boys are boys, not girls”. No they are females in flight from their sex but they are still female-bodied. Also make no mistake they always subsitute an example of a female (transman/boy) when they know using a male (transwoman/ girl) will look more blatantly wrong. .


Scenario 4 is yet another example of parents being painted as problematic if they resist affirming a trans identity. I think they deliberately used the idea of a Father opposting a gender non-conforming male because we all know gender non-conforming, gay, males who’s fathers had a hard time accepting having a gay son. So, let me present an alternative scenario.  Supposing a young girl, with no history of any difficulty with their birth sex suddenly identifies as “male” in her teens. The mother is aware that her daughter shows autistic traits, or had a traumatic experience with childhood sexual abuse or has been bulllied after declaring herself attracted to females.   The parents are not told about this and their daughter is allowed to express herself as male in school.  She is using male toilets and changing rooms and  she is wearing a breast binder, all unbeknownst to her parents.  She is potentially placing herself at risk,  using male facilities, and potential health issues by extended use of a binder. This can cause breathing difficulties and even , in extreme cases, broken ribs.  This is not suppositiion. There are numerous YouTube influencers who have done all of these things before telling their parents and with the complicity of the school. 


What is horrifying is that this guidance consistently ignores safeguarding red flags except when they wish to infer that we parents may be a risk to our children. Bearing in mind this risk appears to relate to parents who are not prepared to affirm a “gender identity” and any medicalised pathway for under-age kids. Does not mean we are not, for example, affirming their sexuality or their desire to mess with expected norms of dress. All of this was pretty standard fare as far back as the 1970’s. What it didn’t mean was that we advocated drugs and surgeries for teenage angst.

Here are all the usual suspects in the list of useful websites. A list of transgender lobbying groups, mainly, and not one womens’s group who might have an alternative perspective on the plight of confused girls. Also not included are any actual Gay Rights organisations. The kind that might take issue with the idea feminine gay males being told they might be girls. Make no mistake I definitely exclude Stonewall from any list of Gay Rights organisations. They have lost all credibility.


I note there is a policy for whistleblowers linked in the guidance. I feel for those teachers, of which I know many, who are apalled at what is going on in schools. Problem is this guidance is everywhere and I expect many teachers feel isolated and afraid to speak up.

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This teaching has been going on in our schools now for at least 5 years. We are now seeing the fruits of this propaganda in the generation of teens who are identifying out of their sex.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery: A prisoner’s appeal

This legal case centres on a prisoner who wished to access, NHS funded, Sexual Reassignment Surgery during a prison sentence.  Covered by The Times here: KK appeal for SRS

In anticipation of the general denial on this issue I include, as always, the official, judicial transcript. KK: Legal Challenge for SRS. 

There are a number of interesting aspects to this case. Firstly the recurrent appearance of the same clinicians whose advice is sought. There does seem to be quite a small number of  specialists in this field.  A feature of this case, once again, is the claimant’s complicating  history of sexual offences.  This is not unusual, in the cases which leave a trail in court paperwork.  Another recurrent theme is the vexed notion of what “living as a woman”  means. This resists definition and exercises the minds of our specialists, and the judiciary, far too little.  Here we are told the claimant is 60 years of age, was sentenced “as a man” and has been given an indefinite sentence for public protection (IPP).  We also discover that the bar for obtaining Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS) is lower for a prisoner who will never be released than for those with the possibility of parole.  There is no rationale given here for this policy. D2F83B22-1269-46E4-A6E5-CDFBAA747780A3429FA6-FA00-4D58-B686-150A23CD22B6

The legal claim is made on a number of grounds. One of these is whether there exists a protocol which discriminates against prisoners wishing to access sexual reassignment surgery.  Another aspect of the case is a rarely articulated concern about regret, in post-operative transsexuals. Here  it is adduced as a factor in the, efusing the prisoner GRS. The existence of post-surgery regret is not denied. Instead, the argument hinges on  the lack of  peer reviewed research showing prisoners are at a higher risk of regret.  The Trust, for its part, denies there is any such protocol.


Below is a reminder of the criteria to access genital surgery.  It can be done from age 17, mental health conditions are no bar they must merely be “controlled”, a patient is allowed to progress even if they are “unwilling” to undertake hormone treatment. Furthermore the prospective patient should not be judged on how they perform their gender. God forbid we assign arbitrary expectations to performative gender, it might make us suspect the entire ideology is underpinned by reductive, sexist stereotypes.  The absence of any externally verified way of measuring “Living as a Woman”  does, however, beg the question how is this being measured? How can you assess if a male person is really of the female gender? What does living in the female gender role mean?

How can you possibly assess whether this identity is being adopted correctly if you don’t have pre-conceived notions of what “living as a woman” entails?  Is it possible that this is a tad sexist?



Another revealing admission is that many of those who claim the status of “woman” in fact have no bodily modification at all.  So living as a woman does not require anyone to be divested of that very male of appendages. One could be forgiven for assuming the penis part of the male anatomy which would give rise to dysphoric feelings. Yet it seems not to be the case. A large number retain their male anatomy. At the same time we, second class women, the biological kind, are expected to share our intimate spaces with the new, male-bodied, version of womankind.  We hear much of the comfort surgery can bring to sufferers of Gender Dsyphoria. Where is the consideration for the discomfort of ,unbepenised, women forced to share our intimate spaces?


6F8EAE8D-9FB9-428F-8C9E-5F3248F87282Cue cries of “transphobia” for wishing to be free of all genders of penis when women are in intimate spaces.

The next excerpt from the case provides more information on the sexual offences committed by the prisoner.  Here we learn that the defendant begain offending in the 1980’s;  when he groomed and abused a young girl, at the  age of 12 . The defendant was, at that stage, 32 years of age.  The girl endured this for four years. He served just one year.  He was still sexually offending in 2006.


The claimant is late to a belief they are really a woman. He remained trapped in a man’s body at age 51.  The claimant professes, to the therapist below, that his sexual offending may cease if he is allowed to transition. The therapist offers an alternative view. What if his attraction to the child images is related to him  having missed out on 51 years of being a girl  (WTF!). He may, in fact, be at a higher risk of offending after gender reassignment.  He then proceeds to amend his statement with the outrageous implication that he resorted to offending to “vicariously experience womanhood”.  Because nothing screams woman louder than sexually offending against a pubescent, female teen and downloading child porn!  Types furiously…


Again there is a lot of evidence that males, who retain a sexual interest in females, and wish to transition, also have co-existing paraphilias.  But hey, what could possibly go wrong!


Dr Lorimer is well aware that masochistic fantasies are not unusual.  A cursory acquaintance with sections of the community reveal a correlation with interests in BDSM.  Indeed here is a Masters Thesis about how sado-masochistic, role play helped one transwoman cement their identity.  Naturally they played the submissive role. BDSM & Transgender Identity

Cross-dressing usually has an erotic component but the prisoners states this was not the case for them. 6865DDD3-4017-402D-960E-957F7891BCFE Well he would wouldn’t he? Fetishising a female identity is pretty much the essence of the movement but I would say that wouldn’t I?

Fetishising sexual roles, with notions of submission and dominance, seems to be a core feature of how many males experience their female role.  Acting female in a male prison is vastly different from women’s material reality, as pointed out below:


Here we find that the prisoner remains in a category C Male prison.  Since they have been “in role” for 10 years in a male prison it rather begs the question about lack of safety in the male estate.  Dr Barrett makes it clear they are not able to make a referral for a Gender Recognition Certificate.  As we found out from earlier cases there is no bar to obtaining a GRC, from within prison, even with convictions for sexual offences against women.  There are always other clinicians and a wealth of private providers that the prisoner can approach.  Good to know.  I was worried for a while.


We soon learn that the prisoner has been moved to an open prison.  We are not told if this remains in the male estate.  The prisoner has, however, been granted accompanied and unaccompanied visits to the local town. This is to gain that all important “real life experience” of living as a woman, whatever that means!  This is a prelude to release.  Prisoner also has hormone therapy increased.   Below is another revealing statement that acknowledges that most denied of phenomena:  “detransition”.  When word gets out that Dr Lorimer has used this word will he be cancelled?


The prisoners sexual offences are deemed to “complicate” the picture for our clinicians.  Further confirmation is provided below. Here we have a  prisoner presenting as  female, in the male estate, for 10 years!  Again Dr Barrett makes it clear the imprisonment of a patient is no bar to obtaining GRS and, additionally confirms female prisoners are being made to share accommodation with pre-op males.


Yep Dr Barrett you bet the experience of living in the female role is artificial. I agree with you but probably for different reasons.  Late transitioners, with a history of sexual offences, are a red flag but you can’t say that can you? We must not undermine the notion of a man trapped in a woman’s body. #AcceptionWithoutException. Though Dr Barrett comes pretty close with this gem of a contribution about Women “living in female bodies!” (spoiler there is no other kind ). Yes! We tend not to groom female children and perform oral sex on them.


So without wishing to labour the point the prisoner is denied.  No mention is made of the obvious reasons! You know the late -transitioning, sexual offence history and interest in child porn.  No.  The real issue that seems to justify the refusal is a failure to demonstrate real lived experience, as a woman, because prison is an artificial environment! Whilst a male cos-playing as a woman is not artificial, in any way!


Case Dismissed.


The Woke Gay Conversion Therapy?

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. 

Let me state, for the record, I don’t believe anyone has an innate “Gender Identity”.  Gender is a social construct, super-imposed on biological sex to uphold Patriarchal structures.

Gendered expectations  limit and constrain women whilst grooming boys to occupy a dominant role, as men.  Historically, feminists made a distinction between “sex” and “gender” to deconstruct, biologically determinist,  theories of sex differences.  It was never a radical feminist position  that women, or men, were born with a “natural” gender.  (Note to evolutionary biologists. I am not a proponent of blank slate theory.  I am, however, wary when biology is used to justify women’s position in the sex hierarchy).  Feminists dispute that gendered roles  are a natural, inevitable, consequence of our biology. Our Gendered role is distinct from our Biological Sex.

Gender versus Sex discourse is now distorted into the antithesis of a feminist analysis. We now have a political class who have accepted the  proposition that “gender” is real  and innate, and biological sex merely “assigned at birth“.  Since gender comprises sexist,  stereotypes the reification of “gender” is regressive.  Furthermore medicalising gender non-conformity, has some serious implications for the health and well-being of our youth.

As a feminist I have principally registered the impact of sex stereotypes, on women. As a mother of two sons I have  an increasing awareness of gendered expectations, for males.  Watching them navigate the world, as boys, inducted into the male tribe, exposed the deployment of, often brutal, sanctions for boys who don’t perform  “male” behaviours.  As a parent of a same sex attracted, son, this has brought things into even sharper focus.

Not conforming to sex stereotypical behaviour is not unusual for  Gay males (& Lesbians). They may exhibit non-conformity early and it will often pre-date sexual awareness. Many of these children, like mine, will be brutally punished because they are deviating from expected “normal” behaviour. They may have atypical interests for their sex, hang out with, and even identify “with” members of the opposite sex. For males they are often explicitly rejected by their own sex and isolated by their peers. All of this is painful and confusing and years of bullying can, and does, lead to internalised homophobia.

Homophobia & The Cotton Ceiling

Homophobia is not a thing of the past.  A focus on the UK context can, superficially, suggest the main battles are won. Sexual orientation is a protected characteristic, under The Equality Act 2010.  Same sex marriage is legal.  Currently we are seeing a vicious attack on same sex attraction from within the LGBT community.  For Lesbians their same sex attraction is badged as  transphobic. There is even a name for this: “Cotton Ceiling”.  This is a play on the notion of a “glass-ceiling”,  a phrase coined to describe the  barrier to female achievement. This term has been repurposed to refer to Lesbian underwear, as a barrier to “all-inclusive” sexual availability.  Lesbians are explicitly under attack for rejecting male bodies in their “Lesbian” dating pool!  This is the new “progressive” Corrective Rape.  Article here:  Cotton Ceiling.

As always this is a tale of two sexes. There is no comparable campaign to shame gay males over their vagina-exclusionary orientation. They are not, on any significant scale, condemned and policed about their sexual orientation.  Some of the battles we thought had been won are being undermined, ironically, under the banner of “progressive” thinking.  None of the leading Gay publications, or Advocacy groups, have condemned the rhetoric of #CottonCeiling, indeed most deny it exists. Same sex attraction is being undermined by organisations which purport to represent the gay community. (Cough…Stonewall).

Inculcating Gender Dysphoria

It is in this context  we need to examine how the concept of an “innate Gender Identity” is being proselytised  in our schools. Children are being taught that “sex” is no longer dimorphic but exists on a spectrum.  Homosexuality is the attraction to one’s own sex. Its predicated on the notion of two sexes.  How do prospective gay adults reconcile this to the idea that they exist “on a spectrum?

The phrase “assigned male at birth” is being used in the media, by medical professionals and by our political elite.  Somehow the idea that a small number of disorders of sexual development (DSD), leading to “intersex” conditions, has morphed into a belief that accurate determination of sex is not possible, at birth.  There is no evidence that DSDs are more prevalent.  This belief is not borne out of concern for people with intersex conditions.  It is ideologically predicated to privilege “gender identity” above sex.  Same sex orientation is then seen as in conflict with attraction based on “gender”.  Gender can be de-coupled from “sex” and even sexual characteristics.  This places definitively homosexual males, & females. in the “wrong” for excluding opposite sex partners.

Here is an example of school based training.  A pack which has been used in various forms across the Education Sector: All sorts Trans Inclusion Kit  Here is a critique from the Transgender Trend organisation of the training in our schools:  Transgender Trend

It is my contention that this training is inculcating Gender Dysphoria: a disassociation from biological sex.  Nobody conforms 100% with the expected behaviour for their sex.  Yet children are being taught that failure to adhere to these , culturally determined, expectations may mean they are “Born in the Wrong Body”.  Lesbians and Gay Males frequently deviate from “gendered” behaviour and are much more vulnerable to this ideology. Its confusing and de-stabilising. The meme below was sent out by a young, gay male. 👇32884AA2-612B-4CB1-BAF9-86D808A4009F

Here is an example of Mermaids training slides.  (Mermaids is an organisation which exists to support “trans” children and youth).  This is being rolled out to schools and teaches a spectrum of “gender identities” with which children are asked to  “identify”.  At one end of the spectrum is Barbie and at the other end is GI Jo.


The use of regressive stereotypes is only one area vulnerable to critique. If we were teaching  the variety of ways people express themselves and deconstructing sex stereotypes this could be a force for positive change.  We are , instead, using it to push the notion that one can be, literally, “Born in the Wrong Body”.  Instead of celebrating difference we are instead advocating that these children/teens should be medicalised and handed over to #BigPharma for Life.

I have one son who does sport most days, captains football and rugby teams, and has, largely, gender typical interests. Based on that criteria you could allocate him to one end of the spectrum. The same son does his own washing , irons clothes,  watches boxing but also likes poetry. Where does he now go on this “spectrum”?.  Are we not just pathologizing  personalities which deviate from the “man-box”?

I have another son who loves music, hates sport, identifies “with” girls and has always had female friends.  He also came out as “gay” when he was in his early teens.  When puberty hit he was still not accepted by his male peers but now female peers were retreating into same sex friendship groups.  Parents were not including him in female bonding experiences, like sleepovers. Those parents had every right to exclude him but it did increase his isolation.   Its not difficult to  understand why a boy like this would  identify out of his male sex, and his homosexuality, by retreating into a faux-straight, medicalised closet.  Superficially this can look like an attractive option.

Gender Dysphoria is a relatively recent historical phenomenon.  In the last decade, in the UK, we have seen a spike of over 4000% increase in girls referred to Gender Identity Clinics.  For boys the figure is 1152%.  Parents who are resistant to the dominant “affirmation” model of treatment won’t be included in these figure. Many know better than to enrol our offspring in these “treatment” centres.  Article here: Behind a paywall.  Rise in Gender Identity Clinic referrals

Are we medicalising away the Gay?

Recently whistle-blowers at the UK’s main Gender Identity Clinic ,The Tavistock, have broken ranks to highlight the real threat to gay children who are using their service.  Below is a  clip from this article in The Times newspaper.  Full article here (paywall) Transgender Experiment

gay children and GIDS times article

Here is a youtube  from another expert in this field asking: Why are lesbian and gay children being transitioned?

Professor Eric Vilain

Here is another article summarising studies which show that most children who identify as the opposite sex eventually reconcile to biological sex and, many are gay.  Author is James Cantor who works in this field.  Remember also that this much of this research predates the meteoric rise in referrals.  There is every reason to suspect that desistance rates would be much higher in the current “crop”  of trans kids IF (and its a big IF) they were not subject to irreversible medical treatment.

Do Kids stay Trans

Here are quotes from two other experts about the impact of early medicalisation on children. Dr James Barret, a consultant at the UKs oldest Gender Identity Clinic, makes it clear most would desist, reconcile to biological sex, and be gay IF allowed to go through a natural puberty.


Ray Blanchard another expert, in this field, makes it clear that the addition of Puberty Blockers locks those self-same children on an irreversible path to medicalisation.


Proposal to criminalise “affirming” Biological Sex?

The standard model of  “treatment” is to accept the child/teens self-assessment of their “Gender” and to socially, leading to medical, affirm that identity.  Affirming a child in their biological sex is the least invasive approach.   Since most desist from a “trans-identity” and many are merely gay this seems to be the obvious approach and indeed has been the standard treatment for decades.  Fast forward to 2019 and this is seen as akin to Gay Conversion Therapy.  At this very moment affirming biological sex is outlawed in many US states.  Here is the UK we have a bill, currently going through parliament, which proposes to outlaw my parental practice.   Now I am told it is unlikely this will proceed but I have lost all faith in our political class over this specific issue so I am keeping it under scrutiny.  (Clip from Hansard below).


Silencing dissenting Parents.

On Social Media parents, like me, adopting a cautious approach, to medicalising our children, are subjected to quite a lot of criticism.  Little of it is evidenced based. Here is a sample.  Not all of these screenshots were to myself but I have had pretty much all of this type of abuse.




@Terfblocker were particularly egregious and their follow up, to the tweet above, was to find my real name and add it below to “out” my son.  Nice Touch.  Here is a reminder of the person who set up @TerfBlocker.


Former Green party candidate now ensconced in the Liberal Democrats.  You may remember the name and a public statement that this person was dangerously unaware of basic safeguarding.  Also, as of June 2019, still appears an advisor to Stonewall.  Stonewall Trans Advisory Group  

More here if you are unfamiliar with. Aimee Challenor

What other alleged campaign for “Civil Rights” routinely labels caution and research as bigoted? What other campaign  uses the threat of children’s suicide as a tactic to terrorise parents into submission?  If anything the vehemence of the attacks has made me more confident that this is wrong.

Since writing this I commented on the issue of trans sports and was treated to another lovely comment,  No wonder perceptions of hate crime are sky-rocketing when someone sees hate in this comment.


There will be a reckoning when society wakes up to what is being done to children under the, mistaken, belief that they are Born In The Wrong Body.   I hope we wake up to the problematic, and unquestioning, affirmation of a child/teens belief that this is the right path for them.  My biggest fear is that EVERY single political party and most politicians have gone along with this.  What will it take for them to reverse this position?  Are our children to be electoral cannon fodder?

What other issue has cognitively captured the political elite so swiftly?  One thing for certain is that this is not a grass roots movement!