Trade Unions. (Part 2) 18b


From the book Trans Britain.

This is part of a (very long) series based on the book Trans Britain. There was a wealth of detail in the chapter on Trade Unions, by Carola Towle, so it needed more than one post. You can read the first part at the link below.

Trans Britain: Trade Unions (18a)

Phillippa Scrafton

Here is another activist from within the trade union movement, Phillippa Scrafton, who gained a seat on the national LGBT committee.

Scrafton came out in 2003 as “transgender”. He seems to have been age 35, at the time, and was in a heterosexual marriage. He explains that it was the prospect of children that prompted action and presents this as a stark choice between suicide or “becoming the person she knew she was”.

Based on his current social media he appears to be in a relationship with a female; though I am presuming by the use of “my Mrs” below.

Just two years into “womanhood” Scrafton made the front cover of the Unison magazine.

A cursory search of twitter turns up references to Scrafton speaking at Teesside University, N.E Ambulance Services, the NHS Business Services authority, Durham University, and Newcastle Medical School. He can also be found endorsing candidates for Darlington Labour. He also made a speech at the Unison women’s conference but this experience was not quite so positive, for either Scrafton or, it seems, the audience.

Apart from his job managing bin collections for the local council he also became a representative of Stonewall Scotland. In the latter capacity he spoke at an academic conference alongside PhDs with pronouns in their bios. 👇

Just out of interest I downloaded the conference programme for the above ☝️ just in case it’s worthy of a follow up.


I can only find one public recording, of Scrafton, (link below) and I found myself seriously underwhelmed. In no other circumstance would Scrafton be addressing University students, except as a member of this new priest class.

Scrafton at Teeside

Apart from this Scrafton was a trustee of a charity called Gay Advice Darlington. This appears to have ceased operating though remains on the charity commission register, despite never posting any accounts.

In addition to this he was involved in a community interest company which appears to have lasted only one year.

Turns out Phillippa also advises the police, as do so many of the trans activists I have covered in my series on TRAs behind the scenes.

I noticed, from Scranton’s linkedin, that he was endorsed by Jacqui Gavin who I also covered in my series about men working behind the scenes. Small world.

I wrote about Jacqui here: 👇

Jacqui Gavin: Civil Service

Jaden Biggs:

Females are under-represented, as usual but we are introduced to a black “trans-identified” female. There is not much information about Biggs but I did find a reference to a presentation from 2016. @NELFT is an NHS mental health trust.

The slide showing ☝️is enlarged below and makes it clear that transvestites/cross-dressers are included under the trans umbrella; which means men with transvestic fetishism can claim to be women. These same men are being granted access to female spaces; even those which might include a teenage girl, in a state of undress.

Jaden would appear to be a nurse who is also qualified to dispense drugs.

Entry on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.

Lucy Persechino

Persechino is another person presented as a positive role model in Towle’s chapter. Lucy was a member of the Unison national commitee.

Persechino was interviewed by the Daily Gazette and a link to the article is below.


Some clips from that article.

Some more quotes from the article, background in IT ✅. Heterosexual, married man ✅ No early rejection of Male social roles✅ Now a “Lesbian” ✅. Thrilling experience in the Ladies Loos. ✅.

Another male claiming to be a “Lesbian” . How offensive. I think these men think women loving women are just a porn category.

In addition to his work for Unison Persechino also has ambitions to be an actor and has registered some further information, and pictures, with an on line agency.

Here are a few more images from his Star Now entry.

Cucumber, Banana, Tofu.

Persechino had a part in Cucumber, Banana and Tofu by Russell T Davies the writer of Queer as Folk and Its a Sin. These are three different shows, which can be watched independently, but are companion pieces. Cucumber is a series, Banana is a collection of short stories and Tofu is a documentary style where members of the cast talk about their sex lives interwoven with dramatic vignettes from, I presume, the companion shows. The title comes from a sexology institute that graded the firmness of erections from tofu, to banana to cucumber. You get the drift. Lucy appears in Tofu as a “lesbian” and a dominatrix.

[The series also stars Julie Hesmondalgh, who played Hayley Cropper, the “transsexual” in Coronation Street, who, by the way is even more irritating as herself with, in my view, a damaged relationship to sex and intimacy]. Here are Lucy’s highlights.

Lucy talks about torturing her male clients as part of their fetish. As you can see he is quite proud of being a “sadistic bitch”. Most of the more explicit references to Lucy’s dominatrix work appear in episode 8 at about the 8 minute mark. It’s worth watching this episode to see how porn has changed the sexual landscape, sadly not in a good way.

There were two males claiming to be Lesbians in Russell T Davies drama and a couple of trans identified females. It was noticeable that he didn’t promote the idea of a trans-identified female demanding entry into the dating pool of gay men. Funny that.

Lucy also worked for Southend Borough Council as the HR and diversity Officer. For 10 years.

Now that I have covered the trans activists who influenced the Union movement I will end with part 18 c which covers the rest of the chapter and one final man who has taken senior roles, meant for women, in UNISON.

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Researching the history and the present of the “transgender” movement and the harm it is wreaking on our society.


Trans Britain: Trade Unions (18a)


Carola Towle

For a Trade Union activist, such as myself, the behaviour of the Trade Unions, in respect of Gender Identity Ideology, has been particularly dispiriting to witness. I was a branch committee member for UCU (University and Colleges Union) and they have been so dreadful I am not even a member anymore. Carole Towle is a Lesbian: one of the vichy types. Totally on board with the “trans” dogma. I will split this into two parts to cover the background of some of the names trans-activists because I think it gives important context.

The point is delving deep into this book is to make sure we have a record of all the naive /nefarious people who aided and abetted this war on women. Did Carola ever stop to think about the impact on young lesbians? Did she know that many men who wish to be “women” are men with a fetish? Well it appears Carola did know and NALGO (one of the Unions that merged to form UNISON) were reaching out to transvestites and “transsexuals” in their first Lesbian and Gay newsletter in 1974! That is nearly fifty years ago!

The Lesbian and Gay network originally thought the issue of “trans” people was not something they should be concerned with but then they changed their mind. They were right the first time. Not only has transgender ideology become an overt attack on the idea of SEXual orientation it has become a blatant assault on women’s rights, as a sex class.

The first union to be captured seems to have been the now defunct, Manufacturing Science and Finance Union (MSF);which merged with other unions to become Unite. Towle reports that no official decision was taken but trans activists became involved in the Lesbian and Gay networks. This is sometimes called “transjacking” and it’s a tactic to force-team the LGB with the T; thereby piggy backing on the progress made by gay rights organisations. It is noticeable that this was a change of tactic; T strategy had been to distance themselves from homosexuals to avoid being “tainted” as they saw it. But by 2000 the MSF made an attempt to formally introduce the idea of “trans” inclusion in a UNISON motion. This was rejected at the first attempt and was clearly a divisive issue.

Now three other unions added their voices to the movement to include “trans”. Civil servants union (FDA), teachers and actors union led the way. The capture of the Trade Union movement was underway.

In order to prepare the ground for a successful motion, via the TUC, a member of the trans lobby group, Press For Change, was invited as an observer to TUC meetings. The person chosen was a trans-identified male; Claire McNab; Mcnab did a lot of the legal work to prepare for the Gender Recognition Act.

McNab was not the only trans-activist invited to advise the union. Right from the beginning they outsourced their thinking on this issue to some of the more extreme proponents of gender identity ideology. The TUC was blind to the impact on women of “trans-inclusion” policies and naive about the fetishistic men clamouring to come out of the shadows. Year’s of furtive cross-dressing. and the shame of transvestic fetishism and the desire to practice it in public were dual motives to be legitimised /rebranded as possessors of an innate gender identity,

The TUC brought in some key trans activists to advise them and in doing so allowed them to set the policy for the Trade Union movement. Stephen Whittle, Christine Burns and Aisla Spindler were also drafted in.

Aisla Spindler.

I have covered Whittle and Burns extensively, on this blog, but not Spindler. Spindler is a trans-identified male whose career history includes ILGA, Europe ;Terrence Higgins Trust and awards from Stonewall Scotland. He has now turned up in Ireland working for the Gay Project.

Spindler is currently anxious to set up a women’s rugby team and you can see him here on a YouTube made for children, arguing for “trans women” to be included on the women’s team and explaining that he used to play for a Hungarian woman’s team.

Aisla Spindler

A bit more digging and it would appear that Aisla is another heterosexual man who describes himself as a “Lesbian” and is married to a woman.

Eleanor Levy

Another activist who came on board was Levy while working for the probation services as a substance use advisor.

Levy now works for an NHS Trust in surrey and also volunteers at various NHS related bodies, as you can see from the clip below, they also provide services to Surrey County council and Surrey University. Naturally they are a diversity champion providing training across the country.

Levy describes themselves as bisexual with a trans-identity and is partnered by someone called Jenni.

Meanwhile, no doubt nudged by her advisors, Towle determined that the time had come to change the Lesbian and Gay network into an LGBT group. However, she recalls, there was resistance which she puts down to transphobia and biphobia. She also adds that there was a lot of ignorance and people just had not met a “trans” person before.

Anna May Booth

Booth was another union member who was is mentioned as a key trans activist. Booth came out as “trans” in 1998 at the MSF union conference. Currently their linkedin describes him as a freelance transgender researcher. He also stood as a Labour, council, candidate in 2014.

He can be found in an article about his partner, also a male and “trans” complaining about being bullied out of employment.

His partner was the victim of some prurient coverage in respect of his transition which contributed, in his view, to the collapse of his business.

Motion for Trans Inclusion.

Unison’s first attempt to tie the T to LGB failed because of opposition from a “trans” delegate who did not want to be associated with homosexuals.

At that vote was a person who would become a trans activist but, at this stage, he was still in the closet.

Jenny Harvey.

Harvey gave a very revealing interview which I will link below. In common with many of the trans-identifying males his story is one of secret cross dressing which he claims began at age ten, involved his mother’s clothes. This continued throughout his teenage years, university and beyond. He even talks about using his office at work to “cross-dress”. The shame of this furtive act can be cleansed by embracing an identity as a “woman” and thus he finally recognised the “girl” he was in his forties. (The use of “girl” here is revealing).

Jenny Harvey

This is Harvey’s biography 👇. Another trans-activist in the NHS, who also trains staff on diversity and inclusion.

Harvey tells a story about appearing on question time and subsequently receiving twitter abuse.

I have managed to locate to locate the episode and this would appear to be Jenny at 19 minutes in. 👇. Harvey responds to the expected loss of UKIP in the local by-elections and says they will lose because they have not been able to leverage hate in Stoke.

Question Time

This is a screenshot of Harvey from that episode. They did get quite horrific abuse which was covered by Pink News. This seems to have originated from UKIP supporters and it was incredibly cruel and personal.

Harvey has a twitter account. Seems genuinely committed to trade union values. Some transperbole about state sponsored abuse but no use of “terf” and not the worst timeline I have seen, by any means. (That said it is a low bar).


He is, however, quite invested in “trans” kids and shares Helen Webberley, Ben Hunte, Stonewall etc. Clearly Harvey is also not happy with women sticking up for our sex based rights. Those pesky feminists.

In part two I will cover some more trans activists working within the Union movement and the influence they have had on policy making.

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Researching the history and the present of the “transgender” movement and the harm it is wreaking on our society.


C. Burns: Trans Britain (Part 16)


James Morton: Scotland

In the week that Scotland plans to let 16 year olds obtain a “gender recognition certificate” ,with only a six month waiting period, and refuses to rule out sex offenders from changing their legal sex, it is timely that I have reached this chapter. Morton is a trans-identified female who seeks validation as a “male” chauvinist by behaving in the most abominably sexist way in respect of women’s rights. Not content with acting out self-hatred on her own body she has turned this lack of self acceptance into an attack on all women.

Morton has been at this for twenty years! Manager of Scottish Trans alliance she has been lobbying the U.K and Scottish governments to institute the most extremist version of gender identity ideology and , unfortunately, has gained the ear of successive governments and political parties.

Here is the transcript from Morton’s appearance at the Women and Equalities Inquiry which is referenced above. (Also covers the late transitioning, male, Sue Pascoe and the woman who has sent years trying to get an X as her “gender” marker).

Transgender Equality Inquiry James Morton et al

Morton follows the usual playbook in describing the process to get a GRC as humiliating and degrading. On the Scottish context, below, like U.K Stonewall Morton makes it clear that cross-dressing men are covered under the “trans” umbrella. As has become clear Scotland are much more mired in this ideology than even Stonewall.

See my series on the Gender Recognition Certificates to see how easy the process actually is and this is before we move to self-identification in Scotland.

Gender Recognition Act: Series

Morton offers the usual reference to the Yogyakarta principles which have no legal standing and are a wish list from extreme trans-ideologues. One of the signatories to these principles has since acknowledged that insufficient account was taken of the rights of women, during their drafting. You can read more about this in this article but I will include a clip about his change of heart, below. Shockingly he admits that nobody raised the issue of the human rights of women.

Yogyakarta Principles

Morton claimed that “Self-Identification”. as the opposite sex, had raised no issues in countries that have adopted it. There is a lot of emotional blackmail and an implied aversion to recording biological sex, on legal documents, at all. So far so predictable. I do just want to bring your attention to this statement and reference to Vera Baird.

I wonder what her thoughts are on this now? I had her down as one of the good ones but, I confess, I have not done a deep dive on her thoughts; unlike the “Vichy” feminist Helena Kennedy who has utterly betrayed women on this issue. Baird did resign from her post as Victims Commissioner in September 2022 because victims of crime were being let down so I will reserve judgement, for now.

Scottish Context.

It is important to note that, in Scotland, the inclusion of the T with the LGB was accomplished much earlier than was the case in the rest of the U.K. as Morton makes clear in Trans Britain. It is also worth noting that the earlier organisations were a coalition between transvestites and “transsexuals”.

I have covered the Beaumont Society earlier in the series but it’s worth repeating that there was some hostility to homosexuals from the heterosexual transvestites. It is my contention that there is a basic incompatibility between people who are same sex attracted and believers that ones “gender identity” grants inclusion in gay dating pools, even if you are the opposite sex. This is becoming clear in the 2020’s but the tension existed from the start in expressions of overt homophobia,

In order to understand the roots of the Scottish movement I had a look at the newsletter for the TV/TS society and their newsletter the Tartan Skirt as well as figures like Julia Gordon and Anne Forrester. Gordon “transitioned” in his forties and seems better known for being an accordion player; specialising in Scottish folk tunes. Forrester seems to have been the more prolific contributor to the magazine. You can get an idea of the content from this snapshot.

You can find copies of the magazines at the digital transgender archive. The above gives you a flavour of the content. I took one for the team and browsed the archives. There are advertisements for gatherings for men who like to cross-dress. Tips on make-up; the best kind of nylons; where to buy women’s shoes for the larger feet; how to behave in the woman’s loo etc. Despite the fact that the sexual component is obvious Forrester, of course, denies there is any sexual component to it. Well, he would say that wouldn’t he?

The content of the magazine is deeply sexist and the men who do this are creepily fascinating by the “feminine” and project their fantasies about what it means to be a woman. They are like stalkers of our entire sex. There is also barely veiled hostility to the wives who don’t show the proper acceptance of this fetish. Here are a few clips from one list of things about cross-dressers. Not a sexual fetish?

Forrester speculated about why men are into cross-dressing going through the usual theories about hormones in utero; dismissing the sexual component; the need for the breadwinner to obtain stress release (executive relief?) ; lady brain inside a man, before, finally, querying whether they are not reincarnated with the legacy of an earlier, female, existence!

There is also a whole article about how to behave when using women’s toilets! The article goes into great detail even about how to pee so you sound like a “lady” and how to comport yourself when interacting with “other women”. It’s seriously creepy stuff once you know you are being forced to participate in a man’s sexual fetish.

Before I go end this digression I will just leave this clip which is also from the Tartan Skirt. In it there is a fantasy about setting up an organisation for Other Women who are sometimes mistaken for men (O.W.W.S.M.M). The premise of this fantasy is to prey on female socialisation to be kind and get around our boundaries in this way, making the man an object of sympathy and tricking women embraced him as a “sisters”. Something like this strategy under pins the instruction to #BeKind to the men who seek access to our spaces. Now men are even getting paid for larping as women at work, even in rape crisis centres.

The alliance of fetishistic men with the LGB started as early as 1997 in Scotland. For context Stonewall, covering the rest of the U.K, didn’t add the T until 2015.

Gordon was instrumental in their decision to deploy the new name “transgender” to, I would argue, distract from the transvestite origins. Morton claims the intention was always to aim to get protections on the more subjective “Gender Identity” idea. 👇

The group LGBT Youth Scotland also became trans-inclusive at the same time.

Funding by the government and NHS Scotland was also there from the start.

They were generating training resources at the outset and trained the NHS, youth workers, teachers, local council staff and even the police,

It was clear early on that the Scots were diverging in the way they were prepared to legislate on this issue; even to the extent of trapping spouses who’s partner had deceived them at the outset.

Soon a group of activists and allies from the NHS, LGBT Health and the Equality Network got together to form an overarching organisation Scottish Transgender Alliance. They also decided to not only include people who identify as “transgender” but also “non-binary” people as well as, of course, cross-dressers.

The Scottish government were involved almost from their inception 👇. In effect the from the Scottish govt were paying lobby groups to lobby them so creating the impression this was a grass roots movement.

It was Scottish government funding that paid for James Morton’s first post, working for Scottish Transgender Alliance. After one year the funding was due to run out and the Scottish National Party (SNP) came to power. Morton need not have worried the SNP were keen to continue supporting the group. Their motivation was described as related to their desire for Scotland to be seen as “progressive” by the European Union. I think this plays a significant role in their continuing motivation to push this agenda.

They were commended by the Council Of Europe, who are distinct from the European Union but hugely influential with the E.U.

European funding followed and this allowed them to pursue networks across the European Union with other activist groups. In Ireland Transgender Equality Network (TENI) outstripped Scotland’s “achievements” by bringing in self-identified sex.

One of the strategies they deployed was using Hate Crime legislation. They found a useful idiot in the Green Party’s Patrick Harvie and Scottish Trans Alliance were fully involved in drafting the legislation. The purpose of the legislation was to embed gender identity ideology in Scottish Law. A subsidiary purpose was to allow crimes to be reported based on a self-perceived notion of “hate” thus the statistics could be “gamed”. This served to convince politicians they were dealing with a bus abused, marginal, minority by inflating “offences”.

“We need the stats”

Here is Morton gaming the system by encouraging reporting because, and I quote, “we need the stats”.

This next quote shows how ethically bankrupt Morton is in her quest to be validated as a man. Claiming that unleashing men on vulnerable female prisoners was an “ethically important” “strategy” to pave the way for the destruction of female only spaces. The depth of contempt I feel for the people who sat in a room to decide this knows no bounds.

By getting people to accept you could house male rapists in female prisons they could push their other goals; men in single sex wards, girls forced to share changing rooms with boys and forcing to call James Morton a man and obvious blokes “women”. Never underestimate how selfish gender zealots are.

Vichy Feminists.

A reminder that nothing could have been accomplished without the women who collaborated. Trans-activists deliberately force-teamed women in the domestic violence sector. Jo Clifford is a heterosexual late-transitioning man who married and had children. The feminists who colluded with him should hang their head in shame for their complicity/gullibility.

This is how Clifford describes himself:

Lesley Irving and Nel Whiting are deserving of no respect for their advocacy of men in rape crisis centres which have resulted on a man running Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Mridul Wadwha lied about his sex to infiltrate a rape crisis service for women. What kind of despicable man would do this? He then compounded his error by claiming that they would accept “transphobes” at the service and counsel them to “reframe” their trauma about men. He is at best doing this for validation at worse this allows a man who fetishises hearing women talk about their rape. A man who fetishised acceptance into female only spaces would salivate at breaching the boundaries of rape survivors for his own desires. Further to this one specific man the Scottish government will now not fund any exclusive service for women. However traumatised at the hands of men they are to be forced to share with males! {As an aside Morton mentions some disagreement within the T as to whether or not men who hadn’t had genital surgery were to be accorded the status of “women”. We know which side won.}

Lesley Irving has been rewarded with senior posts in the violence against women sector

Nel Whiting works for Scottish Women’s aid. Katherine Burrows held directorships with both LGBT Scotland and a Rape crisis centre.

Not content with trashing the resources for women they were also keen to make sure NHS Scotland following the clinical pathways as set out by the lobby group WPATH. Morton talks excitedly about how they rushed the changes through by editing NHS Scotland’s own documents to include the new guidelines and persuading the NHS to accept them. The rising rates of detransitioners can be laid at their door.

As much as I despise the men behind this movement I cannot understand females, in flight from their sex, some of them because they are Lesbians and others in flight from sexual trauma, who work so assiduously to strip protections away from women and girls. I can only conclude that their internalised misogyny is not pacified by the destruction of their own bodies; they despise women who have not adopted the “superior sex”.

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C. Burns: Trans Britain (Part 15)


Sue Sanders

Sue Sanders is given a chapter in this book having set up LGBT History Month and also worked with an organisation called Schools Out and one called Chrysalis. Sue is a lesbian with a background in teaching and the arts scene. Here is an interview she did with “Christine” Burns who also claims to be a Lesbian a mum and a grandma even though he is a man.

Half an hour with Burns

This interview is from 2009 and Sue explains how she was working with senior civil servants to embed diversity training in the teacher training. 14 minutes in she explains how they got funding from the Dept. of Education to launch LGBT History month. By 2009 they had 600 events a year. 16 minutes in she talks about how a “brilliant” teacher Ellie Barnes was working to get this embedded in schools. Elly Barnes is part of Educate and Celebrate who used Jordan Gray to go into schools, denied it and then deleted their twitter account. Jordan Gray recently showed off his Gynecomastia and his penis on channel 4’s Friday night live.

Sue Sanders then explains how she is keen to get LGBT embedded in the school curriculum to “usualise” LGBT people among school children. Sanders also delivers inset training for teachers so that they can answer the questions from children. She is very critical of the training materials are excessively “heteronormative”. She then points out how different festivals during the year as a hook to get this content into schools. They chose February so that Libraries and Museums would seize on this as useful content to fill the half-term.

Here is the Schools Out website.

Schools Out

They target early years and have gained accreditation from OFSTED.

I hate to think of the indoctrination that goes on at these summer camps for kids.

Sanders also gave a Ted Talk which you can see here.

Ted Talk

This was the title of her talk:

Her “thesis” is that “queer” history has been hidden and that LGBT people have no visibility. Maybe that was true when Sue started out but it’s disingenuous to claim this is the case now when the “trans” agenda is rammed down our throats by every major corporation, governments etc. She also rails at psychiatry for labelling lesbians and bisexuals as wrong and in need of “treatment”. Oh, the irony. These are the stats for those receiving “treatment” at gender abattoirs. This is the new way Lesbians and gay men are labelled as “wrong” and Sanders is going along with it!

Ten minutes in she has this to say:

Her aim was to “usualise” Lesbians, gays, trans people and also other racial minorities and embed them in the curriculum by also embracing the decolonisation of the teaching materials. She rails against colonisation whilst embracing the colonisation of females by men claiming to be us!

Trans Britain.

After this detour let’s look at what Sanders says in her chapter. She was quite embedded in the establishment for someone decrying a lack of visibility; working with the metropolitan police and the criminal justice system on hate crime.

She decries Lesbians who didn’t accept “trans women” as like straight feminists who didn’t accept lesbians.

She also spectacularly misses the real scandal of “transing away the gay” by making the spurious comparison with the demonisation of homosexuals by section 28.

Sanders makes it clear she was “trans-inclusive” at the outset and her claims to be marginalised are laughable considering her C.V.

The composition of an advisory group she was asked to set up made sure to include “trans” voices. Grayson Perry, Christine Burns and Claire McNab.

She also consulted trans lobby groups GIRES, Gendered Intelligence and the beleaguered charity Mermaids. Burns and Stephen Whittle became patrons of LGBT history month.

They even invited Susan Stryker who this year was invited to represent “women” at a celebration of Lesbians!

Can also be found trying to besmirch U.K women (mostly left wing) who are fighting for our sex based rights.

In and amongst the blatant misunderstandings there is some good stuff on the impact of Section 28 and historic oppression of homosexuals. Unfortunately Sanders has “queered” the history of Lesbian and gay struggles and is unable to address the elephant in the room: Men who fetishise her very existence.

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C. Burns: Trans Britain (Part 14)


Annie Wallace

Wallace works as an “actress”; As an aside it is noticeable that only men cling to the actress moniker. Wallace worked behind the scenes advising Julie Hesmondhalgh who played a “transsexual” character in popular British soap opera, Coronation Street. The producers used an actual woman to play the character to soften up the audience for the admission of biological men into women’s spaces. A kind of “product placement” or false advertising. Hesmondalgh is described as the ideal choice as she was a social justice warrior.

Eventually Wallace moved in front of the camera to play a Head teacher, in the soap Hollyoaks; which of course he describes as a “headmistress”. The propagandists behind the soap decided to show an episode in which Wallace’s character is put in a female prison and is attacked and hospitalised by female prisoners. This is breathtaking dishonesty given that we are housing male rapists in the female estate and the risk is to females, by males. Men in women’s prisons are not at risk from females. It’s a complete inversion of the truth. Proof positive is that now females, however they identify, are housed in the male estate. There is provision for extremely violent females to be held in the male estate but it is rarely used.

Wallace’s chapter is quite repetitive of the content in previous chapters so I will leave out much of the sections on the increasing visibility of “trans” people. Earlier treatments of “trans” people he describes as treated as “perversions” by a “lascivious press”. (I think he means “salacious”).

He also objects to the depiction of “cross-dressers” which, may I remind you, are included under the “trans” umbrella. Some of these men are transvestic fetishists and adopt the garb of women for erotic purposes. Some in this group of men who are so addicted to this activity they are autogynephiles and wish to live as “women” full time. We used to be able to stigmatise men who like to masturbate while wearing female attire but now boundaries are under attack and this is called “transphobia”. This is why a man feels emboldened to dress in highly sexualised, female attire and parade around Bradford train station. A U.K city which is predominantly muslim, by the way, I have seen that man myself.

Wallace proceeds to reference Roberta Cowell, Jan Morris and April Ashley. All of whom I have covered in other pieces. Cowell was a man who abandoned his family and claimed to be intersex to get access to “trans” surgeries. In order to validate this claim he had to publicly denounce his wife as an adulteress and abandon his children. Jan Morris began his “transition” after the death of a child thereby compounding his wife’s grief. None of these men are good role models but they are being proclaimed as such in school teaching materials. He also mentions Julia Grant who I covered here 👇.

Julia /George Grant:Trans Britain 10

Wallace then mentions the film The “Crying Game” which involves trying to obtain sex by deception. This is a crime under U.K law and trans-activists have long had this law in their sights. For a man who is not homosexual this is a violation of his right to decide who is in his dating pool. Here the idea of “homophobia” is leveraged to shame Rea’s reaction and that is why they did not use a Lesbian, confronted with a surprise penis, this would have made the violation much clearer.

Wallace also references Adele Anderson who infiltrated a female only group, Fascinating Aida.

Wallace believes the character of Hayley Cropper was instrumental in softening up the public to accept a bill which, we now know, has resulted in men, even rapists, in female prisons and men cheating in women’s sports. How’s that social justice working out for you Julie Hesmondalgh? It’s also worth pointing out 👇 that trans-activists continually mis-characterise the role of the “spousal veto” which is in fact better called the “spousal exit clause”. A wife who discovers she is married to a transvestic fetishist is allowed time able to exit the marriage before a man can rewrite her history and claim she is married to a “lesbian” in official documents. She cannot prevent any steps in his “transition” she can just exit the marriage before she is redefined in law. The man is granted only an interim certificate unless she agrees to remain in the marriage or they divorce. Nobody should be assumed to consent to remain married to a man who is taking these steps.

Of course Wallace ☝️claims opposition only comes from right wing and Christian groups. Sigh.

Next he talks about the film “Trans America” which also used an actual woman (Felicity Hoffman) as the trans character. Now there are objections to not using “trans” actors but in the beginning it was helpful to use females to embed this ideology in the film industry. For the Huffman film they sought advice from noted trans-activist Andrea James.

James has a rather bleak backstory having orchestrated a campaign against Michael Bailey for the publication of his book “The Man Who Would Be Queen”. (MWWBQ).

I covered that book in this series: 👇

Man who would be Queen

This is a sample of James’work 👇

In this clip Wallace also shows how captured the BBC are:

There is nothing new in the remainder of the chapter so I just want to talk about this YouTube chat that Wallace had just four weeks ago. I anticipate that this will be removed as Wallace strays into defamatory territory in this interview. Starts about twenty minutes in.

Annie Wallace: Pride

Wallace makes a veiled reference to Helen Joyce who talked about limiting the amount of young people caught up in the social contagion of the “transgender phenomenon”; to stem the tide of detransitioners. Transactivists claim that what Joyce was doing was proposing a “genocide”. Wallace talks of women like us calling for the “elimination” of trans-identified people.

He then goes on to talk about the lies circulated about “trans” people and how he works to counter this disinformation with facts. Hilariously he then proceeds to talk about the Maya Fostater legal case but appears to be mixing it up with the Alison Bailey case. (About 23 minutes in).

You can read a brief piece about Alison Bailey’s case here: (By the way Bailey is appealing the loss against Stonewall) 👇

Alison Bailey: Legal Judgment

Worth mentioning that Wallace is a patron of the beleaguer charity Mermaids about which he says this:

Gay ConversionTherapy

He also ridicules the idea that we are “transing away the gay”

These are the stats at the Tavistock Gender Clinic; which has been ordered to close because it is not regarded as “safe” for children confused about their sex.

These are the words of a Tavistock whistleblowers 👇

Here he is pushing the idea that any parent who doesn’t support the idea their gay, autistic or otherwise vulnerable child is born wrong can be replaced by their a “glitter” family. This is one of the more sinister aspects of this ideology, in my view.

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C. Burns: Trans Britain. (Part 12 b)


Lynne Jones. Former Labour M.P

I split this one into two parts after finding rather a lot to write about Jones’ partner in crime, Zoe Playdon. You can find that post here:

C. Burns: Trans Britain. Part 13a

Lynne Jones was in the U.K parliament from 1992 until 2010.

She first came across this issue via a constituent who wished to speak to her about issues impacting his partner; who was a trans-identified male. The person is anonymised (as J) and claimed to be too afraid to present in person so was represented by the afore-mentioned Zoe Playdon. Jones begins with an apology for her previous use of the term transsexual even though that was a perfectly acceptable usage back then and remains in use for many people who claim that identity in 2022. She continues with an additional mea culpa for her old opinions. She used to find them “weird”; “disordered” or sexual deviants. She had not considered how “cruel” this perspective was and is soon firmly convinced synthetic, sex, identities are innate.

Jones came to feel ashamed at what she feels was her “complicity” in the injustices heaped upon this community. Given that Jones’ own self identity is bound up by being a warrior against injustice she felt compelled to atone for her own “sin” and become a cheerleader for this vulnerable minority. Not very well informed herself she relied on Zoe Playdon who, as we saw in part a, was ideologically committed to the “Transgender” project. Jones was all-in and began a letter writing campaign. She was particularly aggrieved at one response to her letter which conflated transvestites with transsexuals. Having read many of these narratives most heterosexual men who claim a “trans” identity have a history of cross-dressing though only a minority will admit that they began by masturbating into female underwear. These men more than likely have a paraphilia called autogynephilia. This condition is rooted in shame and therefore it must be denied at all costs.

Jones reserves a special kind of contempt for the women fighting to exclude males, irrespective of identity, from female only spaces. Here she mis-characterises feminist arguments dismissing them as some sort of conspiracy theorists. Men colonising women’s very existence to appropriate their identity, deny women the right to exclude them from our most intimate spaces? Call the police on women for correctly sexing them? What would you call it? Trans-Identified males are not women.

Jones is dismayed by the ministers reply indicating this was a very “complex” area. The issue of sexual assault against trans-identified males was what motivated her concern. (I don’t disagree with this because I personally know of a trans-identified male who was raped and treated abominably by the police). Where it does get “complex” is demanding that female staff perform examinations, searches or where males are assigned to a female prison.

Even though she ends with “I could not disagree” she proceeds to disagree and claims badging these areas as “complex” is a cop out.

Jones complains that M.Ps continues to see “transsexuals” as suffering from a psychiatric disorder and laments the responses to a concerted letter writing campaign. The only route was to appeal to the European courts to get domestic law over turned. I was not a brexiteer but watching how Europe has trampled over women’s rights to promote this ideology and could yet be a “sexiteer”.

As an aside Jones’ mentions that their constituent “J” had contacts with Stephen Whittle of the trans lobby group Press For Change. Whittle crops up a lot in this book but doesn’t get a dedicated chapter. I have done a series on Whittle, who is behind a lot of the attacks on her own sex class.

Stephen Whittle

Below she references a letter sent by a cross party group that claims “transsexualism” arises out of “biological and physiological causes”. She herself has a PhD in biochemistry so she has no excuse for passing this off as settled science; it is no such thing.

Jones’ aimed to set up an All Parliamentary Group on this issue but first she organises a meeting , at the House of Commons, to which she invited leading Trans Lobby groups like Press For Change and people like Stephen Whittle. Also invited was Domenico Di Ceglie who was head of the Tavistock Gender Clinic which has been ordered to close. You can read my series on him below.

Domenico Di Ceglie: Tavistock

This is a typical quote from him:

This lists some of the other attendees 👇

Dr Russell Reid is a familiar name to me because he lost his licence after botched surgeries. I did a slight detour to have a look at Reid so you can see the calibre of the members of the Parliamentary Commission on Transsexualism. You can read that here!

Russell Reid: Part One

The turning point came when the government realised they did not have the necessary expertise. Tragically they seem to have turned to the ideologues allied with Jones.

Jones argued that it was her own scientific background that helped her understand the issues and then spouts some guff about #LadyBrains ending up in men’s bodies.

This is a highly contested area. One paper I covered dismissed these arguments simply on the basis that if it was the case you would expect there to be a 100% correlation in identical twins both having a “trans” identity. Another claimed that post mortem examinations in “trans-identified” males (sample size 8) illustrated that their brain structures were more similar to female comparators. The problem here was that they did not. control for homosexuality or even the impact of synthetic “cross-sex” hormones, or take account of neuro-plasticity.

Jones found her own belief systems challenged by this ideology explaining her previous ideas thus: 👇

Keen to demonstrate her open mind she unquestioningly accepts the more extreme tenets of transgender ideology

Basically Jones is saying that a fully intact male who is a man, looks like a man, should be taken on trust that he is really a “woman”. This has major implications for women’s rights to single sex spaces but she won’t say that outright. Buried in all this obfuscation is a denial of biological reality. Forcing people to accept something that is manifestly untrue sets us on a path to totalitarianism. Already women are facing legal threats and losing their jobs for speaking not “their” truths but THE TRUTH.

After Labour won in 1997, Jones attended a fringe event run by Stonewall who, at that time, did not include trans activism in its campaigning. Still not happy with this guidance because a man would have to “appear” to be what he said he was. (I am using he because it is men who pose a threat to the female sex). For Jones this doesn’t go far enough because of a reliance that a man should look like a woman in order to take advantage of his new “identity”. She was an extreme proponent of the “self-identification ” route that has seen a man running a rape crisis centre, a woman refused a female only group to get support after her rape and male rapists in women’s prison. This, my friend, is what your “progressive” stance has led to…

The following clip suggests that supporting this ideology brought rewards to Jones’ status. The only government document that bore her moniker and “the highlight of my political career”. What a legacy?

Policy Capture 👇

As I covered in my series on men working behind the scenes to embed this ideology the infiltration of the civil service, police, press, judiciary, NHS, continued apace. Place men in key institutions working for their own self-interest and in opposition to woman’s interests.

“Trans”: Working behind the scenes

Below she repeats the LIE that puberty blockers are reversible and shows zero concern for a young woman irreversibly harmed by the ideology she peddled. This is also a lie because my (gay) son got wrong sex, synthetic, hormones within 6 weeks with zero counselling. See also my post on Russell Reid, above, who, admittedly at a private clinic, doled out hormones after one or two appointments.

She even writes proudly about campaigning to get the treatment model at the Charing Cross Clinic (where Russell Reid worked) to lower the barriers to “treatment”.

For her service to the men’s sexual rights movement she got an award from the lobby group Gendered Intelligence Research and Education Society (GIRES) which she is still very proud of…


Lynne Jones seems to be a woman who prizes her reputation as a champion of the underdog. Despite her PhD in biochemistry she seems to have allowed herself to be manipulated into believing pseudoscience. She also seems to delight in being thought of as “unreliable” and consequently was rarely included on any standing committees. She did garner homage in the “trans” community and appreciated being thought of as a “trans” MP. Naïveté? Or Self-aggrandisement? Probably a deadly combination of the two and atonement for her previous sins in thinking trans-identified people were disordered and sexually deviant. She has now over-corrected.

Next up “Jane” Fae. defender of extreme porn and media commentator.

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Russell Reid: Part One


Reid was a clinician at the Charing Cross Gender Clinic and a member of the Parliamentary Forum for Transsexuals, set up by Lynne Jones, M.P and Zoe Playdon. In 2007, following reports by patients and colleagues, a fitness to practice hearing was held; where he was found guilty of Serious Professional Misconduct, following which strict conditions were imposed on his practice.

The full transcript of that hearing is attached.

Russell Reid

Important context for Reid is his interest in apotemnophilia. This is about people who hate ome of their limbs or otherwise identify as disabled. Reid was involved in a case where a man persuaded doctors to amputate his limbs.

I did a thread on this which you can read here: 👇


Malcolm Clark did a better thread. 

Twister Film on apotemnophilia

It occurs to me that what was regarded as serious misconduct in 2007 is now routine practice, especially at the unregulated “clinics” operating abroad. Here are details of the patients taken from the hearing transcript with some supplemental information from The Guardian and a website run by a trans-identified male. They follow a common pattern of early access to hormones and premature referrals for surgery. (My son obtained hormones within a period of 6 weeks, no counselling and to this day he does not “live as a woman”, whatever that means. By which I mean he does not dress in a parodic imitation of women or use female spaces). The link to “episodic transvestism” as a pipe line to transsexualism is interesting to see. 👇 (A male who identifies as “transsexual” tells me this is a standard joke in his circles. “What’s the difference between a transvestite and a transsexual? Answer: 5 years).

Patient C is rather more disturbing. There was a lack of a rigorous assessment but the Guardian shared some addition detail.

Hearing: Russell Reid

He was a convicted paedophile. This was reported by journalists covering the hearing but does not appear in the transcript by the GMC.

A further source claims C had more sinister motivations; he wanted to become a woman to get close to his ex boyfriend’s children. (This source is someone who is trans-identified I don’t know their sex but as they claim “female” they are likely a male. Irrespective it is a very comprehensive source).

Russell Reid

Patient narrowly missed out on an unnecessary double mastectomy.

Patient D was a very vulnerable patient; suffering from manic depression and delusions that she was Jesus!

Another person who took legal action against Reid was Claudia Mclean. You can find Claudia on twitter and read about where Julie Bindel covers Claudia’s experience.


I have broken off to do a piece on Reid as an accompanying piece to my series on the book “Trans Britain” by Chris Burns. I will do another one on Reid on a paper he gave at the “Gendy’s conference.

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Researching the history and the present of the “transgender” movement and the harm it is wreaking on our society.


C. Burns: Trans Britain. Part 12a


Lynne Jones: Labour M.P

Lynne Jones was an Member of the U.K parliament until 2010. She was very involved in promoting “trans” ideology across parliament and instrumental in establishing the legal framework that has been so instrumental in destroying sex based rights, gay rights and child safeguarding. Before I get to Lynne (in 13b) I want to cover her partner in crime ;Zoe Playdon.

Zoe Playdon

Playdon was in charge of education at a postgraduate, medical deanery and course leader for a course in medical humanities. Playdon was also involved in the 1996 legal case P v S and Cornwall County Council which made it unlawful to make someone redundant for undergoing “gender reassignment”. For these reasons Jones approached Playdon when approached, for help, by a “transsexual” constituent. They would eventually found the Parliamentary Forum for Transsexuals later to become the Parliamentary Forum for Gender Identity.

Playdon’s website is here: As you can see she gets around a bit, briefing parliament, in the United Kingdom and Scotland and hobnobbing with the likes of Victor Madrigal who is in charge of pushing “transgender” ideology for the United Nations; and Jayne Ozanne, a Lesbian who wants to make it illegal for therapists to try to minimise harmful surgeries on young Lesbians and gay boys. As you can see the activists are still granted audiences at the heart of government and the civil service.

Zoe Playdon

Zoe has written an article for another lobby group, Transactual, whose chair of directors is Helen Belcher (Belcher is covered in chapter 17 so will make a later appearance in this series). Transactual was set up in 2017. This is the link to Playdon’s article.

Playdon on Gender Clinics

Gender Identity Clinics: Genesis and Unoriginal Sin

The article gives a potted history of “trans” medicine in the United Kingdom; harking back to imaginary “better days” before lambasting modern day treatments with the customary transperbole of “trans genocide”. It is interesting that she acknowledges the deceit practiced to access hormones and surgeries.

She continues in this vein describing the way Gender Clinics operate as coercive places where patients are “groomed into compliance”. The irony in complaining about forced sterilisation for adults and turning a blind eye to the practice of sterilising “trans kids” as young as ten years old.

Here is Playdon’s take on the case of Corbett v Corbett. A legal decision brought by the late April Ashley (a trans identified male) in order to secure a divorce settlement. In that judgment Ashley was declared to be male and the marriage null and void. Below is Playdon’s argument for describing the “genocidal” condition into which “trans” people were forced to live.

On the Gender Recognition Act she is incorrect. The lobby groups advising the government managed to get politicians to agree that there would be no requirement for any medical intervention in order to get legal recognition as a “woman”. There is no requirement for sterilisation and it is quite shocking for this to be claimed whilst conveniently glossing over the current sterilisation of children at Gender Abattoirs.

I had a look at the #TransDocFail and harvested a few comments. Demanding that women include “trans” in the fight for reproductive justice! 😳

Mermaids Interview

Playdon also gave an interview to the discredited, charity Mermaids in February 2022.

Mermaids Interview

This interview was to discuss Playdon’s book about someone she claims was a trans-identified female, Ewan Forbes. Forbes came from an aristocratic background, trained as a doctor, married a woman and won a court case to be recognised as male, for the purposes of inheriting a baronetcy. Playdon claims the establishment covered this up and denied access to the legal record about this court case. Oddly it does appear the case actually did get contemporaneous media coverage.

Playdon describes this, admittedly, fascinating tale in her book. She claims he was on cross sex hormones. (if he did actually medicalise he must have been one of, or the, earliest to access testosterone.) He appears not to have undertaken his formal name change until the age of forty shortly, thereafter, to marry his housekeeper.

Playdon’s book ignores any suggestion that Forbes actually had a disorder of sexual development; which was the actual legal basis on which he was allowed to correct his birth certificate. Instead she is quite wedded to the idea he was the first “transgender” man. She argues that there was an establishment cover up and repeats the outrage that covering up this case condemned “trans” people to a live with no civil liberties and endure a brutal regime of compulsory sterilisation on the NHS.

This was the actual basis on which Lord Hunter legally recognised Ewan as male:

Playdon’s argument was that this was an establishment cover up because it could have provoked a constitutional crisis. This seems unlikely.

There was quite a discussion on legal twitter about the case and I can highly recommend this substack post about the kerfuffle. This 👇 is quite a forensic analysis of Playdon’s claims.

The Curious Case of Ewan Forbes

Whether or not there is any truth to the case I am with Barbara Rich on this one. An old campaigning hobby horse dusted off for a new generation.

Playdon goes on to defend her use of “terf”; a slur often associated with threats of rape and violence. Apparently even the Guardian criticised this usage. Playdon dismisses the Terfs (Radical Feminists) as 1970’s Stepford Wives and akin to creationists. 😳. This shows an abject failure to understand radical feminist arguments.

Not content with this Playdon argues that women are engaged in a moral panic about “trans” people and links her book to “decolonisation” projects; a nod to the twin pillars of transgender ideology and deconstructing our colonial history. What Playdon fails to see is men colonising women is as old as the hills.

Playdon wants the “transphobes” to feel shame and claims women concerned about single sex spaces are labelling “trans” people as predators; conveniently omitting that the concern is with men, however they identify.

The idea there are no examples of trans-identified males sexually assaulting women is a easily debunked. Here is an excellent website documenting them in the U.K. 👇

Trans Crime U.K

Here are a just a few examples.

Next Playdon claims women objections are part of a well-funded anti-trans campaign linked to alt-right Christian Evangelicals. Conspiracy theorist much?

Playdon then attacks the legal case taken out by a detransitioned woman, Keira Bell. Bell v Tavistock was a legal case brought by a young woman who had undergone treatment with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy before realising her mistake. Playdon calls this “fake news”.