Kate Bornstein

This was part of a series, looking at Gendered Intelligence. Taken from the book Trans Britain. As part of that series I came across Kate Bornstein. I am minded to publish this as a stand alone piece because Miriam Grossman mentioned Bornstein in her excellent interview on Jordan Peterson’s podcast I can highly recommend that interview. Grossman has been resisting this ideology since at least 2009. She also gives the best overview of the lies of John Money.

Miriam Grossman interview

Jay Stewart, a trans-identified female, founded Gendered Intelligence, with her partner Christine McNamara. In the book, Trans Britain, Jay tells us, excitedly, that a conference on Sexuality and Gender, held in Manchester, which attracted scholars from all over the world.

Gendered Intelligence collaborated on a conference with an organisation called transfabulous. They were delighted Kate Bornstein and other notable trans luminaries were in attendance. This is how Bernstein showed up.

My Gender Workbook: 1998.

That name rang a bell so I took a detour to have a quick look. You can easily find a lot about Bornstein just from a cursory look at YouTube. Bornstein was a thrice married man who spent 11 years in the Cult of Scientology. He eventually decided to “transition” whilst a recovering alcoholic and cocaine user. He describes being welcomed by the gay community until he came out as a “Lesbian” where he was, understandably, less welcome. Here is one paragraph on his life: Had a female partner who then decided she was a man while Bornstein found his “slave girrl” side.

This quote was from this book 👇 written by Bornstein which is like Jackie Magazine meets queer theory. It’s from 1998!

Bornstein invokes the language of spirituality to describe their transformation. This deployment of language denoting a higher knowledge from the “trans” ideologues is a common occurrence in these narratives.

This is another diagram from Bornstein book which has an odd reference to the notion of consent.

Let us zone in on the sexual consent issue; “with or without consent”. 👇

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Fox Fisher: Trans Schism


This is another in my comprehensive or ridiculously long series on the book Trans Britain. Fox Fisher has been around for a good few years, from an early age, so is still relatively young. Fisher appeared in the documentary “My Transsexual Summer” and now has their own content creation vehicle, “My Genderation”. I first came across Fox Fisher while investigating how Childline “educated”, I would say “indoctrinated”, my son. Childline is run by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children (N.S.P.C.C).

You can access that series at the link below.

Queering the NSPCC? FINAL

Fisher appeared on breakfast television over 11 years ago to talk about their role in My Transsexual Summer, her voice already has the tell-tale timbre of a female on testosterone. This is how she described her realisation that something was different about them.

Ugla Stefania

I write Fox Fisher identifies as non-binary and is in a relationship with a male, Ugla Stefania, who also identifies as non-binary/genderqueer. The partner was an activist in Iceland and is known to me because they wrote the introduction to the Denton’s Document.

I did a piece on the Denton’s document which you can read here: In order to understand the tactics of the Trans Lobby group the Denton’s document is a must read.

That Denton’s Document

You can also watch Ugla’s Ted Talk and lean how he came to understand his female gender identity after adopting a female avatar on World of Warcraft. This talk is also full of the usual sex denialism, claiming people with disorders of sexual development justify a “trans” category and arguing people have no right to know a man is in women’s intimate spaces. The talk is, predictably, littered with references to this rates of suicide and violent death caused to “trans” people.

Ugla Stefania

Back to Fox Fisher

As of this year Fox Fisher has undertaken liposuction to remove fat deposits that she felt were too feminine. They have also, recently, had a metoidioplasty which is surgery to create a simulacra of a penis. This involves moving skin, fat deposits /cheek cells and this creates a non-functioning sex organ. Fisher appears to be the “trans” version of a polysurgical addict. Looking for Gender Euphoria. 👇

In a YouTube to discuss the surgery, Fisher doesn’t rule out getting a phallioplasty, if the metoidioplasty doesn’t deliver.

Fisher also did a joint TedTalk with Ugla and it was fascinating how the relationship was described. Sounds like being validated is a key component.

Fisher’s chapter in Trans Britain is focussed on how non-binary people are not just oppressed by people outwith the “trans” community but by people within the “trans” umbrella who believe in “cis-normativity and adopt a binary view of “gender”.

Fisher still finds time to critique Germain Greer and women defending our sex based right.

Their is not much new in Fisher’s chapter. There are ahistorical takes on the existence of “trans” people; confusing gender nonconformity with “trans” and appropriating the way different cultures found a way to accommodate, usually male, homosexuals. Fisher also takes time to defend trying to no platform different views and denies trying to get Greer banned was a free speech issue. Elsewhere Fisher exposed her own difficulties with homosexuality. This was something they were caught saying at a Mermaids camp for “transgender” kids.

You can access a link to Fox Fisher saying this at the link below.

Fisher on homosexuality

This paragraph 👇seems like an apologia for any violent backlash to people who don’t subscribe to gender ideology.

Fisher’s chapter rehashes many of the arguments put forward by her follow travellers. It’s worth reading for the exposure of the schism emerging between the gender binaries and the new sect of the neither male nor female sect. Both Fisher and Stefania conform to male and female stereotypes in their presentation to the extend of taking synthetic hormones and having surgeries. I don’t think a life dependent on #BigPharma for your authentic sense of self is a liberating life style. I should just mention that Fisher is also under the mis-apprehension that puberty blockers are safe and reversible. This is a dangerous ideology which Fisher also pushes via children’s books.

Masquerading as written to opposes sexist stereotypes the book is a thinly disguised propaganda tool for Transgender Ideology.

The authors and the messaging: The Blue-Haired non-binaries are coming.

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Helen Belcher: Trans Britain


By coincidence I have just reached the Helen Belcher Chapter at the point of the New Year Honours list which has granted him an O.B.E. Helen remains in a heterosexual marriage and has fathered two children. He reportedly began his “transition” when his daughter was a toddler. Belcher is a Liberal Democrat Councillor and has also stood for parliament. Outside of his political work he is involved with Trans Media Watch is on the trans-advisory board for Stonewall and is also involved with trans actual and LGBT Consortium.

He has fingers in lots of pies which include advising Baroness Barker and attending the All Parliamentary Group for LGBT rights. I have written on the APPG group for LGBT before.

APPG on LGBT: Publication

This APPG have had their secretariat funded /provided by trans lobby groups such as Stonewall and Kaleidoscope trust. Belcher was also name checked by the Liberal Democrat MP, Layla Moran, as recorded on Hansard. Layla Moran, you may remember, is able to see into souls and discern who they really are:

The Liberal Democrats have also taken 1.4 million from the Pharmaceutical company that manufactures triptolerin which is the drug used to block puberty for children labelled “trans”. I wrote about that here:

Liberal Democrats & Big Pharma

Belcher, like a lot of these men, claims to have always known he was “different” and tells a familiar narrative arc of denial and repression until finally coming into their “trans” identity. He remains married to the mother of his two children.

He is one of many of the contributors to reference the BBC documentary about George/Julia Grant. This statement does contain a kernel of truth about how a man can possibly know what it is to be a woman.

In this chapter he outlines the lobbying undertaken by Trans Media Watch to influence editorial decisions of key broadcasters with the most initial success in capturing Channel 4 but Stuart Cosgrove, their employee, also facilitated access to the BBC. One of the earlier triumphs for the representation of “trans” people was “My Transsexual Summer” which tackled civil rights issues like being unable to work in a Bridal Wear shop.

Trans Media Watch managed to inveigle their way into OFCOM (Broadcast regulator) and the Press Complaints Commission. Some of these meetings were attended by Jane Fae who is a man who defends extreme porn and sexual fetishes like consensual slavery. The link to cross-dressing and sexual fetish is something that trans campaigners, I would argue, have successfully suppressed in U.K. media who are terrified of accusations of “transphobia”.

Belcher was delighted to secure the support of Lynne Featherstone, M.P. who also appears in this book and, at one point, launched an attack on actual feminists, ( those who defend women’s rights to exclude all males from female spaces) telling them they were not welcome in the Liberal Democrats.

Her words were also captured on Hansard. She didn’t hold anything back.

Belcher also approached the Labour media spokesperson and by this route was able to ensure Trans Media Watch were able to influence the Leveson Inquiry to raise issues of “transphobia” in the media.

Here he lists some of the people involved in Trans Media Action which was funded by both Channel 4 and the BBC.

One of the YouTube events on the Trans Media Watch channel also includes this person who may be known to Scottish women: Jennie Kermode. Kermode identifies as both “intersex” and “gender queer” and a journalist.

Belcher takes detour to attack journalist Susan Moore and Julie Burchill in this chapter. Worth including this superb clip where he mentions Julie Burchill calling these men “bed-wetter in bad wigs” .😂😂😂

He has continued to attack female journalists in recent history most notably Janice Turner. Turner is a Times journalist who has been a stalwart in covering women’s rights issues. Belcher made outrageous claims about suicides related to Turner”s journalism. Thankfully IPSO did not uphold Belcher’s claim despite being woefully captured by Transgender Ideology themselves.

Belcher has the temerity to bleat on about false claims of threats to free speech whilst, checks notes, trying to restrict free speech. He takes a moment to praise the Louis Theroux document whilst lambasting another documentary focussed on Ken Zucker’s clinic. I wrote about that documentary here. Belcher did not approve and complaints were made to the BBC.

Transgender Kids: Who knows best?

Belcher talks of a horrific climate where media articles were allowed to question whether men like himself were “real women’ but he ends with a round up of all the positive news, like the capture of prominent politicians and the corruption of erstwhile gay rights organisation, Stonewall. He is particularly pleased with Stonewall’s Vision for Change document which committed itself to ending sex segregated spaces and the sex by deception laws.

Belcher is more revealing in media coverage and in YouTube interviews. While standing as a prospective MP, for the Liberal Democrats, he simultaneously claims he gets more hostility as a Liberal Democrat, than a “trans woman” but also that he fears being murdered.

In another YouTube interview Belcher makes a claim for his right to use female spaces. Apparently his fear of the male facilities is to be taken seriously but women seeing Belcher, an obvious and rather large, male in single sex spaces is to be disregarded.

Yes, this is what we are saying. Men aren’t women. You can watch this interview in full, below.

Helen Belcher

He also claims that the following in this interview:

Here is another interview which makes it crystal clear he has no idea about women’s lives, he is not a woman, he is a selfish man willing to expose women and girls to real harm providing we validate him as something he manifestly is not.


He makes all the usual bonkers claims about genital inspections and then says this argument would lead to a tax on women who would have to get identity documents to prove they had female genitalia etc. I will say it again; we are not just letting any men enter women’s spaces we are selecting for men who don’t respect women’s boundaries. There are plenty of males who, feel at odds with their male sex who *still* use male spaces. The men who don’t respect female boundaries have a massive red flag over them.

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Sarah Brown: Trans Britain 21


Sarah Brown is another trans-identified man featured in this book. Trans Britain by Chris Burns. Like Burns he also claims a “Lesbian” identity while he appears to have traversed the familiar path of a male cross-dresser. Brown is also an advisor to the erstwhile gay rights charity, Stonewall. He is also a former Liberal Democrat councillor and remains influential as an LGBT advisor.

Post transition Sarah Brown retained her wife and later added a third party to the relationship together with his children. Zoe is another trans-identified male who is also influential in the Liberal Democrats.

You can find an article, on Huffington post about Brown’s polyamorous relationship. In it Brown describes how the compulsion to cross-dress escalated until he was no longer satisfied by performing his fetish on a part-time basis. Instead the compulsion dominated his waking thoughts and he was so much in its grip he began modifying his body with synthetic hormones and, eventually, surgeries. Like a lot of these men he was an early adopter of the internet which allowed him to find men with similar compulsions. He recalls attending the trial of Russell Reid who was a man who aided people seeking the type of surgery commonly called “sex change surgery”. Brown writes in support of Reid even though he was sanctioned for a rather reckless attitude to his I wrote about Russell Reid below:

Russell Reid: Part One

Brown immediately became an activist and describes meeting fellow traveller Roz Kaveney in 2007.

Brown spends quite a lot of time criticising Julie Bindel’s attitude to “trans” surgeries because she had written about Reid and interviewed some of the patients who came to regret their surgeries. She used rather uncompromising words like “mutilate” and Brown took the opportunity to remonstrate, publicly, with Bindel. Brown was to meet Roz Kaveney once again and they shared their anger at the resentment against men who call themselves “lesbians”.

I have had the misfortune to read Whipping Girl and at some point I will blog on Serano. For now this will give you a flavour of his attitude to women and place Brown in their proper context.

By 2008 Brown was boasting about the success in influencing BBC Editorial decisions and starting the sex denialism that has now thoroughly infected/corrupted the national broadcaster.

He then proceeds to display his male rage at an event which excluded males. This was the Michigan Women’s festival. As Brown points out many men still insisted on attending the festival and, for those of you who don’t know, one of those protestors of this festival would go on to murder two Lesbians and their son in his rage at being excluded.

Closer to home Brown recounts protesting Queer up North for the temerity to host an artist who had also appeared at the Women only festival in Michigan. This was to be a pattern in this man’s activism. A clear anger at any woman asking him to stay in his lane. His stated aim was to embarrass the organisors of events that recognised biological sex. The next, rage inducing, incident was a London Pride that expected males to stay out of the female toilets. Brown was very angry about this and claims a “transwoman” eventually resorted to the male bathroom and was sexually assaulted. The perpetrator was never found.

Brown takes another detour to protest Stonewall giving an award to Julie Bindel. This time there was a counter protest about which Brown has this to say:

Brown then lists what he sees as the achievements of trans-activists. Not for the first time it occurs to me how self-defeating are the aims of this new wave of Men’s Rights Activists. It simply never occurs to them that they will never experience the energy of a women only event that includes them. The energy in a space, invaded by males, however they identify, will never be the same as an actual women only event. That’s the tragedy; though I am all out of sympathy. Shame on the organisors of a Lesbian event for having a male fetishist as a speaker.

Brown claims to experience homophobia now he is a “lesbian” seemingly oblivious to his own homophobia in claiming that label.

Some of Brown’s political activities do not appear in this book but have been catalogued elsewhere. Naturally he is a proponent of BDSM and served tea dressed as a maid at an event he organised.

He also campaigned against restrictions on pornographic access

At the same time as encouraging sado-masochists to have a platform and free speech for pornographers he was less keen on women’s voices being heard.

I will leave you to the more infamous odfod his tweets whilst a city councillor.

I am not really feeling the “Lesbian” vibe from Mx Brown.

My 300th Post. Goodbye 2022!

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We are the Non-Binaries


This is a continuance of my series based on the book Trans Britain. I have struggled to whip up enough energy to tackle this chapter because of an innate resistance to narcissists. One of the people featured in this chapter, Meg-John Barker, is familiar to me as someone who was responsible for a bonkers document by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists (B.A.C.P).

Here is an article about the document, from 2018, the author was one Dr Meg-John Barker.

Women are Vain Except In the North

Here is an excerpt which was later deleted. Does Barking mad Meg thinks Northern Working class women are men!

People who subscribe to this ideology confuse rejecting sex stereotypes with repudiating your sex. At the same time they claim they are in the business of dismantling these self same sexist notions.

Megan John Barker appears to be in a heterosexual relationship with Edward Lord who identifies as non-binary; which did not stop him joining the male only free masons. Here is Mx Lord.

You may remember Lord for making the single sex swimming, at Hampstead heath, mixed sex after launching a faux poll on twitter. A poll he claimed was open access after he he had pre-emptively blocked any women who were not the new inter-Sexional feminist types. Here is Private Eye on the matter.

Lol! Edward Lord O.B.E thinks he’s is dismantling the Patriarchy. These people are insane!

Meg also has a web-site providing a lot of free materials including her section on having multiple personalities or “Plurals”. Feel free to have a gander:

Meg Barker

Let me remind you that Meg was an an advisor to the British Psychological Society. An organisation that I covered in this series. You may remember the BPS advised it’s counsellors to use their client’s preferred title even if this was “slut”.

British Psychological Society

Meg has a number of “plurals” or “alters” including Fox,Jonathan, Robin, Jack, Max and Ara. I am rather relieved that she has given up counselling. I am quite disturbed that she was accredited and is a lecturer. Ben isn’t an alternative identity and is credited in this chapter.

Also included in this chapter is another person I had not encountered before.

Disturbingly Jos was employed by the Tavistock Gender Clinic. How much damage these deluded fools have done to children is incalculable.

This is how they define non-binary. No wonder they claim non-binary is the largest “trans” category; literally everyone is covered by this amorphous nonsense.

I am out of patience with this ahistorical nonsense; which I imagine is perfectly apparent. WOMEN’s parts were played by males because women were not allowed on stage in Shakespeare’s era. 👇. For many years the women who did tread the boards were associated with prostitutes and much maligned. Anyone with a nodding acquaintance with the history of English theatre would be aware of this, but when your movement is a confection all you have is cultural appropriation and lying.

Ironically the very next paragraph cautions against the risk of “reading the present onto the past”.

After a detour to appropriate different cultures who found their own way to accommodate, usually male, homosexuals, the authors return to the British context to name our own pioneers. This was the first time I had come across the superbly named Nat Titman. (I realise my amusement is a tad immature. I blame the backdrop of a carry-on Christmas). Elan-Cane is the woman who wants to have sex obliterated on per’s documents. Sigh.

Despite the nonsensical nature of the NB movement it should no longer surprise anyone that our supine political class have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

The chapter ends with a list of demands which, bizarrely, includes access to medical transitioning for non-binary people. Luckily for the per-people some medical practitioners are ahead of the curve like the esteemed Dr Helen Webberley who still practices medicine in between her periods of suspension. Does this sound like good medical practice?

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Gendered Intelligence: Part 19c

This is the third part of a series, within a series, looking at Gendered Intelligence. Taken from the book Trans Britain.

Jay Stewart, a trans-identified female, founded Gendered Intelligence, with her partner Christine McNamara. Once the charity could support a salary Stewart became CEO and now draws a salary of £50+k. To be fair this is not a hugely excessive salary, for the charity sector, and they seem keen to make sure the lower paid staff are paid well above a living wage. In the preceding post I cover the background of the trustees who have had a bit of a shake up in 2022.

Gendered Intelligence now has quite the revenue stream; mainly comprising grants and donations plus all the income from the organisations who pay them to proselytise gender identity ideology.

Here are some of the named funders based on the last published accounts. Note that Children in need and the National Lottery have made repeated grants to the charity. The foundations Esme Fairbarn and Paul Hamlyn Foundation appear frequently in those entities bankrolling trans lobby groups. Gendered Intelligence is frequently in receipt of funding via the NHS in the form of grants, joint research projects and payments to further embed sex denialism in the NHS.The same “Charitable” foundations crop up repeatedly in grant makers to this sector. Note also the involvement with Sport England, Swim England named below. We also know that G.I have close links with the Football Association; all to persuade them to make Sport mixed sex to validate the identities of men who wish to participate in female sports.

The annual reports are littered with references to organisations that have invited Gendered Intelligence to train their staff or, in the case of education, to also indoctrinate their pupils/students. In addition to the formal training, Gendered Intelligence also run youth groups across the U.K. In common with lots of these “trans” youth groups the age ranges seem wholly incompatible with effective safeguarding. Below the age range is 13 to 25. Older trans-identified role models are also invited to meet the young people. These groups are also partly funded by Children in Need.

These lobby groups access our children, from reception age onwards, via schools, under the guise of PSHE, anti-bullying work or diversity training. All of the teaching Unions are also captured and the teacher training courses. {Hence my own son’s biology teacher finding it necessary to apologise to the class for teaching facts about sexual reproduction; no doubt unwilling to offend her “non-binary” child.}

The capture of the political class has also been rapid. Even Conservative, Theresa May, presented an award to Catherine McNamara for her work proselytising to our kids.

Another technique to embed sex denialism in our culture is through media presentation; a kind of product placement to market self-commodification. If you have not seen it I can highly recommend this YouTube, by Kat Karena; which draws a comparison between Gender Abbatoirs and Business Start-Ups. 👇

The Business Model

Jay actually did their PhD on “trans on the telly”.

What I call “marketing” of the “transgender” child, Jay would regard as normalising /destigmatising a “trans” identity. For Stewart “Gender Identity” is innate and watching representations of “trans” people, she believes, allowed the discovery of their “authentic self”. Given that homosexuals are more likely to deviate from societal expectations, for your sex; is it any wonder this explanation is seductive to someone rejecting herself as a “Lesbian”? Add Internalised homophobia to misogyny and *some* Lesbians may find being a man more appealing than being a Lesbian.

Stewart was also steeped in queer theory and is an acolyte of Judith Butler, she was also studying in a University (Goldsmiths) who are major proponents of this ideology.

. This cause would eventually secure a comfortable salary and a place at the table, in the London Mayoral Office. Sadiq Khan is very keen on pushing the mantra “Trans Women are Women” and dutifully presents with pronouns in his twitter bio. It seems he learned his catechism well.

Jay explains that they had not only “found ‘my’ people” but also found “my cause”

It was also an exciting time to be embracing this new cause as the Govt had passed the Gender Recognition Act and this was pioneering legislation. Jay tells us, excitedly, that a conference on Sexuality and Gender, held in Manchester, attracted scholars from all over the world. At that conference an important point was made by one of the speakers; defending the secrecy provisions built into the Gender Recognition Act.

It is the secrecy provision that “forced” hospital staff to lie about the sex of a man, held on the female ward, even after he had raped a female patient. Staff who find out someone holds a Gender Recognition Certificate, in an official capacity, face unlimited fines for revealing that information. It leads to the ludicrous situation that a women, confronted by an obvious man in female only settings, are being gaslit by NHS staff; who are forced to lie about his biological sex. It is also an odd provision since it is illegal to obtain sex by deception and the main convictions, under this law have been females, pretending to be male, to sleep with other girls. So, in some settings it is allowable to conceal your sex but in others it is a criminal offence not to disclose. Yet here the same activist claims it is up to the “trans” person to decide whether to disclose. This is justified by a claim that revealing your sex may expose you to threatened, or actual, violence.

Despite the fact that the GRA is very bad law, for Stewart it does not go far enough because it fails to protect “non-binary” identities, or people who are gender fluid. Apparently the GRA was not sufficiently accommodating because it “reinforced our entrenched gender binary system, with heteronormative assimilationist undertones”.

On the law Stewart has this to say 👇 and she is not wrong. The law likes clarity and this law singularly fails, because nobody knows how to define “gender” without circular reasoning. Furthermore legislating on the basis of subjective feelings; which are contrary to truth and reality, and compelling others to validate a lie, is insane.

There follows some reflection on whether there is a biological basis for a “transgender” identity. This is similar to the “born this way” debate among the gay community. Apparently the notion is hotly contested with some arguing a “trans” gene might lead to selective abortion. Also there is a fear that anyone found not to have this biological marker would not be “trans” enough. I imagine some of those who don’t welcome a definitive “test” are those that have retconned their narrative to bury years of cross dressing, for sexual gratification; they won’t want their cover blown.

As Stewart is considering whether the elders, like Whittle and Burns, can support “trans” youth he gets the opportunity to bid for a grant from the Wellcome Trust. He sets up groups of “trans” teenagers to discuss their issues with professional people working in the field of “transgender” health. Stewart believes the medical experts are just as likely to learn from the young people. There was a rather candid admission from the endocrinologist about the lack of knowledge around “transgender” people. More questions than answers!

Gendered Intelligence collaborated on a conference with an organisation called transfabulous. They were delighted Kate Bornstein and other notable trans luminaries were in attendance. This is how Bernstein showed up.

Kate Bornstein

That name rang a bell so I took a detour to have a quick look. You can easily find a lot about Bornstein just from a cursory look at YouTube. Bornstein was a thrice married man who spent 11 years in the Cult of Scientology. He eventually decided to “transition” whilst a recovering alcoholic and cocaine user. He describes being welcomed by the gay community until he came out as a “Lesbian” where he was, understandably, less welcome. Here is one paragraph on his life: Had a female partner who then decided she was a man while Bornstein found his “slave girrl” side.

This quote was from this book 👇 written by Bornstein which is like Jackie Magazine meets queer theory.

Bornstein invokes the language of spirituality to describe their transformation. This deployment of language denoting a higher knowledge from the “trans” ideologues is a common occurrence in these narratives.

This is another diagram from Bornstein book which has an odd reference to the notion of consent.

Let us zone in on the sexual consent issue; “with or without consent”. 👇

We leave Jay Stewart committing to continue influencing politicians at all levels of government. The route out of this trans-totalitarianism is to yank it up by its roots and unpick the cognitive capture in our institutions and, in particular, the contagion in the mediating classes. Trans lobby groups are the Japanese knotweed of ideologues.

Next up will be a pice on the non-binary contingent. I will have to steel myself to engage with the narcissist wing of the trans-ideologues, in a competitive field I believe the non-binaries take the lead.

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Gendered Intelligence: Part 19b

Continuing coverage of Christine Burns book: Trans Britain. Gendered Intelligence is a significant player in the U.K and I have not covered on this blog before. In part this was because organisations like Transgender Trend have covered them extensively. In common with the rest of this series I will cover this chapter and intersperse it with information retrieved from their publicly filed information, with Companies House /The Charity Commission and any other media about the organisation.

You can read the first part here:

Trans Britain Series: Part Three

The charity was set up by Jay Stewart and Catherine McNamara. Stewart is a trans-identified female who is in a relationship with McNamara who describes herself as “non-trans”. Stewart did not become a salaried employee for a few years after founding the charity but she is now the C.E.O. The trustees of the charity have changed over the years. McNamara stepped down this year and another former trustee is Megan Key who I have covered on this blog. You can find my posts on Key here: 👇. Headlines on Key is that he is a late transitioning male, gave evidence to Parliament on “transgender” prisoners, as he works for the prison and probation service. The update covers his public proclamations on his sexual proclivities.

Megan Key: Probation Services

And here

Megan Key: Update.

Current Trustees:

Former chair of the Board of trustees is a trans-identified male, and father of three, by the name of Chryssy Hunter. Hunter holds a PhD from London Metropolitan University on The Equality Act 2010.

He is not a fan of the Equality Act which he believes only protects “legible” and “fungible” identities. You can find his PhD on line here: (I will add a stand alone piece on Hunter because he is fascinating).

Hunter’s PhD

In his PhD Hunter reveals that he was brought up in Hull, to parents who were bemused about his cross-dressing behaviour:

Hunter is also involved in the Bent Bars Project which works with prisoners. He is on record speaking about prison abolition.

He reveals a lot in this interview with Novara Media:

Interview Novara Media

In this interview he makes it clear that “trans women” belong in the female estate and he nicely skips different patterns of sex offending between males and females. Males account for 99% of incarcerated sex offenders He is also on record describing it as “shocking” that a male could be excluded from a female only group discussing their own experiences of sexual assault.

The tone of the Novara Media interview is hostile to “terfs” and “transphobes” who have their concerns completely belittled and dismissed. As usual he mis-characterises radical feminism as “biological essentialist” and essentially conservative. Naturally, this is Novara Media after all, they also dismiss the arguments as coming from right wing, middle class women, who can have nothing in common with female, working-class prisoners. It is an interview well worth listening to because it shows how wide the gulf is between women determined to defend female only spaces and the men determined to ride roughshod over our right to withhold consent. There’s the usual co-opting of people with disorders of sexual development and claims that biological sex isn’t real.

Stephanie Lynette Stevens is a new trustee, as of May 2022. Stevens is also a YouTube influenced who has quite a large following. This is one of Steven’s YouTube posts. It’s quite explicit about their own post operative experience. Although delivered in a giggly and breezy tone he does reveal that post operative complications have made dilation difficult and there is insufficient depth for penile penetration.

Post Op sex

Browsing through the channel Stevens talks about a long standing eating disorder, dealing with post-operative depression and anxiety. They also report a health care involving a hormone induced blood clot which forced a three day hospital stay. This is one of the side effects that can occur in males taking oestrogen.

Hafsa Hassan Quershi is also a new trustee as of May this year. Describing herself as a Bisexual, disabled, queer, muslim. She lives in Birmingham with her spouse, Nick. Hasan joined Stonewall as an account manager in 2019. She has also been an employee of the Ministry of Justice and received role model awards from the Gay Times.

Since November 2022, Mx Amstel Mark Page Von Spreckelsen has been the Chair of the Trustees. He is a management accountant now working for an Arts charity. He has previously worked for Sussex, NHS Trust and been treasurer for a number of LGBTQ charities.

He describes himself as non-binary and gender fluid and has an interest in mental illness.

Another new Trustee is Dr Geoffrey Warburton who is a self employed psychologist and psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement; having been previously employed as a grief consultant by the NHS. He was also a finalist on Master Chef. Dr Warburton appears to be a gay man who lived through the A.I.Ds crisis and helped set up support services. He has a TedEx talk on grief and comes across as quite charming.

Dr Lynnette Goddard, now professor, is based at Royal Holloway, University of London.

These are her research interests. Note the womxn for women.

Final trustee is Warren Alfred Koehler, there’s not much in the public domain about him.

In 19c I will cover the details of Stewart’s chapter in Trans Britain.

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Jay Stewart: Gendered Intelligence


Trans Britain Series. (Part 19a).

This will be my first post looking at Gendered Intelligence though there are some commentators who believe they deserve even more scrutiny than the beleaguered, charity, Mermaids. This post will remedy this deficit and I will also set up a specific page to the menu look I will therefore post it to the Trans Britain series and also Gendered Intelligence. This will be another series within a series.

The charity was set up by a trans-identified female and her, female, partner. They first set it up as a Community Interest Company and only became a charity in 2019. Stewart did not become a salaried employee for a few years but when she did she was paid a salary of £42,000 increasing to £54,000 + by 2021.

In their very first submission to companies house they advise that they had been working with the erstwhile charity for gay men, Terence Higgins Trust; Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC); British Medical Association; PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe); Bristol Council and No Outsiders Project.

The following year they secured a grant from the EHRC to work with gay youth, which sets alarm bells off for me; given how gay youth are particularly at risk from Gender Identity Ideology. They also worked with an NHS Trust, in Bristol. They were also granted EHRC funding for a “Trans” youth project and also partnered with Age Concern to deliver an inter-generational project for LGBT people. The charity was also delivering training on “gender diversity” in the education sector, from primary schools to University students. In 2011/12 they were securing Arts Council funding and collaborating with the Science Museum. By 2013/14 they had built up an impressive list of collaborators: including G.I.Ds (Gender Identity Development Service).

Gendered intelligence were, by now, running “Trans” your group across the U.K. including for under 16’s and had begun obtaining grants from Children in Need.

They list Universities, including Oxford University, as recipients of their wisdom below are just a few of those organisations they publicly name.

The NSPCC run Childline and I had a deep dive into their content earlier on this blog.

Queering the NSPCC? FINAL

Their accounts also reveal collaborations with the main teaching unions, universities, the charity MIND and Public Health England. They were also making forays into the Football association no doubt to push for mixed sex sports and were running events on International Women’s Day to force team the women’s sector.


Another project they were involved with was Transvengers, a comic series, presumably designed to appeal to children which was hosted by The Wellcome Collection; a free museum and part of the global charitable foundation Wellcome.

You can see the full set of cartoons at the link below.


As part of this project Gendered Intelligence took teenagers between the ages of 13-19 to a workshop with Dr Jana Funks, a sexologist historian. 👇

My first reflections on this comic is the blatant dishonesty. Children will have no idea that, in the 1980’s, men wore make up and flamboyant clothes, it was also not automatically assumed you were gay, if you did so. Plenty of heterosexual men, in my youth, were as flamboyant as Boy George. During my teens we were challenging homophobia and sexist stereotypes and making some progress. Trans-activists are actually upholding all the regressive stereotypes we opposed and now are carving those same sexist stereotypes into, and out of their flesh.To read the message of these cartoons it’s clear that “trans” activists believe they are at the vanguard of a progressive movement to “smash heteronormativity and challenge sex stereotypes and homophobia. Yet, correct me if I am wrong, the charity is led by someone who seems to think they can only have sexual relationships, with women, if they are actually men.

Here is another one of the cartoons. It is unclear whether they are pretending that gender identity ideology doesn’t proselytise the idea of masculine =dominant and femininity = submissive. In fact there are plenty of men who have internalised the most regressive, sexist, stereotypes about women, as submissive, even as they claim to “be” us.

Just a sample of men who have adopted the idea that they are women from some pornified notion that women are to be used, humiliated and objectified. This attitude runs through “transgenderism” like a stick of Blackpool rock.

Wellcome: Global Foundation

The Wellcome Collection, who hosted the Transvenger project, is part of the global Wellcome foundation. As I write they are coming under scrutiny for their de-colonialism project which has seen them remove historical figures from their collections. {For the record I do think we need to revisit history to unearth overlooked historical figures and rebalance how we understand our past. I would prefer we focus on this rather than clearing out the record of men who clearly made a historical contribution. Ditto on destroying statues: leave them up and contextualise their contribution ; for example, if charitable donations were funded through wealth built on the proceeds of slavery}.

Wellcome also dispenses grant funding around the globe and funds a number of PhDs in the U.K. At the moment they are funding a PhD to cover the history of The Beaumont Society, set up for transvestites and “transsexuals”. Another PhD looks at the experience of “transgender” youth. 👇

Dr Jana Funke, it transpires, sits on the Board of Trustees for Intercom Trust. They are another trans lobby group who purport to be for the LGB and the T but failed to populate the frequently asked questions about being gay for the three years I was checking their website. I wrote about that here:

Intercom Trust

Gendered Intelligence: Partners

This YouTube is from eight years ago and talks about the partnerships that G.I has with the Arts sector. Watching the people talk about the training they had from Gendered Intelligence the overwhelming impression is that these were decent people, terrified of getting it wrong. The relief at now knowing what to say/do re “trans” people is palpable. No wonder this ideology has made such headway in the Arts sector.

Our Partners

Here are a couple of quotes from this video: Here Jay gives us a version of “Educate Yourself” albeit delivered in a disarmingly charming style.

Again this quote 👇 sounds benign but if you are familiar with the agenda this is the velvet glove hiding an iron fist. What Jay wants is to re-engineer society to be organised on the principle of “gender” not “sex”; which places women and girls at risk in mixed sex spaces described as “gender neutral”.

I will return to have a further delve into the paper trail left by Gendered Intelligence submissions to Company House and the Charity Commission. They have their fingers in a lot of pies and it’s worth tracing their influence across U.K institutions.

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Trade Unions. (Part 2) 18b


From the book Trans Britain.

This is part of a (very long) series based on the book Trans Britain. There was a wealth of detail in the chapter on Trade Unions, by Carola Towle, so it needed more than one post. You can read the first part at the link below.

Trans Britain: Trade Unions (18a)

Phillippa Scrafton

Here is another activist from within the trade union movement, Phillippa Scrafton, who gained a seat on the national LGBT committee.

Scrafton came out in 2003 as “transgender”. He seems to have been age 35, at the time, and was in a heterosexual marriage. He explains that it was the prospect of children that prompted action and presents this as a stark choice between suicide or “becoming the person she knew she was”.

Based on his current social media he appears to be in a relationship with a female; though I am presuming by the use of “my Mrs” below.

Just two years into “womanhood” Scrafton made the front cover of the Unison magazine.

A cursory search of twitter turns up references to Scrafton speaking at Teesside University, N.E Ambulance Services, the NHS Business Services authority, Durham University, and Newcastle Medical School. He can also be found endorsing candidates for Darlington Labour. He also made a speech at the Unison women’s conference but this experience was not quite so positive, for either Scrafton or, it seems, the audience.

Apart from his job managing bin collections for the local council he also became a representative of Stonewall Scotland. In the latter capacity he spoke at an academic conference alongside PhDs with pronouns in their bios. 👇

Just out of interest I downloaded the conference programme for the above ☝️ just in case it’s worthy of a follow up.


I can only find one public recording, of Scrafton, (link below) and I found myself seriously underwhelmed. In no other circumstance would Scrafton be addressing University students, except as a member of this new priest class.

Scrafton at Teeside

Apart from this Scrafton was a trustee of a charity called Gay Advice Darlington. This appears to have ceased operating though remains on the charity commission register, despite never posting any accounts.

In addition to this he was involved in a community interest company which appears to have lasted only one year.

Turns out Phillippa also advises the police, as do so many of the trans activists I have covered in my series on TRAs behind the scenes.

I noticed, from Scranton’s linkedin, that he was endorsed by Jacqui Gavin who I also covered in my series about men working behind the scenes. Small world.

I wrote about Jacqui here: 👇

Jacqui Gavin: Civil Service

Jaden Biggs:

Females are under-represented, as usual but we are introduced to a black “trans-identified” female. There is not much information about Biggs but I did find a reference to a presentation from 2016. @NELFT is an NHS mental health trust.

The slide showing ☝️is enlarged below and makes it clear that transvestites/cross-dressers are included under the trans umbrella; which means men with transvestic fetishism can claim to be women. These same men are being granted access to female spaces; even those which might include a teenage girl, in a state of undress.

Jaden would appear to be a nurse who is also qualified to dispense drugs.

Entry on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.

Lucy Persechino

Persechino is another person presented as a positive role model in Towle’s chapter. Lucy was a member of the Unison national commitee.

Persechino was interviewed by the Daily Gazette and a link to the article is below.


Some clips from that article.

Some more quotes from the article, background in IT ✅. Heterosexual, married man ✅ No early rejection of Male social roles✅ Now a “Lesbian” ✅. Thrilling experience in the Ladies Loos. ✅.

Another male claiming to be a “Lesbian” . How offensive. I think these men think women loving women are just a porn category.

In addition to his work for Unison Persechino also has ambitions to be an actor and has registered some further information, and pictures, with an on line agency.

Here are a few more images from his Star Now entry.

Cucumber, Banana, Tofu.

Persechino had a part in Cucumber, Banana and Tofu by Russell T Davies the writer of Queer as Folk and Its a Sin. These are three different shows, which can be watched independently, but are companion pieces. Cucumber is a series, Banana is a collection of short stories and Tofu is a documentary style where members of the cast talk about their sex lives interwoven with dramatic vignettes from, I presume, the companion shows. The title comes from a sexology institute that graded the firmness of erections from tofu, to banana to cucumber. You get the drift. Lucy appears in Tofu as a “lesbian” and a dominatrix.

[The series also stars Julie Hesmondalgh, who played Hayley Cropper, the “transsexual” in Coronation Street, who, by the way is even more irritating as herself with, in my view, a damaged relationship to sex and intimacy]. Here are Lucy’s highlights.

Lucy talks about torturing her male clients as part of their fetish. As you can see he is quite proud of being a “sadistic bitch”. Most of the more explicit references to Lucy’s dominatrix work appear in episode 8 at about the 8 minute mark. It’s worth watching this episode to see how porn has changed the sexual landscape, sadly not in a good way.

There were two males claiming to be Lesbians in Russell T Davies drama and a couple of trans identified females. It was noticeable that he didn’t promote the idea of a trans-identified female demanding entry into the dating pool of gay men. Funny that.

Lucy also worked for Southend Borough Council as the HR and diversity Officer. For 10 years.

Now that I have covered the trans activists who influenced the Union movement I will end with part 18 c which covers the rest of the chapter and one final man who has taken senior roles, meant for women, in UNISON.

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Carola Towle: Unions: Part 3 (18 c)

From the book: Trans Britain

I have broken this section of the book into three different pieces to enable me to follow up the trans-activists name. These are the people effectively put forward as part of a public relations campaign. There could be others, who are not named but also working behind the scenes. There will likely be some repetition in this piece so that people can read this post as a stand alone piece, on the work of Carola Towle.

Sunk Cost “Phallusy”

Carola is a Lesbian. One of the old-fashioned types; the annoying kind without the penis. She is not the only Vichy Lesbian who has thrown her lot in with our trans overlords. If asked to speculate on their motives I would say naïveté, when I am feeling charitable, and self-interest when I am not. In any case the time has long since passed when any Lesbian can claim to be ignorant of the consequences for women, in general, and Lesbians in particular. Having invested, so publicly, in transgender ideology, many of these prominent Lesbians are probably becoming aware of the unforeseen implications for Lesbians. So why are they sticking with it?

Sunk cost fallacy is one likely explanation.

Not everyone recognises the need to cut their losses and they may, instead, double down or escalate their commitment. This may apply to Nicola Sturgeon who seems wholly unable to course correct. The SNP are hell-bent on pushing through disastrous legislation on the right to make a false declaration about your sex.

Sunk Cost Phallacy (sic) is one way of looking at this issue, another way would be to say that the Vichy, vagina-havers are penis pleasers for the benefits that accrue, to themselves, personally, while leaving those other bleeders to pay the price.

Quick recap on who Carola is: 👇

This chapter is all about the “placemen” who have infiltrated the union movement, not to fight for workers rights, but to advance their own. Trojan Horse like they appear to be a gift horse, feeding the narcissistic, virtue signalling, social justice class. In reality they are manipulating the focus of the unions so that they forget their core purpose and are co-opted by the “trans” agenda. Never underestimate the focus of a man with a sexual compulsion.

This has not happened over night. It dates back to nearly 50 years ago to 1974. Below 👇 Towle rewrites history to claim an historic LGB + T alliance which was merely “forgotten” for two decades.

Below we learn the force-teaming of the LGB was not greeted with unalloyed enthusiasm and indeed some members were actively resisting. Towle ascribes this to “transphobia” and resistance to change. She also deploys the idea they were simply ignorant; suggesting they just didn’t know any “trans” people. Maybe the problem was that some of the Lesbians and Gay men had met a “trans” person?

The homophobia of the trans movement was also display, as demonstrated by this delegate who did not want to be “tainted” by association with homosexuals. Towle doesn’t explore whether this was a significant strand of thinking in the “trans” community, indeed she shows a remarkable lack of curiosity for a Lesbian.

Undaunted by the failure, to pass a motion in support of “trans” inclusion, they set out to win hearts and minds. Sadly, or maybe not, I have not been able to track down a recording of this campaign song. 👇

Unsurprisingly the campaign did result in more people cross-dressing in public and *some* of these will be men who get sexually aroused by parading about in women’s clothing. It is likely that some of these men would also get sexual gratification from breaching women’s boundaries and toilets would provide a specific thrill. To go where most men were excluded is a common fantasy.

Here is one of the newly emboldened 👇 boasting about being “front and centre” in the union.

After years of preparation the trans faction would not be quiet and Unison, with a majority female membership, have chosen a elevate a tiny minority of men, aided and abetted by females in flight from their sex, over women. Notice two seats are reserved for “trans” representatives which must surely have provided them with a competitive advantage. It would be interesting to see a breakdown, by biological sex, of all those in influential positions. The most prominent ones, seem to be males. Quelle Surprise!

Emma Proctor

There appear to be a number of men who have identified into roles set aside for women, to address the under representation of the female sex. Let’s take a look at Emma Proctor.

Emma has been elected onto the National Executive Committee (NEC). It appears “Emma” campaigned for a reserved seat but it is not known if this is reserved for women or a “trans” representative. Either way it looks weighted in favour of the “trans” delegate; who either competed against a tiny demographic or has taken a seat meant for women.

However Proctor gained this seat on the NEC, they have definitely taken away a place on the National Women’s committee, even to the point of becoming the chair!

Proctor is making pronouncements about women’s lives, of which he has no “lived experience”. I can’t tell you how enraging it is to see a man using our lives for “cos-play”. Only an arrogant man would do this.

What is more galling is that “Emma” also gets roles as a “trans” person and of course, he is most keen to get the Gender Recognition Act “reformed” whilst also pretending to care about /be a woman.

Other influences.

Unison also published jointly with Scottish Trans Alliance a document written by extremist trans-activist James Morton; who I covered below. They also collaborated with GIRES (Trans lobby group)

C. Burns: Trans Britain (Part 16)

It is disturbing how they were able to spread this ideology throughout the Union movement and by extension, the Labour Party as Towle writes.

I covered Megan Key in two pieces and he doesn’t appear to be isolated in the workplace. He is employed by the probation and prison services and advises on prison policy. He even testified before Parliament, before the Women’s and Equalities Committee, that being a sex offender shouldn’t bar a male from the female prison estate.

Megan Key: Probation Services

The second piece covers Key’s lack of sexual boundaries.

Megan Key: Update.

Carola Towle: Statements

Below is Carola reflecting on the vibrant Lesbian scene she frequented in the 1980’s. I wonder if she knows that Lesbian’s in Tasmania recently lost a legal battle to run female only Lesbian events because of that would exclude males who identify as “lesbians”. She also laments that a trans rights (a belief that a man can be a lesbian, in effect) are a matter for “personal conscience” which is a rather authoritarian perspective.

Here she is attending the ILGA conference in 2000. The conference was funded by Astraea Foundation and Open Society Foundations: both are responsible for funding the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. Astraea are funded by Arcus Foundation and began as a Lesbian organisation, set up by actual females. They now accept male lesbians.

I also draw your attention to this quote:

Trans people are the most vulnerable!

This is a picture with names of the Trans caucus.

Peter/Victoria Benjamin

The same picture was used in a 2015 paper by Transgender Europe:

The person I have circled in red is Victoria Benjamin. This would appear to be the same Victoria Benjamin who has now detransitioned and re-identified as Peter, albeit this was post the surgery known as sexual reassignment surgery. Here is another picture of “Victoria” who is at a stand for the National Crime Agency.

Here is an article about his backstory as a heterosexual, cross-dresser, who obtained surgery after his third wife died.

Peter Benjamin

By his own account he was not challenged about his belief even though he was grieving and drinking heavily.

He are two pictures side by side one from Trans Britain and one from the article about Peter Benjamin. I think it is highly probable that I am right about “Victoria’s” identity.

Carola ends this chapter on an optimistic note with reference to the picture in which Peter /Victoria is included. Presumably Carola was unaware of Peter’s new chapter, at the time of writing.

This ends the Union specific chapters. I intend to create a page for Union related content in addition to listing these under the Trans Britain Series. If you can support my work, financially, consider a paid subscription to my substack or my paypal. I know people have misgivings about paypal but I have yet to figure out how to connect my stripe to my wordpress or my donate box.

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