Delia /David Johnston


Delia is another man who worked behind the scenes to progress the new men’s rights movement. He seems to have mainly focused on sport setting up an organisation called Transexuals in Sport and advising various sporting bodies including the Football Association.

Born in 1955, as David Francis Johnston, his story follows a familiar trajectory from heterosexual, married, father of two to a late transition, in his mid fifties. As usual I find there are discrepancies that can be picked up in the interviews I could find on line. In earlier interviews his history of cross dressing is revealed along side a claim that he was “in the wrong body”.


In this article, 👆from 2010, in the Independent, he reveals he began cross-dressing from a young age and, to this end, he raided his sister’s wardrobe.

This behaviour seems to have persisted though it is noticeable this detail is omitted from later interviews.

If he follows the usual pattern, “relaxed” will be a euphemism for the sexual gratification obtained by wearing women’s clothing. Few admit this because it is not likely to be palatable to the family / society. For “transgender” activists it is strategically necessary to obscure any sexual motive especially when a key demand is access to women’s spaces. Johnston makes some bold claims about his condition (by bold, I mean scientifically ludicrous) to deflect from the history of cross-dressing. The discrepancies in his account are important because Johnston resembles accounts of autogynephiles and it is a feature of this compulsion to retrospectively correct (retcon) the narrative to airbrush /reinvent the past. In this interview he offers some pseudoscience to explain his predicament. 👇. The chromosome switch idea is patent nonsense.

Here he is at his Ted X talk providing a different made up reason he is a woman.

You can watch the TedTalk here 👇

Delta’s Ted Talk


David claims to have always known he had “gender” issues but, nevertheless, went on to marry; even while stating that he knew he was lying at the outset of the marriage. I did search to find out if his ex wife had ever spoken out but, as usual, the transwidows, largely disappear from public view even as their ex husbands garner interviews and new careers based solely on this new narcissistic persona.

To get a measure of the man he heaps further humiliation on his former wife by talking about his lack of sexual interest, in his wife. 👇

Whilst, in later interviews, Johnston admits to an estrangement from his daughter in this account 👇he is keen to portray himself as a good father whose children chose to live with him, rather than their mother, after the divorce.

In this interview he describes his children as supportive after he came out as Delia ; a decision he claims was because the hormones he had purchased over the internet were changing him so much he could not hide it any longer.

This interview tells a different tale:

FA Accepted me but not my daughter

In this interview, from 2015, Johnston claims not to have seen his daughter since 2009.


Later coverage focuses on “Delia” and a foray into the sporting world. There are a couple of articles looking at this issue and once again, there are contradictory statements. In one version of history Johnston claims that he was not involved in sport until he “transitioned”.

Yet in a BBC interview “Delia” has this to say:👇

And in a TV interview to discuss Frank Maloney’s “transition” to “Kelly” he proudly boasts he was into dangerous sports.

Johnston claims he was head hunted by the London Olympic committee for a role.

He also advises Northamptonshire police, English netball and the Football association. It is reported that he wrote guidance for Transexuals into sport and he set up his own consultancy: “Trans in Sport”.

Here is confirmation of his role at the F.A. 👇

This is him confirming his work at the FA.

Here is a more detailed account on the organisations that the F.A appear to have been listing in to which includes Gendered Intelligence and, of course, Stonewall as well as Johnstone’s organisation “Transexuals in Sport”. In this piece it is claimed that Delia had meetings at government level though this is only a report on Kent F.A.

Johnston is in the acknowledgements for the report on transexual equality which you can still find on line, link below. 👇

Transexuals in sport

On a personal level since identifying, as a woman, Johnston has taken up netball which gives him the opportunity to play alongside women and wear inappropriate outfits for a 60+ year old man.

He will be using female facilities as he makes clear in his public pronouncements which are centred on how difficult this is for him and show no respect for the women he is intruding upon.

Edward Lord.

Johnston is not the only trans activist muscling in on the sport issue. I have discovered that the F.A set up an Inclusion Advisory Board and his name does not appear on it. Edward Lord the non-binary man who made the Ladies Ladies Pond mixed sex was a member. A quick reminder about Lordy.

They/Them’s stint at the F.A did not end well and he managed to alienate all the other board members.


As mentioned earlier Johnston was /is an advisor for Northamptonshire police. I cannot find a direct reference to any work that names him as the author/contributor but this is their stated policy on forcing women to be strip searched by males.

Johnston would appear to be advising/training other forces.


Johnston originally had a company with his wife as co-director for a business he ran before his “transformation”. He did set up a company for Transexuals in Sport but it was short lived. Johnston was appointed as a director in December 2014 and terminated in March 2015. The company was voluntarily struck off in June 2015 and, because the accounting period had been extended to July 2015, no accounts were filed. (Johnstons fellow director.Louise Clare Tideswell went on to found Plan4Sport Ltd which runs Equality and Diversity Training and recently completed a report on racism in Scottish Cricket).

Johnston had another company which started in April 2011 and lasted less than a year.

This is a description of the companies activities with a link to a, now defunct, website.

There still exists an account on LinkedIn for someone who claims to work for this outfit.

Social Media Presence.

Johnston does have a linkedin account linking his old identity as David to Delia but there is no trace of the new account as Delia now.

The twitter account @trans_in_sport appears to have been deactivated. There is a Youtube account which you can find here 👇

Delia. on YouTube

In conclusion this is another man meddling behind the scenes. He is not a very prepossessing speaker and it seems likely that he exaggerates his role. Nevertheless he did have influence and all of it was malign. I will leave you with this quote attacking Terfs and mumsnet users and claiming we advocate for the murder of “transgender” people.

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Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale 3

This is the third in my series on this man. For this blog I am going to concentrate on his work with a Bradford based charity. The charity/company in question is BRADFORD LGBTQ+ STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP LTD.(Company number 05545105). Tweedale was involved for three years so I had a look at the accounts only during the period he was active.

At that point in time they were coming to the end of a National Lottery Grant but they managed to secure some funding through the Tudor Trust; who have cropped up a few times on my block as a group who funds LGBTQ+ issues.

Here they talk about their links to Braford University; we heard in part 2 that Tweedale gave a talk at Bradford University about why the T should be attached to the LGB.

One of the trustees whose tenure overlapped. with Tweedales was a Professor from Bradford University, Ian Burkitt.

He is now an Emeritus Professor and this is what he says about his work. Researching “social contexts in which we become particular social beings”, latterly “broadened to include forms of human embodiment”.

The charity /company also received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust who have also appeared on my blog a few times. Notice the forced-teaming with Black and Ethnic Minority groups and a reference to the DWP National Diversity group of which Tweedale is a member. Apparently he was piloting work on a “Trans” Equality Pledge which has signed up Braford and Leeds Health Trusts.

More partnership working with NHS Trusts, plus Age Concern, Age U.K. Alzheimer’s society and of course Bradford Metroplotan District Council.

Here we have grants from Bradford Council and our old friends the Arts Council, who you may remember stripped a grant from LGB Alliance.

More funding details. Joseph Rowntree grant was £30,000, the Dept for Public Health nearly provided nearly £50 grand and nearly £10 grand for Wakefield Primary Care Trust.

The one amount identified for a Women’s Group, donated by the Lesbian Identity Project, was a staggering £117. Yes just over a hundred pounds, to to help with room booking costs.

I had a look at the Lesbian Identity Project. This is there blurb. So not just Lesbians then.

Sure enough a trans-identified male features prominently.

Another pot of money came from the Police and Crime Commissioner and they also had input to the NHS Equality and Diversity Strategy.

The money from West Yorkshire police force pushed hate crime reporting. Remember there is no hate crime category that covers women.

You can see the rest of the series here: 👇

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

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Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale 2


This is my second piece on Tweedale; a civil servant who proposed a motion, as part of his union work, to demonise women, defending our sex based rights, as akin to fascist. He also makes the testerical claim we are planning to enact a genocidal plan for “trans” people. See below:

This is him.

In part one I covered an interview that this man did with West Yorkshire’s Deputy mayor, Alison Lowe. Lowe has form on promoting trans-identified males and attacking LGB Alliance. I decided to make it a series because he did another interview and makes some claims about being promoted by a Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service. For those who are not aware a Permanent Secretary is the senior civil servant, who supports the Minister, in a government department, the Minister is an elected official, the civil servant is not elected and many of them appear to have forgotten this. He was also involved in a Bradford Charity so I want to look at them, that will need to be in another piece. Link to part one below.

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

Interview with Jade Beckles.

Jade Beckles is herself involved in the Diversity and Inclusion Industry but has a background in the police. Her linkedin shows a sixteen year career in the police about which she has this to say. 👇. I find it interesting that she claims child protection as one of her responsibilities but there also appears to have been a heavy emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion. Don’t misunderstand me, we need more black women in policing and to tackle racism, I am just not convinced that this batch of race equality specialists have got the right approach.

She also set up a group for black women embarking on motherhood. That sounds like an excellent initiative giving the appalling mortality rate for black women. Following a year or so running her own consultancy she now has salaried role and it is in this capacity she is interviewing Saorsa/Simon

The introduction covers all of Saorsa’s roles as the national advisor on trans issues for the Dept of Work and pensions (DWP) and he sits on the national LGBT+ group for the TUC. He goes on to explain what these roles mean, in practice.

He proceeds to talk about his work with schools etc.

On his “rapid rise” at the DWP it’s not clear if he is referring to career based promotion or appointments as the co-chair of the local and then national Gender Network. The gender network appears to be the network intended for women because he then proceeds to complain there was no “trans” network and the LGB network excluded him because it was run by someone who wanted it to focus on sexual orientation. He and another trans-identified male set up the first “trans” network. When the organisation decided to dissolve these networks and, instead, set up a body to advise on equality issues across the board, Tweedale became a member, automatically, having been displaced from his role as chair for the gender network.

He remained on the advisory committee for four years and claims that the Permanent Secretary became aware of all Tweedale’s work he directly intervened, with his line manager, to insist that Tweedale was able to continue.

Having looked at the list of Permanent Secretaries who may be responsible It may be Sir Robert Devereaux. This is from the Financial Times, it’s behind a paywall but this preview seems a fit. 👇(He retired in 2018 after 10 years in the role).

Tweedale was allowed to write his own job description, according to him, and set his key objectives. I find his involvement in policies, which affect women, deeply sinister. He is clearly unable to hide his glee.

At this point I would bear in mind the concept of “Dupers Delight” which is the pleasure experienced when you have managed to deceive/manipulate a person or organisation.

In the next section, Tweedale is asked what are the challenges faced by the “Transgender” community and he talks of hostile forces outside the DWP. Alarmingly he then claims that he has had a role in advising senior leaders on the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act in particular in relation to “safe” spaces, by which he means, but won’t say, single sex spaces. In a revealing moment he claims “my job is not to proselytise”.

He then says senior leaders don’t know what to do when they are asked questions like this; “What is your policy on single sex spaces?” . He suggests they panic and turn to him. In response Tweedale explains he has to correct “misinterpretations” of the law! Guess which group he prioritises?

Beckles response displays a breathtaking misunderstanding of the law.

This what the company which employs Beckles says about itself.

Tweedale explains he has to emotionally detach himself to give professional advice; which must be correct. He than says the law sets the minimum but people should always strive to follow best practice. This sounds like to “go beyond the law” advice which I covered in a another piece on Global Butterflies; another organisation led by a trans-identified male, which you can read here:

Get ahead of the Law!

He says people in leadership positions need to bridge the gap between policy and practice, they should also capture data on trans and non-binary identies and also ensure there is visibility for these staff. Then he follows up with advice on ways for applicants to hide their sex. Surprisingly he concedes that organisations should provide single sex facilities because “there will always be people who say they need them for religious or cultural reasons”. However he thinks gender neutral, a.k.a mixed sex, facilities are best practice. He also claims “this is not even controversial.. it’s just common sense”. Proving, once again, that this is a man talking.

Then he says pronoun display is important and also that you should not make a fuss if you get a new “trans” employee. How this ties in with the calls for visibility I don’t know.

I took a far different interpretation from this statement than, I am sure, was intended.

The interview ends with a touch of sycophancy and a statement about how Tweedale is having such an impact. Beckles clearly thinks this is a good thing. She needs to learn about autogynephilia. After I did the last piece I realised this was the same man I have seen in Bradford Train station, wearing ludicrously short skirts and fishnet stocking. . Apparently he is known locally as “Geriatric, Gothic, Lolita”

You can watch the whole thing here 👇

Interview by Jade Beckles

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Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

This man works for the Dept of work and pensions, in Bradford, and is their National Trans Ambassador.

He first came to my attention after coverage of an outrageous motion he tabled at the conference for the PCS, the union for public sector workers. Here’s a flavour:

In fairness, I should point out, as a formerly active trade unionist myself, many motions are tabled which are not likely to have full backing from other members and often focus on “niche” issues. The motion didn’t even reach the debate stage. Interestingly this is a clip from the latest rule book I can find, from 2019. The danger in passing such a motion is that gender critical women could be at risk of expulsion. Since the Union President is married to Ruth Serworka, one of the founders of Women’s Place U.K. I doubt this attitude is widely shared. I would also argue that this is an attack on sex based rights putting Tweedale at odds with the stated aims of the union.

So, leaving Union politics aside, I had a look to find out more about Tweedale, since he is from my neck of the woods.

MIND: Mental Health Charity.

First thing I cam across was this youtube. Notice only the women have pronouns in their bio.

The facilitator, Alison Lowe, is now deputy to the West Yorkshire mayor. She has cropped up on my blog before hosting another trans identified male who works for the civil service. You can read that here:

Steph Calvert. (Part Two)

She also publicly denounced the gay rights charity LGB Alliance.

His first contribution is to correct the host for an insufficiently grandiose introduction. This is a bit of a theme. He continues to outline his role and links with Universities, NHS Trusts and teaching bodies; advising them on trans inclusion policies.

He continues by outlining all the ways that trans people suffer, preced by a trigger warning, and reads off some stats from a TUC report on LGBT members. This data claims that sexual assault rates for Lesbians, in the workplace, are 21%, for gay men it’s 12% but for “trans” women it’s 32%. /

I am cynical about these statistics, which are self reported, because, firstly, emphasising a victim narrative has been used to drive the “trans” agenda. Secondly there are multiple examples of trans identified males fetishising women as victims and using this experience to validate themselves as “women”. This is a quote from a thesis by a trans identified male who wrote about how BDSM cemented his identity as a “woman”. This is how he viewed an alleged sexual assault doing a BDSM session with a stranger.

Next he covers reports of bullying, harassment and violent assaults. Again, for similar reasons, I am skeptical of these accounts. He proceeds to uses the, discredited, data about suicide. I have done a series debunking the suicide stats which you can find on my site.

Finally on hate crime. The prevalence of hate crime, often conflated with data on non-crime incidents’ is another tool of trans activists so, again, should be treated with skepticism. Here is James Morton, from Scottish Trans Alliance, urging people to report because we “need the stats”. (Note: we don’t collect hate crime data on misogyny).

He is critical of employers for not having trans-inclusive policies or, if they do, not putting them into practice. He would like to see more gender neutral, a.k.a mixed sex, facilities, more pronouns used, even though he isn’t using them in this space, He breaks off to describe the psychological trauma that he experiences when he is misgendered over the phone. (Not face to face?). He also wants employers to make it easier for men to hide their biological sex. All of these things disproportionately, and negatively, impact the female sex. Women are expected to sacrifice their privacy, dignity and even safety to validate men, as women. Moreover so few pass that it introduces an element of coercive control into the workplace.

His segment is from 7:40 to 16:08. We will see him again at the Q & A. Below is the link:

Building in psychological safety

Alison Lowe throws in a bit about not having white privilege and something about employers gas lighting her when she finds something “racist” and her employer doesn’t agree.

Then Saorsa gets an excellent question from the floor.

This is an opportunity for Saorsa to force team the LGB. He begins by emphasising that the LGBT+ is one big community and unity is very important. Like the LGB, the T, has to “come out” often multiple times. Trans women are smeared as predators is women’s “safe” (Doesn’t say single sex) spaces and labelled as paedophiles just like gay men were. He then claims the women’s movement support the trans movement and tells a blatant lie about how “trans” people have been picketing alongside women since the inception of feminism. Well that’s not true.

“Trans” people are focussed on their gender identity but they still have a sexuality and gay people also have a gender identity so this is his justification for the forced teaming of heterosexual men , many with a sexual fetish, with gay rights. In fact he gave a three hour seminar on this topic at Bradford University.

We will meet Saorsa again to cover another interview and also a Bradford Charity he was involved in and to follow the money trail.

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Jacqui Gavin: Civil Service

I came across Jacqui quite by accident. I was in the middle of a blog on some Stonewall teaching materials for primary schools and during the course of that research I looked up Pearsons; who co-produced the teaching materials. This led me to Pearsons Spectrum UK who have a YouTube channel. The only person featured on that channel is Jacqui, a rather charming Scottish male who claims a ”transgender” identity. You can find it here:

Jacqui Gavin

Jacqui is asked to outline their history and tells a lovely anecdote about being a ten year old boy, coming across a black and white picture of a naked man but the nudity wasn’t what caught the young boys attention, it was the sadness in his eyes. Turning over the page there is another image of the same person, clawing at his skin and peeling off his male exterior to reveal a beautifully made up and glamorous woman.

This was in the 1970’s so Jacqui describes a few years of going to visit psychiatrists who ”prodded and poked me” all the while saying ”little boys can’t become little girls”. Jacqui’s parents, we are told, encouraged the young Jacqui to take up masculine pursuits and Jacqui was so successful they became a schoolboy signing for Aberdeen, under Alex Ferguson, who is better remembered for his management of Manchester United. Sadly, we are told ”Fergie” found out that I was a little bit different which “prompted me to lose my schoolboy contract”.

Jacqui tells a different story in this interview. In this version they made the decision themselves and felt they had let their parents down.

Interview: Cambridge Journal

At this point, we learn, that Jacqui moved to London, age 15, but a year later returned home because their mum was terminally ill. In a surprise move the next chapter involved joining the military only, to be discovered to be ”different” and forced to leave or face a criminal sentence. Again this story differs from other accounts: This clip is from another article. In this account they were found with women’s clothing.

Interview in Scottish Telegraph

In this version Jacqui made the decision to leave after being threatened with demotion:

Jacqui tells yet another version in a different interview

According to Jacqui these are their qualifications.

Marriage and Modelling.

Jacqui then describes being outed as ”transgender” by the media. This is true and was occasioned by a 1995 marriage ceremony, to a man, in the Caribbean. An article in 2015 describes the relationship as 23 years long. The coverage was indeed cruel and sensationalist.

Once again, we are told, the modelling career was ended when it was discovered they were not female.

Civil Service

Jacqui then describes joining the civil service and within two weeks being contacted by Terry Moran and asked to help the Civil Service with the ”trans” issue. This is Terry’s CV. {Jacqui also talks about having their own private cheerleader in Jeremy Heywood; he was the Permanent Secretary to the Cabinet under both David Cameron and Theresa May}.

You can see Jacqui’s career trajectory below. All from Jacqui’s linkedin. Financial Conduct Authority, posts in the Civil Service at the Department for Work and Pensions, Department for International Trade and the Cabinet Office. Not bad for someone who’s highest qualification appears to be a City and Guilds. During their spare time Jacqui also found time to be on the advisory board for Diva Magazine and worked with Diversity Role Models. Jacqui was also awarded the Order of the British Empire and regularly appears in lists of influential LGBT influencers.

Jacqui became first Chair of the Transgender Network and then joined the steering group a:Gender

As Jacqui explains this allowed the combining of a role as a Trans activist and a Civil Servant and their influence spread across the Civil Service.

In the YouTube for Pearson Spectrum Jacqui talks a good game about listening to all voices; ”even those we don’t want to hear”, its somewhat spoilt by the addition of “even those spouting hate” but it’s an attempt, at least. There’s some guff about walking a mile in other peoples shoes, and a patronising assumption that lack of acceptance is because people don’t understand. Women could say the same to Jacqui, who also doesn’t understand what it is to be us. 👇

Women’s right to feel safe.

One of the interviewers then asked a question which looked as if there would be some meaningful engagement with the concerns of women but the question was how we include trans-identified males ”transwomen” in the conversation so they are not marginalised. However Jacqui threw them a somewhat ”terfy” curve ball. Seems Jacqui is a bit concerned about the ever expanding ”trans” umbrella and female spaces.

I would love to see a source for this quote. I cannot find any reference to this anywhere online. After some checking I don’t think this is true but there are other examples of men with transvestic fetishism committing sex offences against women.

Jacqui then talks about how self-conscious they feel using female facilities even though they have had a ”full transition”. Maybe this reflects some subconscious (or conscious) awareness they are violating women’s boundaries and women are undressing because they think they are in an all female facility?

Jacqui’s preferred solution to this issue is ”gender neutral” (a.k.a mixed sex) facilities. Unfortunately for us Jacqui was listened to over women and gender neutral facilities spread across the civil service and wider society. If Jacqui had walked a mile in our shoes and understood women’s history they would not casually strip single sex spaces from women.

This is what the government had to say on it’s consultation toilet facilities, launched in January 2021. 👇

In recent years, there has been a trend towards the removal of well-established male-only/female-only spaces when premises are built or refurbished, and they have often been replaced with gender-neutral toilets. This places women at a significant disadvantage. While men can then use both cubicles and urinals, women can only use the former, and women also need safe spaces given their particular health and sanitary needs (for example, women who are menstruating, pregnant or at menopause, may need to use the toilet more often).

Women are also likely to feel less comfortable using mixed sex facilities, and require more space.

By then Jacqui was out of the civil service.

It’s difficult to make an assessment of how much damage was done by the various trans-identified males in the Civil Service. I sense Jacqui has a growing appreciation that the, ever-expanding, ”trans” umbrella presents a range of new challenges. Developments over the last decade have jeopardised the privileged access to female spaces they have enjoyed for over 30 years. At this stage the ethical decision is to campaign for gender neutral spaces and single sex spaces and illustrate your good faith by ending use of female only spaces. By continuing to use female spaces, by stealth or emotional blackmail, you are violating women’s boundaries in any space where women are undressing or merely meeting to discuss issues that only affect women, as a sex class.

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Mridhul Wadwha


I came across Wadwha’s submission to the Transgender Equality Inquiry when I began a series to look at all the contributions. This has proved to be quite a time consuming endeavour and will be a long term project. You can see all the written submissions at this link below. Many are anonymous but some familiar names appear.

Written Submissions to Trans Equality Inquiry

Mridhul, for anyone unfamiliar with him, is a man who describes himself as a woman and has used this identity to take a paid post, at a rape crisis centre. Under U.K law these posts can be restricted to females which makes it an attractive proposition for these men. Wadwha has taken his need to be accepted, as a woman, to extreme lengths. What kind of man uses rape victims as validation aids and what kind of women aid and abet him? This is him from six years ago in a YouTube promoting the need for a self-declaration, Gender Recognition Bill. The “people just had to accept it” is a revealing form of expression; dripping with male entitlement. Link below, at 4:44. This YouTube also includes an appearance from Vic Valentine the pink news “journalist”.

Pink Saltire.

This is Mridhul laughing about lying about his biological sex to infiltrate the women’s aid sector. He really is laughing. He then became the CEO of Edinburgh rape crisis even though he LIED and is a man! This clip is via Wings of Scotland’s YouTube account.

Edinburgh Rape Crisis receives a large amount of funding from the Scottish National Party (SNP), also the National Lottery and the tampax fund. Here is Mridul with Nicola Sturgeon. Mridhul would go on to stand as a candidate for the SNP but he did eventually resign from the party. (When I started this piece I did not know it would end with Sturgeon’s resignation)!

Mridul’s departure from the party was in protest at a vote to allow female rape victims the right to refuse to be examined by a male. This gives you the measure of the man.

Astonishingly he remains at Edinburgh rape crisis despite some of his public pronouncements. Let us take a look at a few of them.

The above was a comment on the Guilty Feminist podcast. The comments appeared to be linked to the ongoing debate about female only services for victims of sexual assault. Wadwha’s response was in the vein of “even bigots get raped” but don’t expect not to be challenged over your “prejudices”

In the wake of the backlash to these comments the Scottish Green Party weighed in to support him, is issuing a statement via Maggie Chapman.

What Chapman failed to add is that she herself had worked at Edinburgh Rape Crisis.

Of course we have seen much more of Chapman in her disgraceful performance over the Scottish Gender Recognition Bill.

Chapman is on the extremist wing in relation to Gender Identity Ideology. She had this to say before the Scottish Parliament vited down amendments to stop rapists getting legal recognition as “women”.

You can watch this in full, below, on Alf Up a Tree’s Youtube: Alf is an important chronicler of this moment in history.

Maggie Chapman

In his submission, to the Transgender Equality Inquiry, Wadwha begins by boasting about his involvement in the Rape Crisis centre and in aid for womens of domestic abuse. He also reveals that he has manage to inveigle his way into the police service to provide training. He is also writing publications for the Scottish Government on forced marriage.

He also reveals his affiliation with Scottish Trans Alliance.

In this next paragraph he seems keen to let us know that his has stolen a paid role from a woman. He also provides some statements about “trans” victims he also makes it clear he includes “cross-dressers” under the “trans” umbrella. There is no data to back up his claim that rates of violence against the “trans” community are comparable to male violence against women and girls.

He extends those point to call for working together to oppose all forms of “gender” based violence in a move known as force-teaming.

He then moves swiftly to demand an end to the legal provisions that allow women to exclude men like Wadwha from imposing himself in a space for vulnerable survivors of male sexual violence.

He then proceeds to call for mandatory training on “trans” issues and for all women only refuges to be denied government funding.

He ends with a series of demands about “trans” migrants.

This is Wadwha’s submission

TRA0219 -Mridul Wadwha

I will just end with some clips from an interview which Wadwha did with The Student.


A couple of clips jumped out at me. He is, of course, afforded female pronouns throughout. I am sure I am not the first person to notice what a strange emphasis he had in the interview on orgasm during rape.

He also makes a rather tone deaf observation about how he tries to keep the work “fun”

He also has the gall to say that men couldn’t possibly do the work he does.

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Trade Unions. (Part 2) 18b


From the book Trans Britain.

This is part of a (very long) series based on the book Trans Britain. There was a wealth of detail in the chapter on Trade Unions, by Carola Towle, so it needed more than one post. You can read the first part at the link below.

Trans Britain: Trade Unions (18a)

Phillippa Scrafton

Here is another activist from within the trade union movement, Phillippa Scrafton, who gained a seat on the national LGBT committee.

Scrafton came out in 2003 as “transgender”. He seems to have been age 35, at the time, and was in a heterosexual marriage. He explains that it was the prospect of children that prompted action and presents this as a stark choice between suicide or “becoming the person she knew she was”.

Based on his current social media he appears to be in a relationship with a female; though I am presuming by the use of “my Mrs” below.

Just two years into “womanhood” Scrafton made the front cover of the Unison magazine.

A cursory search of twitter turns up references to Scrafton speaking at Teesside University, N.E Ambulance Services, the NHS Business Services authority, Durham University, and Newcastle Medical School. He can also be found endorsing candidates for Darlington Labour. He also made a speech at the Unison women’s conference but this experience was not quite so positive, for either Scrafton or, it seems, the audience.

Apart from his job managing bin collections for the local council he also became a representative of Stonewall Scotland. In the latter capacity he spoke at an academic conference alongside PhDs with pronouns in their bios. 👇

Just out of interest I downloaded the conference programme for the above ☝️ just in case it’s worthy of a follow up.


I can only find one public recording, of Scrafton, (link below) and I found myself seriously underwhelmed. In no other circumstance would Scrafton be addressing University students, except as a member of this new priest class.

Scrafton at Teeside

Apart from this Scrafton was a trustee of a charity called Gay Advice Darlington. This appears to have ceased operating though remains on the charity commission register, despite never posting any accounts.

In addition to this he was involved in a community interest company which appears to have lasted only one year.

Turns out Phillippa also advises the police, as do so many of the trans activists I have covered in my series on TRAs behind the scenes.

I noticed, from Scranton’s linkedin, that he was endorsed by Jacqui Gavin who I also covered in my series about men working behind the scenes. Small world.

I wrote about Jacqui here: 👇

Jacqui Gavin: Civil Service

Jaden Biggs:

Females are under-represented, as usual but we are introduced to a black “trans-identified” female. There is not much information about Biggs but I did find a reference to a presentation from 2016. @NELFT is an NHS mental health trust.

The slide showing ☝️is enlarged below and makes it clear that transvestites/cross-dressers are included under the trans umbrella; which means men with transvestic fetishism can claim to be women. These same men are being granted access to female spaces; even those which might include a teenage girl, in a state of undress.

Jaden would appear to be a nurse who is also qualified to dispense drugs.

Entry on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register.

Lucy Persechino

Persechino is another person presented as a positive role model in Towle’s chapter. Lucy was a member of the Unison national commitee.

Persechino was interviewed by the Daily Gazette and a link to the article is below.


Some clips from that article.

Some more quotes from the article, background in IT ✅. Heterosexual, married man ✅ No early rejection of Male social roles✅ Now a “Lesbian” ✅. Thrilling experience in the Ladies Loos. ✅.

Another male claiming to be a “Lesbian” . How offensive. I think these men think women loving women are just a porn category.

In addition to his work for Unison Persechino also has ambitions to be an actor and has registered some further information, and pictures, with an on line agency.

Here are a few more images from his Star Now entry.

Cucumber, Banana, Tofu.

Persechino had a part in Cucumber, Banana and Tofu by Russell T Davies the writer of Queer as Folk and Its a Sin. These are three different shows, which can be watched independently, but are companion pieces. Cucumber is a series, Banana is a collection of short stories and Tofu is a documentary style where members of the cast talk about their sex lives interwoven with dramatic vignettes from, I presume, the companion shows. The title comes from a sexology institute that graded the firmness of erections from tofu, to banana to cucumber. You get the drift. Lucy appears in Tofu as a “lesbian” and a dominatrix.

[The series also stars Julie Hesmondalgh, who played Hayley Cropper, the “transsexual” in Coronation Street, who, by the way is even more irritating as herself with, in my view, a damaged relationship to sex and intimacy]. Here are Lucy’s highlights.

Lucy talks about torturing her male clients as part of their fetish. As you can see he is quite proud of being a “sadistic bitch”. Most of the more explicit references to Lucy’s dominatrix work appear in episode 8 at about the 8 minute mark. It’s worth watching this episode to see how porn has changed the sexual landscape, sadly not in a good way.

There were two males claiming to be Lesbians in Russell T Davies drama and a couple of trans identified females. It was noticeable that he didn’t promote the idea of a trans-identified female demanding entry into the dating pool of gay men. Funny that.

Lucy also worked for Southend Borough Council as the HR and diversity Officer. For 10 years.

Now that I have covered the trans activists who influenced the Union movement I will end with part 18 c which covers the rest of the chapter and one final man who has taken senior roles, meant for women, in UNISON.

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Researching the history and the present of the “transgender” movement and the harm it is wreaking on our society.


Trans Britain: Trade Unions (18a)


Carola Towle

For a Trade Union activist, such as myself, the behaviour of the Trade Unions, in respect of Gender Identity Ideology, has been particularly dispiriting to witness. I was a branch committee member for UCU (University and Colleges Union) and they have been so dreadful I am not even a member anymore. Carole Towle is a Lesbian: one of the vichy types. Totally on board with the “trans” dogma. I will split this into two parts to cover the background of some of the names trans-activists because I think it gives important context.

The point is delving deep into this book is to make sure we have a record of all the naive /nefarious people who aided and abetted this war on women. Did Carola ever stop to think about the impact on young lesbians? Did she know that many men who wish to be “women” are men with a fetish? Well it appears Carola did know and NALGO (one of the Unions that merged to form UNISON) were reaching out to transvestites and “transsexuals” in their first Lesbian and Gay newsletter in 1974! That is nearly fifty years ago!

The Lesbian and Gay network originally thought the issue of “trans” people was not something they should be concerned with but then they changed their mind. They were right the first time. Not only has transgender ideology become an overt attack on the idea of SEXual orientation it has become a blatant assault on women’s rights, as a sex class.

The first union to be captured seems to have been the now defunct, Manufacturing Science and Finance Union (MSF);which merged with other unions to become Unite. Towle reports that no official decision was taken but trans activists became involved in the Lesbian and Gay networks. This is sometimes called “transjacking” and it’s a tactic to force-team the LGB with the T; thereby piggy backing on the progress made by gay rights organisations. It is noticeable that this was a change of tactic; T strategy had been to distance themselves from homosexuals to avoid being “tainted” as they saw it. But by 2000 the MSF made an attempt to formally introduce the idea of “trans” inclusion in a UNISON motion. This was rejected at the first attempt and was clearly a divisive issue.

Now three other unions added their voices to the movement to include “trans”. Civil servants union (FDA), teachers and actors union led the way. The capture of the Trade Union movement was underway.

In order to prepare the ground for a successful motion, via the TUC, a member of the trans lobby group, Press For Change, was invited as an observer to TUC meetings. The person chosen was a trans-identified male; Claire McNab; Mcnab did a lot of the legal work to prepare for the Gender Recognition Act.

McNab was not the only trans-activist invited to advise the union. Right from the beginning they outsourced their thinking on this issue to some of the more extreme proponents of gender identity ideology. The TUC was blind to the impact on women of “trans-inclusion” policies and naive about the fetishistic men clamouring to come out of the shadows. Year’s of furtive cross-dressing. and the shame of transvestic fetishism and the desire to practice it in public were dual motives to be legitimised /rebranded as possessors of an innate gender identity,

The TUC brought in some key trans activists to advise them and in doing so allowed them to set the policy for the Trade Union movement. Stephen Whittle, Christine Burns and Aisla Spindler were also drafted in.

Aisla Spindler.

I have covered Whittle and Burns extensively, on this blog, but not Spindler. Spindler is a trans-identified male whose career history includes ILGA, Europe ;Terrence Higgins Trust and awards from Stonewall Scotland. He has now turned up in Ireland working for the Gay Project.

Spindler is currently anxious to set up a women’s rugby team and you can see him here on a YouTube made for children, arguing for “trans women” to be included on the women’s team and explaining that he used to play for a Hungarian woman’s team.

Aisla Spindler

A bit more digging and it would appear that Aisla is another heterosexual man who describes himself as a “Lesbian” and is married to a woman.

Eleanor Levy

Another activist who came on board was Levy while working for the probation services as a substance use advisor.

Levy now works for an NHS Trust in surrey and also volunteers at various NHS related bodies, as you can see from the clip below, they also provide services to Surrey County council and Surrey University. Naturally they are a diversity champion providing training across the country.

Levy describes themselves as bisexual with a trans-identity and is partnered by someone called Jenni.

Meanwhile, no doubt nudged by her advisors, Towle determined that the time had come to change the Lesbian and Gay network into an LGBT group. However, she recalls, there was resistance which she puts down to transphobia and biphobia. She also adds that there was a lot of ignorance and people just had not met a “trans” person before.

Anna May Booth

Booth was another union member who was is mentioned as a key trans activist. Booth came out as “trans” in 1998 at the MSF union conference. Currently their linkedin describes him as a freelance transgender researcher. He also stood as a Labour, council, candidate in 2014.

He can be found in an article about his partner, also a male and “trans” complaining about being bullied out of employment.

His partner was the victim of some prurient coverage in respect of his transition which contributed, in his view, to the collapse of his business.

Motion for Trans Inclusion.

Unison’s first attempt to tie the T to LGB failed because of opposition from a “trans” delegate who did not want to be associated with homosexuals.

At that vote was a person who would become a trans activist but, at this stage, he was still in the closet.

Jenny Harvey.

Harvey gave a very revealing interview which I will link below. In common with many of the trans-identifying males his story is one of secret cross dressing which he claims began at age ten, involved his mother’s clothes. This continued throughout his teenage years, university and beyond. He even talks about using his office at work to “cross-dress”. The shame of this furtive act can be cleansed by embracing an identity as a “woman” and thus he finally recognised the “girl” he was in his forties. (The use of “girl” here is revealing).

Jenny Harvey

This is Harvey’s biography 👇. Another trans-activist in the NHS, who also trains staff on diversity and inclusion.

Harvey tells a story about appearing on question time and subsequently receiving twitter abuse.

I have managed to locate to locate the episode and this would appear to be Jenny at 19 minutes in. 👇. Harvey responds to the expected loss of UKIP in the local by-elections and says they will lose because they have not been able to leverage hate in Stoke.

Question Time

This is a screenshot of Harvey from that episode. They did get quite horrific abuse which was covered by Pink News. This seems to have originated from UKIP supporters and it was incredibly cruel and personal.

Harvey has a twitter account. Seems genuinely committed to trade union values. Some transperbole about state sponsored abuse but no use of “terf” and not the worst timeline I have seen, by any means. (That said it is a low bar).


He is, however, quite invested in “trans” kids and shares Helen Webberley, Ben Hunte, Stonewall etc. Clearly Harvey is also not happy with women sticking up for our sex based rights. Those pesky feminists.

In part two I will cover some more trans activists working within the Union movement and the influence they have had on policy making.

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Sophie Cook: TRAs behind the scenes


Another trans-identified males taking places earmarked for women. Part of a series which you can find here:

“Trans”: Working behind the scenes

About Sophie Cook.

Sophie is a heterosexual, late transitioning male who has fathered three children. Like many older ”trans” identifying males he has a hyper masculine career history, arriving as a football photographer, via the military and ten years in Saudia Arabia. Cook has quite a prominent presence on social media having had their own media career; which appears to have taken off since he came out as ”trans” . You can listen to Sophie talk about their ”journey” on their tedtalk.

Cook’s Ted Talk

It’s important not to take these self-penned narratives at face value. Many males, who had a sexual motive for transition, reinvent their past because of the shame, for example, of autogynephilia. The classic background for an AGP male is that they are heterosexual, often from hyper masculine careers and they always claim, as Cook does, they ”knew” they were transgender at a pre-pubertal /pre sexual awareness age. They will also include unfalsifiable claims of suicide attempts (Cook claim one at the age of 12) and a life of suppressing their ”authentic” self. It is a rare “transsexual” who will admit their identity came out of a fetish for women’s underwear. For more on this see my series on Dr Ann Lawrence who himself owns his autogynephilia.

Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies

Crown Prosecution Services

Sophie Cook has been on my radar for a while but this announcement prompted me to include him in this series: Sophie has been employed by the Crown Prosecution Services as a ”Speak Out” champion!

This is how Sophie describes the role. Note the key words he highlights are independent and impartial. It’s 2022 and the Crown Prosecution Services are still pursuing an agender to embed the mis-named Equality & Diversity Agenda in their organisation; by, er employing a man who attacks women’s rights every chance he gets.

The Crown Prosecution Services have form in this area; having produced a document to teach school children about hate crime, a document they subsequently had to withdraw.

As it happens I had written to the CPS about this document. I had tried to find it on their website but it was not open to the public. The only way to obtain a copy was to request a copy via a school email. A search of the internet turned up a copy on Mermaids website. The CPS did not even accurately state the legally protected characteristics from the 2010, Equality Act. The document was signed off by Ruth Hunt , of Stonewall infamy.


Cook has been working with Stonewall since 2016 when they got involved in the Rainbow Laces campaign. The Rainbow Laces campaign was designed to combat homophobia in sport. This is a laudable aim but extending that to including males in female sports is a regressive move, for the female people.

Sophie is not quite so keen in getting sexism out of sport and seems to think its perfectly reasonable for males to compete against females and to shower with teenage girls.

Colonising Women’s Roles

What people don’t seem to have grasped yet is that this is not a Civil Rights movement. It is a Men’s sexual rights movement. In order to ”live as a woman” it is actual women who are expected to make room, literally, for these men. This might mean losing a spot on a female sports team or a place on the Jo cox, Women into Leadership scheme. This scheme was set up to improve female representation in leadership roles in UK Labour but there have been at least two men who have taken up places; one of them was Cook.

Cook progressed to prospective MP and stood,unsuccessfully, as a candidate for Labour. in 2019 Cook was selected to stand again but subsequently, deselected because of an undeclared bankruptcy, in his past. At this stage a furious Cook stood as an Independent candidate, unconcerned about splitting the Labour vote, but ceased to campaign claiming ”transphobic” abuse. Again I don’t find this account credible since they said, in an interview with Pink News, ”instead of abuse I was greeted with love and support”

Below is Sophie visiting a women’s refuge. Again this is the ultimate goal for AGP males. In order to be validated they have to be accepted in women’s most intimate of spaces ideally ones which exclude other men. What better place than a women’s refuge/rape crisis centre? The same refuge, by the way, is being taken to court for refusing to offer a female only group to a rape survivor. She was distressed about having to recount her experiences in front of a trans-identified male. What kind of abject fool would celebrate a man buying you a mug with that slogan. 👇. ”My feminism includes everybody” Thats not feminism, love, he’s making a mug out of you.


Here the media play into Cook’s lady fantasies by consulting him on women’s language. A prominent organisation had renamed women to womxn but retreated after a backlash.

This was Sophie’s response. Delivered withiut a trace of self-awareness.

Dripping with male entitlement he repurposes the feminazi insult with a modern twist. He thinks he is a FEMINIST! 😂

Sophie Speaks Out: Impartiality?

So, let us look at the issues in which Cook demonstrates the necessary impartiality for his new role with the CPS.

Maybe it is this attack on the NHS for advertising a nurses job on Mumsnet,

Or it could be this attack on a Lesbian, academic. Kathleen was hounded out of her post and to call her anti-trans is ridiculous; her stance is much less militant than mine now that I have seen the masculine arrogance of these absolutely genuine types.

He excels himself with this attack on women who are defending our rights to single sex spaces. This is what he thinks of the sex he claims to identify with.

Not content with disparaging women he proceeds to attack the only organisation defending Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals. They must be slandered because they stand in the way of male ”lesbians”. There is no truth to the claim LGB Alliance is funded by the far right. (I think the detractors are well aware this is a bare faced lie and that will be clear when accounts are published. At the moment the ”trans” Lobby group is trying to challenge LGB Alliance’s charitable status).

Transperbole on Steroids!

The testerical tone of these accusations would be laughable if they were not reported by organisations like the Council of Europe. 👇

You ain’t no feminist bruv!

Knowing what a woman is does not make women akin to Nazis. I am going to go out on a limb and say anyone colluding with the sterilising of kids is Mengele adjacent! The Crown Prosecution Services have shown a woeful lack of judgement, in this area, generally, and this appointment specifically.

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Examining the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. Bad for women’s rights, gay rights and dangerous, reality denying cult.


Steph Calvert. (Part Two)


Steph Calvert is another person who is at a member of a:gender which is a Trans Activist group at the heart of the civil service.

There is quite a lot of information about Steph from public talks and their own novels. This is my second piece on Steph Calvert. You can read Part One below: 👇

Steph Calvert. (Part One)

For this piece I watched a YouTube video where Steph had been invited to give a talk on leadership by the CEO of a Leeds based charity Touchstone. The CEO, Alison Lowe, has now moved on to become the Deputy Mayor of West Yorkshire. 😳

I was already aware of Alison Lowe from her twitter activity. This is a, rather rude, response she sent to Sex Matters, the organisation founded by Maya Forstater. Of course she has pronouns in her email footer.

She also sent a similarly terse, defamatory, response to the gay rights charity LGB Alliance.

You can see the letter from LGB Alliance in this twitter exchange.

LGB Alliance Letter to Alison Lowe

Stephe gives a Master Class on Leadership.

This was indeed the title of the talk but what was delivered barely touched on leadership. Calvert claimed to have written a talk but said he preferred to just speak off the cuff. What followed was a ramble about his ”transgender” journey and a potted biography which stretched credulity to its limits.

Steph Calvert : A Master Class

First of all his tale about realising he was ”trans” at age two when his baby brother was born. He could see they were, anatomically the same but he knew he was a girl. Anyone who knows about child development can see this for the retcon narrative it is. It serves to deflect any suggestion there is any sexual motive at play. Not content with one alibi we are also told he is intersex but no detail of his precise chromosomal abnormality is disclosed.

We then hear about his work with the civil service group a:gender where he reveals he is on the steering group. A:gender leads on ”trans” issues across the civil service and covers, he explains, binary trans people, non-binary, no gender, third gender or gender fluid. Steph is also the national lead, on Trans issues, for an organisation called Spectrum; which is, I assume Spectrum UK which is part of Pearsons who write educational materials for schools.

We learn that Steph was based in Singapore and came across the story of April Ashley, age 10. April Ashley was a trans-identified male who married into the peerage but the husband annulled the marriage leading to quite a famous court case which said a male could not be legally married to another male.

Following a return to England he recounts stories of being bullied every single day. It feels unkind to question this but this theme is repeated throughout his talk and it is of course unverifiable. He also recounts the second of three attempted suicides, by the time he reached puberty. The third suicide attempt came when he went to college and thought “I can be myself. That was a mistake, I was beaten up every day”.

Next Steph explains that he made a flight into hyper-masculinity which explains why he entered a very macho occupation as a border guard. This is presented as a common pathway for late-transitioning males; which it is for men who emerge with autogynephilia. So keen was Steph to fit in they even got married. This gives Calvert an excuse to talk about his relationships with women and sexual dysfunction which always emerged after the initial excitement of a new partner.

In the time for questions Steph makes a further claim after pointing out the evils of misgendering. I remember when males did not claim the word ”female“ much less that they have always been female.

The question and answer session is mainly off camera. At 32 minutes in Steph tells a blatant lie about “transgender” medicine for children. To be fair he is not the only one but this scientific ignorance should not be allowed to stand. What we know is that 98% continue onto cross-sex hormones, and there are many unknowns about the impact on brain maturation. We do know these children will be sterile and have no capacity to orgasm; this was admitted by Dr Marci Bowers who is a trans-identified male who was involved in Jazz Jenning’s surgery.

Bearing in mind the fantasy about sharing a tent with a 14 year old girl, in part one, I would suggest he should not be working with a charity for ”trans” children.

In this section (34 minutes in) Calvert takes aim at Dr Julia Long. He dismisses concerns that proto-gay kids are being medicalised in appropriately and is very angry at ”terfs”, especially Dr Long who is, quite rightly, uncompromising. Calvert even has the cheek to deny ”Speaking as a Lesbian” 🤔

At the end of the questions Alison Lowe asks Calvert to share a “hilarious” anecdote which gives Steph an opportunity to talk about using the women’s toilets. In this unbelievable scenario Steph seeks to make common cause with women who he assumes have all experienced getting their knickers tucked in their skirt. Steph goes one better and claims he literally forgot to pull his knickers up at all. Nope. Don’t believe you, if that happened it was no accident and it would be difficult not to notice. Cue raucous laughter and rapturous applause.

Alison Lowe is now the Deputy Mayor for West Yorkshire. Thanks to her naïveté Stephanie got to perform his fetish for a captive audience. We are governed by idiots. 🤦‍♂️

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