A post on my (temporary) twitter ban.  For this tweet: 👇

tweet on gender identity

Is twitter tone policing women?  I routinely watch women disciplined for comments men utter with impunity. It’s almost as if this is a tale of two sexes.  We, in the UK, have the protected category of “sex” enshrined in the 2010 Equality Act. Twitter has its own list of protected groups. None specifically relate to “sex”, probably because we are expected to pretend  sex doesn’t exist any more, unless it’s meaning is bent all out of shape. 

Many of my tweets concentrate on the impact of trans ideology on women’s rights. There are real consequences of privileging  an “identity” over women’s material reality.  I also have a concern that the notion of an “innate gender essence”  may have a negative effect on, likely gay, youth.  I have reasonable grounds to raise this. Prospective gay adults  often “fail” to conform to sex stereotypical behaviour.  Many are aware  they are “different” long before they realise their sexuality.  Teaching materials which preach that “gender is a spectrum” can, and do, inculcate “Gender Dysphoria”. Failure to align with stereotypical characteristics, assigned to your sex, is a common experience. If your “gender identity” does not align to your biological sex you are in the majority.  Nobody identifies 100% with a social construct. A  belief in the concept of an innate gender essence may give rise to a feeling you are in need of medicalised interventions to “correct” this mismatch.  That is regressive and conservative. Its not liberating . We are building a new “straight” jacket!   A medically constructed closet.

The inherent danger, in gender ideology,  is that it mitigates against understanding and accepting same sex attraction, instead, gay youth come to believe they are merely “born in the wrong body”.  To contextualise this we must remember the  severe social penalties for behaving in a Gender-non- conformist way. For gay teens this may lead  to a rejection of self , regardless of  whether this is labelled “internalised homophobia”.

James Barret works at the UKs oldest Gender Identity Clinic.  He  also recognised that there are a high proportion of gay children who may adopt a “gender identity” which is at odds with their biological sex. Most resolve this if allowed to go through natural puberty. The introduction of medicalised methods to block puberty do not allow for this. Professor Ray Blanchard also highlights that, far from allowing a “pause”, as is often claimed, blocking puberty sets kids on a medicalised trajectory, a path  from which they do not step off.

puberty blockers

As a parent of one of those formerly “out” gay teens it is my parental responsibility to help my child navigate this path.  Premature medicalisation is not the answer.  I have discussed this with adult males who define themselves as “trans” or “transsexuals”  who, even if happy with their current pathway, are concerned at the spike in referrals to Gender Identity Clinics. They  see the danger for gay children wrongly swept up in a surge of children/teens with Gender Identity confusion.  In working towards more social acceptance, and better medical care, for the “Trans” community we may be wreaking untold harm on a generation of , prospective,  gay adults.

It was in response to a discussion on this that I posted the tweet below. This  has led to  my account being  limited , for twelve hours, under twitter rules on “hateful conduct”.

tweet on gender identity

My options are to remove this tweet or to appeal.  I have appealed.  At present this has left me locked out of twitter and unable to change privacy settings, to protect my account. This means I have no recourse to rebut, or correct. any misunderstandings or misrepresentations. Removing this tweet will also mean that, for 14 days, there will be  a message stating my tweet has been removed for “hateful conduct“. There is no hate in this tweet. None.

I am raising a relevant concern which has also been raised by Gender Identity Professionals. This is a quote from a clinician who has departed from the UKs leading Gender Identity Clinic due to similar concerns. This quote echoes my reservations about the medicalised pathway.

gay children and GIDS times article

Children  are subject to relentless bullying for behaviour that may mean they would grow up to be homosexual.  Many parents have direct experience of this and it is inextricably bound up with gender non-conformity. In this context the notion you are  “born in the wrong body” is, superficially, attractive.  It is incumbent on us all to adopt a cautious approach and ensure we do not prematurely medicalise children. Most would, if left alone, desist (from a trans-identity), reconcile to biological sex, and grow up to a fulfilling life as a gay male or Lesbian.

It is not bigotry, to say this.

I love the twitter platform.  If, however, it fails to facilitate legitimate discussion it will be viewed as authoritarian and antithetical to free speech.  If this tweet fails to pass the test for legitimate debate they may find themselves on the “wrong side of history”.

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