Puberty Blockers. Part One

Puberty Blockers are promoted as an ideal way to allow your child to “pause” puberty whilst undergoing gender identity confusion.  This is the consistent stance taken by “experts” in the field. This appears to have been taken on trust by the medical establishment and is now embedded within our own NHS.  Here is the GID (Gender Identity Service) statement (accessed November 9th 2019).


Here is Polly Carmichael of the GIDS service. This is a clip from a documentary shown on Childrens BBC.  Yep that’s right.  CBBC.  Which of the parents now dealing with Gender Dysphoric kids realised this was being propagandised to our kids?  Not me.36D86977-4F65-4CD8-AF4C-2A7E48DF5E3F

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Yet when you access the service spec which GIDS work to you actually get this rather contradictory information.  Seems that they *know* that far from a “pause” it actually sets these kids on an irreversible path to “gender affirmation surgery”. FFA66A0C-0623-498D-9CE7-0817BE2648E0You can access this document here: Service Specification

So my question is why, if they know 100% go onto a medicalised pathway, are they still saying this allows for a “pause”?  It isn’t new information.  So what else do we know about puberty blockers?  Here is the outcome of an investigation into a GIDS research programme that puts children on puberty blockers as young as age 12.  The Health Research Authority conducted an investigation into the research programme after concerns had been raised. The full report can be accessed here:HRA Report on GIDS

For the purposes of this blog the pertinent admission is here 


We have moved from “pause” to very careful selection of the group who are “likely” to progress.  This sleight of hand diverts scrutiny from the role puberty has, formerly, played in resolving Gender Dysphoria.  Historically it was the actual changes that occurred during puberty that resolved the dysphoria and allowed re-identification with biological sex.  Stopping puberty means 100% go on  lifelong dependence on cross-sex hormones and significant surgery.  Something noted by key researchers in this field. Its even worse. Most of these youngsters, if left alone, would grow up to be Gay Males or Lesbians.


Here is a youtube which goes through all the Long Term Studies that look at persistence versus desistance rates. .  It looks at the methodology in cluding the problematic aspects. Lack of control groups, changes in diagnostic criteria for Gender Identity Disorder (now Gender Dysphoria), loss to follow up in the studies and small sample size. Desistance rates

Despite all the caveats to the studies the incontrovertible fact is that the majority desist.  IF, crucially, they are left to go through a natural puberty.

This article covers much of the same studies and comes to the same conclusion. Trans Kids.

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Here is a professor who asks the question we all need to be asking.  Watch here: Are we medicalising away the Gay?


I will leave part-one here and follow up with a detailed look at two studies. These raise serious  questions on the evidence base on which the treatment protocols are based.  A child who has puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones will be sterile.  We know, historically, most were same sex oriented and we also know that there is, currently, an over-representation of autistic kids caught up in a trans-identity.

Is this the Woke Gay /Autistic Eugenics?

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9 thoughts on “Puberty Blockers. Part One

  1. Excellent post!

    “Is this the Woke Gay /Autistic Eugenics?”
    Yeah, seems to be so! All detrans people in Finland who have shared their stories are lesbian or bi women. Their bodies have been mutilated permanently.

  2. As a prostate cancer patient I suffer the consequences of exactly the same drugs used to block puberty. I have had both Decapeptyl and Degarelix, and will be starting on another called Abiraterone very soon.

    In my case these drugs work for a while to suppress the cancer, for they are not curative, but their hellish side effects or collateral damage remain.

    I would consider it a variety of child abuse to give these drugs to children. Reading the stuff you quote in this post is quite shocking. These people should have a word with somebody like me before making these bland pronouncements about time and space to consider what to do. Not with hot flushes, gnawing depression and continuously disturbed sleep!

    (For anybody who is interested, I document my experiences of this as I try to continue with a normal life at my blog, which is to be found at

    1. Thank you for sharing that Duncan. An American living in Sweden shared similar with me and seemed shocked. Then he blocked me on twitter which I found baffling. We can’t look away from this issue. I wish you well dealing with your medical issues.

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