Another Censored Paper: Multi-Sensory approaches to Gender Identity.

When I first came across this paper I was, initially, alienated by the standard Ideologically approved language.  I pushed past the “assigned at birth”, “gender identity” framing which is ubiquitous in this field, and it actually proved to be an interesting paper with some important observations.  It lasted, I think, about six weeks before activists got the final paragraph removed.  Here is that paragraph. 👇


He is proposing more research to, potentially, identify less risky, invasive treatments that could mitigate “Gender Dysphoria”.  He also recommends caution, to the clinical community,  There followed a campaign for this last paragraph to be removed. It was. There followed a sustained campaign to get the paper retracted which succeeded in April 2020. So why? What did the paper say that activists think is so reprehensible?  Is it merely the case that it poses questions and reveals unpalatable truths to Gender Identity Ideologues?

You can read about the retraction here Retraction Watch

You can read a statement by the author here  Statement on Retraction by the Author

An analysis of the paper is here

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