Hysterical Women’s Rights Activists

Zarah Sultana: Letter to Liz Truss

Labour MP attacks Liz Truss for delaying reform of the Gender Recognition Act and  restricting access to medical  intervention for “transgender” children.  Not for the first time I find myself  agreeing with the party I have opposed my whole life. I have been a member of and donated hours of my time, and money, to support Labour.  I am still an economic leftie but sadly I refuse to forfeit women’s rights and turn a blind eye to the medicalisation of  “trans kids”. There are some good Conservative Women who appear to be getting a hearing from their party leadership. That’s been quite eye-opening. Meanwhile the Labour Party leadership candidates, bar one, all deemed women like me to be part of a Hate Group.  All of them signed up to some version of the Mantra “Transwomen are Women” with no concern about women being redefined without consultation.  That’s a hard pill to swallow but it does mean I can take this rare opportunity to agree with Owen Jones, Witchfinder General.


The letter Ms Sultana sent will forever be a stain on her career.  It is all the more remarkable since she is based in Coventry. She should be aware of the price the Green Party paid for their unthinking embrace of “trans rights”. A dangerous alliance which blinded them to child safeguarding concerns.  If you are unfamiliar with the tale of the Greens/ Challenor family you can read about it here. Green Party Challenor

First up a disingenuous attempt to redraft the law on single sex spaces.  Zarah seems to think that “single sex” spaces are already open to males, with or without a Gender Recognition Certificate,   One wonders why the necessity for reform of the GRA when Zarah is claiming that sex based protections have already disappeared. (In fact the law allows for discrimination in favour of single sex spaces, even if you have a GRC, except its rarely enforced.)


Naturally she has swallowed the woke wikipedia hook line and sinker. Women are now a subset of our own sex class, how liberating!  Cisgender women are, we are told, privileged women that embrace our Gender Identity. What kind of feminist identifies with sex stereotypes when it has been a central tenet of feminism, for hundreds of years to challenge them?


Zarah cannot resist the opportunity to recycle the age old sexism of dismissing women’s concerns as good old fashioned hysteria!  She is either ignorant of the origin of this slur, or inserting it to deliberately provoke  women. Women who wish to retain our sex based rights are labelled “transphobic” ; a thought terminating cliche which lost its power to silence women long ago.


Here is Owen publicly repudiating the word Terf and sticking it to women with the transphobic slur.  What was that about misogyny on the left?

Ms Sultana could do well to research the origins of accusations of hysteria:  Applied to women who refused sex and thus dishonoured the phallus. Heaven forfend!  Plato would fit right in with the modern day woke bros and their obsession with #LadyBrain; albeit of the wandering type which may land in a male body.


An irony which seems to have escaped her attention is that women are actually fighting to retain the sex based protections in The Equality Act 2010. A piece of legislation also enacted by a Labour government!

She then takes the Conservative government to task for delayed reporting on the  feedback  to the consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. Indeed the response is well overdue. The survey was designed to gauge public opinion, on whether a male could self-identify as a woman and garnered one of the highest levels of responses to a proposed legislative change.   You can read the preamble to the GRA consultation here GRA Consultation. 

The document above is indicative of a level of cognitive capture at the heart of the then Tory administration,  It accepts many of the arguments of Lobby Groups at the outset. Even at one point listing the demands of Trans Lobby groups and inserting this comment below. There was hardly a neutral framing under Penny Mordaunt.


Ms Sultana ignores the Trans activist campaigns to influence the GRA consultation. Even, shockingly, placing a plea, to children, to send in a response. Stonewall used youtuber, children’s entertainer Olly Pike, to persuade children to agree. Even telling them how to fill out the form and asking them to be a hero.  Gender Recognition Act: Children

3AC5F6B8-CF81-476F-888E-0BC60192CA62In addition the preamble to the consultation makes a typical appeal to kindness, which we all know is directed at the female sex. 5B3F4A90-3250-4A60-BDEA-F1AB4E307920


The correct response to the frequent appeals to kindness,  whilst giving women’s rights away to males,  merits an intemperate response.


She goes on to castigate Liz  Truss for “making sure under 18’s are protected…”. I would end that sentence there but Ms Sultana continues to protest the rights of under 18s to make irreversible medical decisions. For anyone unfamiliar with these arguments see my previous post on INFORMED CONSENT?

80A6FAA0-2F6A-44B6-B375-4B5C5DF8155CThat last sentence is disingenuous activist speak, totally unworthy of a sitting MP. We protect children from making irreversible decisions they may come to regret. Referencing Gillick competency is intended to invoke the idea of unwanted teen pregnancies, not children signing consent forms for experimental treatment which will render them infertile and, potentially, compromise sexual function. Tavistock. Part Two: Clinical Dilemmas


Here she compares irreversible medical treatment to the irreversibility of a “natural” puberty.  It is a peculiar phenomenon to watch, self identified socialists, embrace the ultimate in self-commodification. It is disturbing to see a party, hoping to gain political office, attack Parental responsibility which exists to protect our youth from decisions they may regret.  This will not regain the Red Wall and, if I can see this, you can be damn sure its not lost on Dominic Cummings.

There follows some whataboutery about why the current  administration are raising this issue during the middle of a global pandemic. I have no doubt that the timing was quite deliberate. Perhaps because Covid coverage would be a good distraction. Perhaps because it is a condition that has been shown to affect the sexes differently. Furthermore it may have been timed to take advantage of  people with spare time to investigate the issues.  Whether tactical, or serendipitous,  the Conservatives picked a good time to raise this,

Now we move on to the idea that we are dealing with widespread transphobic hate crimes. Firstly may I point out that we don’t collect data on hate crimes perpetrated against women.  While people are reporting misgendering, to the police, women are suffering rising rates of domestic abuse, rape and murder.  The “abuse” of the trans community pales in comparison. Another familiar tactic is the cynical manipulation of self reported suicide attempts in “trans youth” which I cover here Suicide in the Trans Community


The entire letter is dripping with emotional manipulation but she is not done there. The next paragraph is a tactic with which every parent, especially of teenagers, is familiar.

326ABE6D-13A5-4D59-A0AA-EEED6DFDE5ABFor hateful minority read the vast majority of women when they discover that a man with a penis, which he has every intention of keeping, now comes under the “trans umbrella”.  I wouldn’t like to guess what the male sex think on this matter but I suspect fathers will  be horrified that we are sneaking in mixed sex spaces in schools whilst describing them as “Gender Neutral” . Here is the definition of “trans” according to Stonewall.  You will note it includes “cross-dressers”.  That is men who often get a sexual thrill about wearing clothes associated with the female sex. D9269F12-34AF-420A-BAEC-B7284AF98F3E

The GRA has been in place since 2004.  The reason there has been a backlash is the overreach of the Stonewall Lobby.  Women should not have to accept that bepenised “women” can access our private spaces, take up Women Only places in political parties, and be forced to include males in Women’s political organising.  We have a right to organise and campaign for Women’s rights as defined by our sex.  After all the only reason we have to fight for them is because we live with the reality of SEXism. Not GENDERism.

Finally, I have no doubt that Ms Sultana vehemently opposes lobby groups getting access to the Conservative party machine yet this is her list of references. Mermaids & Stonewall. 



One thought on “Hysterical Women’s Rights Activists

  1. I was thinking how people in Britain used to go to work to the mill or the factory or the mine and not come home because their jobs were so dangerous it killed them and how the owner would not pay compensation unless he was in a generous mood. Labour, the original Labour, fought against this.
    As someone (I think it was Charlie Chaplin) once complimented Labour Prime Minister James Ramsey McDonald, ever since Labour got into power, there no longer any old ladies sleeping under the London Embankment.
    All most of us wanted, and want, is a fair day’s wage for a fair days work and leisure time to enjoy it.
    Now Labour has lost it’s way and instead of seeing people have work and education and leisure they are tied up in causes like men deciding they are women while are children being dragged in and drugged and medicated become collateral damage.
    People, honest, decent people, are looking and wondering, what on earth happened to my party? And are shaking their heads and sadly walking away.
    A once grand party dying on it’s feet, killed by it;’s own obsession with chasing the latest non-cause.

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