Foster Care: Trans Guidance

Part 4 of my series on the over-representation of Looked After Children and Gender Identity Issues.


This post will look at some guidance provided for professionals working with children in Foster Care.

You can read the full document here:


The kit is aimed at Social Care Professionals. It is produced by an organisation called Three Circles Foster Care who are a private limited company. They are involved in the delivery of foster care services across the North West and in Yorkshire. They offer a range of services which include respite care, long and short term placements, pre-adoption placements and a service for unaccompanied minors.

They also offer services from a partner organisation, The National Teaching & Advisory Service which has a common director and offers courses for Foster Carers and Social Workers amongst others.

Here is a link to their website:

The guidance was produced in collaboration with the LGBT Foundation and advice was taken from Trans Activist and NHS employee, Tara Hewitt following a consultaion with The Proud Trust. For those of you unfamiliar with Tara below they are boasting, to Trans Lobby group, Mermaids, about safeguard referring children if the parents are deemed to be unsupportive of a “trans-identity”. The second clip is a newspaper article at the time that Tara was on the candidate list for the Conservative party. Tara has been quite open about their niche sexual interests: BDSM, Bondage, sado-masochism and pet play, which I believe is known as “Furry” fetish. Can’t think of a better person to be advising on an issue that comes under child safeguarding.

As well as The Proud Trust the acknowledgements also thank Susie Green, from Mermaids.

As you can see from the clip below the guidance is deeply wedded to Gender Identity Ideology. Gender, we are told, is assigned, it includes transgender, non-binary, no gender, gender questioning…but this is not an exhaustive list. As an aside, I notice that even groups entrenched in Transgender belief systems cannot keep up with the ever expanding “identities” under the Transgenda Umbrella. There is a nervous tone to the disclaimers that other identities exist.


Children in care /Looked after children are wards of the state for multiple reasons. These children are likely to be among the most vulnerable in our society. It is likely those without a background of trauma/abuse are in a tiny minority. I would go so far as to say that any child, no longer with their birth family, has some issues of “identity” to reckon with because of their background.

The director is Jacob Sibley. In his biography it is noted that he has links to the LGBT Foundation, who, in turn are partnered with the new Gender Identity Clinic (Indigo). The Indigo Clinic was set up in Manchester to provide an affirmative pathway for trans-identified folks. Indigo Clinic provide care for those 17 years and above; though its website says this is an initial client group which implies they wish to expand their services. I presume this means they wish to provide access to younger age groups. I will return to Indigo Clinic in a future post.


Three Circles also partner with charities and help support them. Here is one of those Charities. The Proud Trust.


You may have heard of The Proud Trust. They got into some public relations trouble through their controversion sex education. (You can do a search on “the dice game” + The Proud Trust should you wish to be exposed to this). This charity took money earmarked for women and girls yet seem entirely devoted to promoting gender ideology. I can highly recommend this post on The Proud Trust.

Educate Yourself!

The guidance for professionals dealing with “trans” youth has strong totalitarian overtones. Professionals are directed to educate themselves in Gender Identity Ideology and also propagate these beliefs. They make it clear that their aim is much broader than reaching professionals working with youth in care.

They also produce a leaflet which is even more direct about its “mission”. Full copy below:


Here is a quote:


They have an ambitious aim of “educating the masses”. Why does an organisation for foster children appear to have an agenda to socially engineer society? Below are a couple of quotes which are explicitly propagandising a belief system. I would not approve of the religious indoctrination of vulnerable kids and this, I argue, is a much more sinister (and de-stablising” ) ideology to be proselytising.

I can’t think of anything more de-humanising than the adoption of “it” for a pronoun. Indeed in the age of the misery memoir there was a popular one of the genre called “A child called “It” which detailed the abuse of a young boy whose mother labelled him “it”. I would be seriously concerned if any child insisted on “it” as a pronoun. It cannot possibly reflect good self-esteem.

At some point we have to examine the possiblity, rather than child-centred care, what we are witnessing a marketing campaign to embed an ideology.


Kids in care are also being handed a powerful weopen to challenge the staff/foster parents charged with their care. More than once children are urged to contact the organisation if foster parents, social workers or Doctors show any resistance to their demands. They provide a phone number so that the child can call their organisation direct if the Foster Carer’s fail to accept their “gender identity”.

Starkly they advise the child that the Foster parents are wrong and the child is given a phone number so the organisation can “put it right”. I can only imagine how intoxicating this power would be to a child, who may have felt pushed from pillar to post /disempowered by becoming a ward of state. The guidance unequivocally assumes these vulnerable children are able to make “adult” decisions about their “identity”. They also ensure foster carer knows they are under scrutiny by the organisation, their source of income, which is bound to create a chilling effect.

In another quote the guidance seeks to conjure up the spectre of a police force at your door for using the wrong name, or even “mis-pronouncing” it! Use of a child’s previous name is referred to as “deadnaming” . I have seen similiar statements in school guidance. Sadly, as orwellian as this sounds, you can indeed be reported for a hate crime on similar spurious grounds. The offence is defined by the “victim” so if they say its a hate crime it has to be recorded as such.


In addition the guidance makes it clear that recruitment strategy should also seek to screen for “transphobic” foster carers and make sure prospective employees are on board with transgender ideology.


I also want to highlight the pro-medicalisation stance, for kids, in this guidance.  They make it clear that Foster Carers should facilitate access to trans groups for their charges. They provide information on how to make referrals to Gender Identity Clinics.  They also link to shops to buy “equipment” for kids to enable them to perform their gender identity.  Equipment such as breast binders, prosthetics (breasts and penises) and a link to a shop where they can be purchased.  Gendered Intelligence are another trans lobby group. 

The guidance also includes a graph documenting referrals to GIDS over the preceding years.  If this does not make people sit up and notice I despair.  Look at the growth.  We are referring kids as young as 3! This is not unconnected to the fact that we have let this propaganda be disemminated across our education, medical sectors, all amplified by a media which seems obsessed by “transgender tipping points”.. 


No guide would be complete without propaganda around the life of a trans person. Selling your wares via victimology is a strategic move when advocating for social justice issues.  It cannot help the mental health of young people who have been persuaded their issues will be resolved by “transition”.  Below is a list of the fearmongering claims from lobby groups.  Treat all of this with the scepticism they deserve.  Most of them are self-reported incidents and via a self-selected group of transgender people. The use of  suicide is a particularly egregious tactic I have debunked one set of data in an earlier piece: Suicide in the Trans Community

Here is a quote from a young person used in the booklet.  The silence of the Samaritans is less suprising when you know they have been trained by GIRES (Trans lobby group). Their current CEO came from Girl Guiding and was in post when they agreed that self-identifed “women” could access shared spaces with female children.  I have also been sent confirmation about some of the activists delivering training to Samaritans.  That is for another blog. 


I find so much that is alarming in both the leaflet and the full document I could add many more clips to this piece.  I would recommend you download it and would be pleased to see twitter users doing their own threads highlighting other disturbing aspects of this guidance.  

I have had phone calls from Social Workers and Teachers concerned about this topic. I am also hearing from Canadian women that they fear this is disproportionately impacting on indigenous communities. I have no doubt I will be returning to this issue in future work. 

Any support is gratefully received.  Much of it gets recycled into funding legal cases, organisations helping expose the propaganda in respect of Transgender Identity Ideology.

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