DeTransition: 4th Wave Now (3)

This post is based on work done by a detranistioner. It was linked to the paper I covered in this post:

Detransition: Cambridge Study (2)

As stated in my earlier pieces getting access to detransitioners requires seeking them out on the social media apps they use. The research was published on Tumblr:

The work provoked a furious reaction from within the Trans Industrial complex, which you can read about here:

Dan Karasdic likens the work to previous research done by Evangelical Christians and then follows up with a claim the detransitioners were “never really trans” 


Judge for yourself.


Cari, the author reached out to people who had desisted from a trans-identity with a survey opened for only two weeks, in 2016, which attracted over 200 responses.


The resulting data garnered some real insight into motivations for a medical transition and subsequent detransition. The survey allowed for the inclusion of people who had ended a medical transition but remained ”trans-identified”. The vast majority identified as female with quite a few rejecting the prefix ”identified” ,as female, to state they simply ”are female”.


This is what the graphic representation illustrates:


For those who did not claim a female identity the breakdown was as follows together with a graph of how they had identified while transitioning. As you can see the majority identified as “trans men” closely followed by “non-binary/gender queer”


The survey also tracked the ages of both embarking on a “transition” and detransitioning: The average age for coming out/starting transition was 17 years old and beginning detransition was aged 21.


The research also looks at what kind of dysphoria the women experienced. The majority reported they had both social and physical (Sex) dysphoria. That is they desired to have, facsimile, male sex characteristics and a desire to be treated as male or, at least, as other than female. This group constituted 74% of the surveyed.


The report goes on to detail that 88% experienced ”sex dysphoria” ; something often denied by those who do not want the topic to be discussed. A claim also rejected by those who argue that detransitioners were never really ”trans” and didn’t have dysphoric feelings.


The research also questioned the particpants about their experience of detransitioning and its impact on their well-being.


The majority found an improvement in their dysphoric feelings after detransition, some reported these feelings had completely gone. There was also a small minority finding their dysphoria had worsened since they began detransitioning.

The survey uncovered some serious concerns about a lack of counselling with a mean duration of less than three months, even for those who did get therapeutic assistance.


Of those undergoing a medical transition the figures for those who had zero counselling was a whopping 65%. These women had no therapy whatsoever before embarking on medical transitions.


Next up the participants were asked what led them to detransition. The top answer was due to political/ideological concerns. The next popular answer was finding an alternative coping strategy. 30% had concerns about their mental health and over one in five reported medical concerns.


The survey provided space for open comments which allowed participants to expand on the reasons for their answers. They were asked to state their position /feelings about their own transition and on the idea of transitioning more generally. The study found participants were generally more negative about their own experience than they were about the idea of transitioning, more generally.

60% were more or less negative about their own experience with a slightly lower percentage more or less negative about transition for other people.


The open comments were revealing. Discovery of radical feminism is mentioned, as a positive, by a few of the participants. Support from Lesbian communities, or lack of such a community is referenced. Some felt they had been pushed into transition. Lack of alternatives presented by therapists also cropped up. Here are some comments on their own transition: Here reports of pressure, feeling duped, crops up. Also one woman feels she has so altered her body with hormones, mastectomy and hysterectomy she feels as if she is no longer allowed to identify as a woman, or a man.


More comments about the lack of exploratory therapy, inaccurate information from trans-activists, no effort made to consider non-medical responses to Gender Dysphoria recurred. The therapeutic community has a lot to answer for, in respect of this unfolding medical scandal.


More comments reference the need for a stronger community for Lesbian and bisexual women. Even among the detransitioners there is still a belief in Gender Identity Ideology /Queer Theory and one also remains in a relarionship with a ”Trans man” who remains on a medical pathway. Only some are critical of medical pathways more generally, but the majority express the need for careful consideration and more therapy.


One respondent succintly states :”Burn every gender clinic down”. Many also express concern about children and teenagers put on a medicalised pathway. Lack of attention to trauma, underlying a flight from being female, is also a recurrent theme, as is the lack of accurate information from the trans community and medical professionals.

More than one respondent likens the transitioning of children and young people as a from of conversion therapy. The expressions of anger at those who colluded with this are surprisingly muted. Many seem to blame themselves but one, rather poignantly, wishes people, had been honest rather than encouraging her down this path. A few respondents do, however, blame queer theory or the trans-medical system. In general they show compassion for those who continue on this path or are about to embark on medical intervention.

I firmly believe the poster who calls this “medical recklessness” will be vindicated. Dan may rue the day he dismissed these findings. 👇


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