Detrans Survey 4 (a).

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These comments are the free text elements of the survey covered in full here:

Detransition Survey: Four

Here the detransitioners talk about the social taboo they break when they talk about post transition regret, or merely cease to identify as trans, from within the LGBTQ community. The also reveal the difficulties faced to access good medical /therapeutic support, post transition/detransition.


Loss of support from the LGBT community was felt, by many, as a deep personal loss :


The poor experiences suffered in relation to their medical experience was not confined to the medical experience of medical transition. I totally identify with the (almost) total loss of respect for the medical community over this issue. I avoid the doctors like the plague; which is not easy when we are living through an actual plague and I have an auto-immune disorder! Moreover I have to go to the same doctors who are complicit in my son’s sterilisation!


Next they speak of the difficulty of finding good therapeutic support: Most knew only how to encourage transition. They had no clue how to support detransitioners. Some even continued to push the trans narrative to detransitioners!


I wanted to include all the comments to give voice to this community who have been silenced through the might of the T in LGBT.

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