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In the past decade we have seen a viral marketing campaign to convince our children it is possible to be born in the wrong body. Given how many politicians, media pundits, academics and medical doctors have fallen for this, relentless, propaganda is it any wonder our young believe it?

The first example, on mainstream television, was I Am Leo. I still am shocked that BBC Children’s television pumped this out to our kids when we thought they were in safe hands.

I cannot do better than this guest post, via Transgender Trend so I will link this critique y Helen Saxby: Full article linked below and and excellent quote that summarises the problems with I am Leo:

I am Leo

The programme got a glowing write up by an organisation called the Children’s Media Foundation who boast influence with the All Parliamentary Group on Children’s media. Indeed the public inquiry contact for the APPG is a member of staff from the Children’s Media Foundation. At the time both John Nicholson and Connor Burns sat on this APPG, both have been particularly vocal on transgender issues. Phillip Pulman, another person in thrall to Transgender Ideology, was also a patron of the foundation.

They produced a year book in 2015 which, as well as an article by the head of children’s BBC, included an interview with the Cat Lewis, Executive Producer of ”I Am Leo”.

Cat Lewis was very proud of the fact this was the first programme about a transgender child to be broadcast in the U.K.

Cat Lewis talks candidly of the nervousness of the BBC when first pitched the idea. They were persuaded, in part, because Leo was already out in public and therefore the programme would not be revealing Leo as a female, in the media, for the first time.

The programme featured Leo holding the passport they had defaced for correctly recording her as a female. In a pattern I have come to expect, Leo had a history of being bullied. Leo was also supported by the Trans lobby group ”Press for Change”. So, not just a random kid of off the street.

Because Leo, we are told, had already been ”living as a boy” for some years (which appears to mean short hair, liking football and rejecting female sex stereotypes) the producer needed a different narrative arc. This turned out to be working with the Tavistock Gender Clinic to showcase the new treatment of blocking Puberty. This is the part with glaring inaccuracies. The series includes some cute graphics to illustrate the ”pause” and Polly Carmichael explicitly stating the following:

A statement somewhat at odds with a near contemporaneous statement made to the, putative, grown up media: “We don’t have the evidence”.

The show was a media success, garnering awards for the team, which is surely their raison d’etre and not the provision of accurate media portrayals for kids.

Alice Webb, of the BBC waxes lyrical about the role of CBBC in these clips from her interview, in the same document. How many parents knew that CBBC were pushing boundaries with our kids by feeding them the nonsense they can be born in the wrong body? She is proud of the role of the BBC in ”shaping” our kids’ lives. A grave responsibility which the BBC betrayed with this trans propaganda.

This is the first part of a series on the marketing of the Transgender child, Its just product placement at this point.

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