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This is a resource via the NSPCC on addressing gender stereotypes, allegedly. This is for Stage 3 pupils so those 11 to 14 years old. Like much of this material it has aspects that, superficially, seek to challenge regressive, sexist stereotypes.

The document was produced in conjunction with the PHSE association who provide resources for schools; to teach Personal, Heath and Sexuality Education. 

They also worked with a range of other partners, I have scoured their website and cannot find a list of the charities they regard as partners. 

They are also involved in a Home Office funded project working with the National Police Chiefs Council. 

Naturally enough they have a subject specialist who has an LGBT a agenda. 

The PSHE Association as supposed to oversee the material produced by the above groups. Promoting Gender Identity Ideology to schools, undermining girl’s rights to single sex facilities, allowing a child to conceal their sex. 

The NSPCC/PSHE Guidance. 

So here is the training. It starts out well enough. 

Soon it leads on to a number of contested issues. Sex and Gender are a spectrum. Sex is assigned at birth. Then some word salad about your gender identity as distinct from and your “gender expression” is a public display of your “Gender Identity”. This ideology doesn’t dismantle sex stereotypes, it reifies them. Adolescents are at their most vulnerable between the ages of 11 and 14. This is precisely the age at which kids explore their “identity” and try on different styles of hair and clothing. This is perfectly normal behaviour! 

Of course they also include the notorious genderbread person. What this fosters, in vulnerable kids, is a bodily disassociative disorder; by teaching young teenagers that there is a distinction between your biological sex and your gender. Notice they also offer a competing definition of sexual orientation. Instead of it simply being whether your orientation is driven by your prospective partners’, biological sex, they add attraction to the “feminine”. This grooms young Lesbians to accept men who present with the aesthetics associated with females, a.k.a. sex stereotypes. Notice they also have a separate category for “intersex” 👇. The term “intersex” is not favoured by the people who had disorders/differences in sexual development. They are not a third category, we are sexually dimorphic. 

This lesson plan them asks the children to select sterotyped terms and asks them to participate in an exercise to allocate them along the “gender identity and gender expression spectrum”. Quite a list of offensive terms here. 

What exactly is “Gender Expression if it’s not performing “feminine” or “masculine” which buys into sexist ideas? 

Of course the lesson plan involves showing some of the most egregious childline YouTubes. 

You can read more about these ChildLine youtube’s on my wordpress series. 


They end by directing the children to those charities with a deep investment in Gender Identity Ideology: Stonewall, Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence.

What the government have done is to outsource our children’s education to Lobby groups. Check your schools and make it clear that you wish to see any materials they are using in sex education. If you are not happy you can contact Safe Schools Alliance and suggest alternative materials from Transgender Trend. 

Safe Schools Alliance

Transgender Trend



Content looking at the impact of Gender Identity Ideology on women’s rights and Gay rights.


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