Bob Withers. Puberty Blockers. 2

Part two looking at the work of Bob Withers.

You can read part one here:

Bob Withers: Autogynephilia. 1

This part of the paper deals with blocking puberty in children who we have decided are “transgender”. These are powerful drugs and are not licensed for the purpose of halting puberty in healthy children. (They have been used for a condition known as precocious puberty). They have been billed as harmless and reversible. This not true. Little is known about the long term effects but the impact on bone density is documented. This can lead to osteoporosis. This is also a treatment used to treat prostate cancer and to chemically castrate sex offenders.

Withers quotes the work of Michael Biggs on puberty suppression. I covered that in this post :

TAVISTOCK 4 : Michael Biggs

Even for precocious puberty, where we do have data, blocking puberty resulted in a drop in IQ. Most of this data, scant though it is, is mainly about females, who are more likely to experience, or be medically treated for, the condition. There is, therefore, less data on males.

I find this, personally, terrifying because doctors have prescribed these drugs to my son and brain maturation relies on sex based hormones; which are being blocked. The medical profession are acquiescing in this treatment despite the lack of research.

Bob describes attending a conference about the “Science of Gender” , at the Tavistock. Note, this conference was funded by Pfizer pharmaceuticals! Withers references two speakers. Notice the role of sex hormones in brain development. I looked up Professor Blakemore. You can find a presentation she did on YouTube for The Royal Institution. What struck me about her talk was how little we know about the processes involved in brain development. Despite this lack of knowledge we are experimenting with pubertal development in children/adolescents.

{As a side issue I notice the myelination of nerve pathways occurs during this period. Damage to myelination sheaths occurs in multiple sclerosis and there is some research showing males who take exogenous female hormones are seven times as likely to develop multiple sclerosis. I will blog about this, when I get chance}.

Another speaker gave a talk on puberty blockers given to sheep. 👇. Cognition is impacted and this persists even a year after stopping taking them.

You can access this paper here. 👇

Puberty Blockers in sheep

A pause? 

As you can see the claim puberty is only “paused” is not borne out by the data. Children put on puberty blocking drugs invariably progress to cross sex hormones. Historic data, prior to this early medical intervention, saw most desist, and turn out to be gay males or lesbians, by the way. I am skeptical in respect of the claim, made below, this is due to superior diagnostic techniques. Those of us with children /teens who claim a transgender identity know they learn a script to make sure they get access to hormones.

This is a poorly evidenced medical response to kids struggling with gender identity issue. Many of them are gay, some autistic, kids in the care system are over-represented at gender clinics, as are females more generally.

Looks a lot like eugenics.

In part three I will look at the same paper which explores how society is treating distress by administering drugs and the drug companies who are profiting. If you are able to support my work you can do so here. I will keep my content free but I do this full-time and unwaged and I have an annual bill of £240 coming up to renew this blog.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology and it’s impact on women’s and gay rights and the unnecessary medication of children/teens who are struggling with gender identity issues.


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