Bob Withers. Part 5

This section looks at how young people are being misled into becoming lifelong medical patients. In this section the author looks at different scenarios based on fictional cases which, nevertheless, draw on real life cases from his therapeutic experience. I will add in some observations, from my own experience, of parenting a trans-identified son.

In this section we have some reflections on how our children come to share a belief they are born in the wrong body. 👇. These ideas are not emerging in a cultural vacuum. What shocks me, to this day, is the promulgation of this ideology by Childrens BBC. Programmes like ”I am Leo” were marketing this ideology to our kids. The main culprit, in terms of my son, was ChildLine, who are run by the NSPCC. For those who don’t know this is the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, who are the only children’s charity to have statutory powers to intervene and ”protect” children. The NSPCC is deeply implicated in fostering a bodily disassociation as ”normal” to troubled kids who turned to them for help. {You can find my entire series on the NSPCC from the menu}.

Even purported academic/medical conferences are promoting this ideology and are even funded by the very pharmaceutical companies who stand to profit from our children’s distress. 👇 Big Pharma trumps talking therapies.

Bob then covers some of the common narratives of young girls, identifying as boys, who claimed to have spent time socialising with wolves, but this is not a social contagion, right?

He then covers the case of an autistic female who shed her feelings of “weirdness” when she identified as male. She resisted puberty blockers because of concern about the health risks. Finally she reconciled to her sex, and sexuality:

My son feels ”weird” about being a male, attracted to males, who enjoys female friends, likes to bake and was ostracised and subject to homophobic bullying from a young age. What is happening to him now is Gay Conversion Therapy. 👇. Whether intended or not this is the result of this, deeply homophobic, ideology.

The clinicans who are dosing my son with sterilsing hormomes are criminally culpable and I would like to see trials and imprisonment. Will it happen? I fear not because there are simply too many, high profile, people who have staked their reputations on defending the idea of “transgender kids”.

Next Bob looks at the TV show Butterfly in which Anna Friel plays the mum of a boy, Max, who feels as if he was meant to be a girl. Series advice was taken from the lobby group Mermaids. The Tavistock apparently withdrew their support for the programme.

This was from the trailer:

The programme foregrounds the idea of only two options. Allow Max to be Maxine or have a child suicide on your hands. Later they also dramatise the idea of a child attempting to castrate himself; all promote the necessary application of puberty blockers. The suicide data does not support these claims.

Bob then examines possible pathways for Max/Maxine. One of these is a non-medicalised future:

As in the ITV drama, Max could have a medicalised future as ”Maxine”. What could be the outcome? One outcome is pharmaceutical companies stand to make a lot of money. Once you start a kid on puberty blockers they, almost invariably, proceed to cross-sex hormones. He will be a lifelong customer.He will also be sterile. In the long term he will have a significantly increased risk of suicide. This is the only suicide statistic that trans-activists shy away from referencing.

Bob then looks at some other consequences. There are some knowns some unknowns. I impact on bone density is a known, impact on sexual function / ability to orgasm is a dirty secret which some, post-operative, males have reported.

One of the consequences of puberty blockers is stunted genitalia, for males, which complicates any future surgeries. Even with “successful” surgeries there are issues re ”maintaining“ a ”neo-vagina”.

After a reminder that Mermaids advised the series producer, and some skepticism about the picture painted in ”Butterfly”, we are presented with an alternative scenario where Max/Maxine gets some meaningful, therapeutic intervention. Eventually he discloses some child sexual abuse and his mother’s feelings about his “sexually predatory” father. Max begins to consider whether these things promoted rejection of his sexed body.

Like many detransitioners this costs him dearly in terms of his social networks.

Finally the author draws these conclusions. Affirmation relies on low quality research and the silencing of critical/questioning voices with cries of ”transphobia”.

Withers makes a final point about the societal response to ”Gender Dysphoria” and other mental health issues. Is it our own discomfort which drives us to accept a medical diagnosis and treatment pathway. Have we embarked on a programme of sexual lobotomy? “Surely this must suit us for some reason”

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  1. Great article, just pointing out a typo in this sentence: “I oact on bone density is a known, impact on sexual function / ability to orgasm is a dirty secret which some, post-operative, males have reported.”

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