Ruth Hunt and OFSTED

Given my coverage of Ruth Hunt’s role, as former CEO of Stonewall, I am somewhat late to the discovery of her links with OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education). OFSTED are the government body that oversee education standards in England. This is a devolved responsibility so it does not cover the other parts of the U.K.

It has quite a range of responsibilities as outlined here:

The current chief inspector is Amanda Spielman:

Amanda Spielman was appointed as the Chief Inspector in 2016. The appointment was met with some criticism, at the time, and it was not endorsed by the Parliamentary Select committee covering education.

The Education Committee held an on-camera, pre-appointment, scrutiny hearing on the 22nd June 2016. You can watch that on the link below. 👇

Parliament TV

Following that session the Chair of the Committee wrote to Nicky Morgan, then the Minister of Education, to express concerns at her appointment. The committee raised a number of issues. One of their specific concerns was about child protection:

Nicky Morgan, Minister of Education robustly defended the appointment and rejected the opinion of the Education Committee. This is a report of the recruitment process, as recorded on Hansard. This was in 2016 and here is the analysis of the shortlisted candidates; which uses the transphobic dog whistles of “male” and ”female”.

Interestingly, Nicky Morgan’s own appointment had attracted criticism from Stonewall because she had votes against gay marriage. Ms Morgan allayed these concerns by appointing Luke Tryl, late of Stonewall, as her special advisor.

The Stonewall influence did not end there. This is the recruitment panel for Ms Spielman’s appointment, present is Ruth Hunt.

Ruth Hunt was then the CEO of Stonewall. Here she is celebrating the fact that Ofsted had joined the Stonewall #NoBystanders campaign. Standing beside her is another member of the recruitment panel, Chris Wormald.

Chris Wormald made the announcement and signed the Stonewall pledge at an event hosted by the Department of Education LGBT & BAME staff networks. The DFE was ranked in the top 100 of Stonewall Employers when the list was public. {After a number of high profile departures, the list is no longer, publicly, accessible}.

Here was Ruth Hunt’s statement at the time which includes the Stonewall mantra at the time ”acceptance without exception”.

Following the appointment of Ms Spielman the love-in continued when Luke Tryl , Nicky Morgan’s special advisor was appointed to a £90,000 a year role at Ofsted.

The cosy relationship continued with Ms Spielman giving the keynote speech at a Stonewall Youth conference.

This was part of Spielman’s pitch, to Stonewall Youth, in that keynote address.

Sabah Choudrey, one of the speakers mentioned above, worked with the All Sorts Youth Project who are behind some of the more egregious school guidance on Transgender pupils. I wrote about that here:

School Transgender Policy 1. Brighton: Allsorts

As frequently observed the activists in this field are not satisfied unless it’s supporters show abject compliance with all aspects of trans-ideology. Here Ofsted is criticised for failing to discuss transgender issues with primary school children. This information was obtained by a Freedom of Information request. The email shows Stonewall lobbying Ofsted via back-channels.

Stonewall went on to imply that schools should be “marked down” if they did not discuss the issue of “gender reassignment” with children, that is children in Primary School.

Fast forward to 2021 and, at last, we see some unravelling of the institutional capture as OFSTED finally leave Stonewall Lobby Group.

I will leave you with Ms Spielman’s own spiel to the Education Committee during the pre-appointment scrutiny. Stonewall is a crusader for Gender Identity Ideology and by aligning too closely with their, controversial, agenda many institutions lost sight of their objectivity, honesty and integrity.

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