Parents of ”trans” kids. Part 8: Cross-Sex Hormones

Parents talk about cross-sex hormones. This is described as ”gender affirming” treatment. Once again puberty blockers are described as a temporary interruption of puberty and it ”is considered reversible”. This is not true. There are known impacts on bone density and IQ levels. So much more is unknown. Even if this claim was not false, 98% progress to cross sex hormones. Administering puberty blockers makes a medically dependent pathway almost inevitable. What is more PBs + CSH will mean these teenagers are sterile. Not infertile. Sterile. We are doing this on the NHS.

These are some of the causative factors of Gender Dysphoria.

Note one of those causes is having a parent with munchausens by proxy. What is striking about these parents is the high percentage of mother’s who believe they have a transgender child.

Some parents feel that the NHS is too conservative in its prescribing policy for people with a transgender identity. In this series some draw an analogy to Hormone Replacement Therapy in women.

In HRT for women the hormones are a ”replacement” for those that are depleted after menopause. Even then women are warned of an elevated risk of breast cancer after one year on HRT.

For males the hormones used are not naturally occurring, at the levels prescribed. They will also have an increased level of ”breast” cancer. Males have also been found to have seven times the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis Risk

Here a parent complains about the tightrope they walk in demonstrating the mental health consequences of being denied cross-sex hormones but not presenting as so unstable it raises issues of competence. This mum also complains that her son is expected to present in a stereotypically ”feminine” way to access treatment.

Here a parent is confident that their daughter is ”rock solid” in their wish to access testosterone, he recognises that this is a ”big decision”.

Lisa expresses her concern about her daughter’s fertility. She wants to find a way to preserve her fertility so that she can become pregnant in the future.

She is clearly frustrated at the attempt to extract some assurances from the hospital. Her daughter seems unclear about the link between menstruating and pregnancy. The fact that they are asking whether a pregnant body would make them look “feminine” is illustrative of the magical thinking of these confused kids. She is, however, right that testosterone impacts females much quicker than female hormones do on males.

The prioritisation of aesthetics over reality. 👇

The physical changes cement the seeming permanence of the decision making as beard growth, deepening voice lead to more social affirmation and increased use of male pronouns. The voice changes will be permanent and facial hair can only be dealth with by electrolysis, at this point.

Once again, Oonagh, talks about the impact on fertility as a possibility even though her child has had puberty blockers, followed by cross-sex hormones. This is no longer a ”possibility” but a certainty. All of this calls into question the notion of ”informed consent”.

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