Parents of ”trans” kids. Infertility: Part 10.

This is part 10 of a series on Parents who believe they have a ”transgender” child. The project is funded by, amongst others, Oxford University. Mermaids representatives sit on the steering board. The research is hosted on a website called This episode is on parents discussing their child’s fertility. Many of these children have been on puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones. They will be sterile. Some of these parents seem to be unaware of this fact.

Here Oonagh says she does think about the long-term impact of the cross-sex hormones her son is taking.

Oonagh thinks her child is too young to know how he will feel in the future. He is too young to appreciate the consequences of the treatment he is going through. She also does not know much about the options for fertility preservation. She seems to be a bit late in the day to be admitting this.

Maybe science will come up with something?

There is ongoing research into preserving fertility for those undergoing fertility destroying treatments. The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority even have a page for Trans and non-binary people. They even advise that there is provision for egg/sperm storage to be extended beyond the usual ten years to 55 years for anyone facing premature infertility. Even if you are taking these treatments voluntarily. Link below: 👇


Some of the children were not interested in any measures to preserve their fertility and see adoption in their future.

This is an example if the magical thinking of these kids. A male wants to meet a girl who wanted to be a boy so they could have children together. One parent does not remember any conversation about fertility at GIDs.

One parent says his child does not want to think about anything relating to certain parts of their body. Another says their child was too embarassed to be in a room where sperm was discussed. I am going to suggest that these kids are embarking on treatments for which they are not mature enough to give informed consent.

Lesley’s child is being treated for mental health issues, as an in-patient. She disagrees with the decision to take her daughter off testosterone during this stay. CAMHS felt that her daughter was showing doubt about loss of fertility.

Parents feel their children are not being treated as well as cancer patients in this respect. However another parent says his daughter felt concern about fertility was a way to gatekeep access to testosterone.

Ross felt their child complied with the process, to a degree, because they lacked the confidence to refuse. To him, their child was adamant she did not want children.

At last they mention ”safeguards”.

Where are the social workers?

BASWK who regulate social workers are also captured. From their website:

They include ”gender” and ”gender identity” in their list of categories of “oppressed” people.

Here a parent reflects on the future fertility of her child. Her child is on route to ruined fertility and yet this parent wishes to find a route so they can still procreate.

She is reduced to doctor google!

One of the options she is considering is having a baby before embarking on cross-sex hormones.

The local authority, social workers, the foster carer are all going along with this, let that sink in. The capture is across the board.

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