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I have decided to do a series on all the NHS guidance on the denial of women’s rights; commonly disguised in their policies for patients with a ”trans-identity”. I am minded to do this because of the revelation that a man raped a woman, on an NHS ”women’s” ward. Following the rape the NHS lied to the woman, for a YEAR, claiming she could not have been raped because there were no MEN on the ward. This despite there being CCTV footage! You can read about this case here: 👇

Ward rape

Here are a few clips from the above article.

Make no mistake. Many, many health care professionals are concerned, nay furious, about these policies. Below is another clip.

By now it is clear that Lobby groups have infiltrated public, and private, sector organisations and senior staff have outsourced their critical thinking to transgender lobby groups. People who cannot accept biological truth, about themselves, are therefore driven by a compulsion to impose, dangerous, levels of sex denialism on the rest of us.
It is also clear this legal / policy capture has been happening for decades.

The policy I will look at today is from 2007. Here is the document:


The central deception, foisted on a supine bureaucracy, is that the policy is focused on “trans” people. This helps ensure nobody looks at the implications for other groups, specifically women.

The document was produced by a now defunct arm of the government, Central Office for Information which is what the COI on this clip states. 👇

The author, Julie Fish, is involved in LGBTQ issues. (She actually co-authored a book by someone I know quite well which was a bit of a shock). Social Work is pretty much captured, as we know.

Naturally it uses the language of Gender Identity Ideology. So calls into question the idea of ”two” genders and then says ”gender assigned at birth“.

Like Stonewall they include part-time cross dressers under the ”trans” umbrella: 👇

Even as far back as 2007 they were making the case for men to be in women’s spaces despite openly acknowledging most won’t have bodily modifications. To be clear, a surgically modified male is still not a woman but most people think men are at least disarmed to the extent of penis removal.

As we know the term ”Transgender” is now the main term used in the U.K but it is misleading to imply it only covers drag queens/kings. Many Drag Queens see themselves as simply gay men and the document avoids referencing men who are transvestic fetishists or men with autogynephilia. These are men with sexual paraphilia.

The document claims “transsexuals” have surgery and then prefer to be known simply as men or women. They tend to prefer to live in ”stealth”, we are told, if this was ever true it is not now! Later we are told MTF are at higher risk of violence because of lack of passing privilege. This is an attempt to get away with the idea of shy and retiring people who are in our spaces, we just don’t know it, and the idea theres an epidemic of violence against “transwomen”. If men are routinely attacking these males they must be clockable.

There are some lies about people with disorders of sexual development (DSDs). The reference uses the outdated term of ”hermaphrodite”, exaggerates the prevalence of the condition, and tries to imply they are part of the “trans” community. In fact there is no higher rate of people with chromosomal abnormalities in the ”trans” community. In the U.K a research project looked at referrals to Gender Clinics, found people with DSDs were not over-represented. Karyotype tests were then abandoned, as routine.

I have hesitated to cover the issue of DSDs when there are so many people, with these conditions, speaking out. Suffice to say their utility to the Trans activists is manifold. Firstly it serves a purpose to destabilise the notion we are sexually dimorphic and allows a captured elite to claim we no longer can define what a woman is. They are also used to claim being “trans” is a sort of “intersex of the brain”.  There is a compulsion to claim there is a biological basis for being “trans” to claim “born this way” and infer this is a recognised medical condition, not a mental disorder.  Here is a quote of a trans activist outlining this strategy:  ( This is a quote from MRKVoice.com) 👇

This is the sneaky way Lesbians and Gay men are redefined. If those who identify as ”trans” can by Lesbians /Gay men then you have decoupled biological sex from ”sexual orientation” This is why we have heterosexual males/ females identifying as Lesbians/Gay men. Note this clip was also laying the groundwork for the invention of the ”transgender child”.

The document uses the usual, emotional, blackmail about suicide in “trans” youth so I won’t repeat that here. I have done one piece questioning dodgy data on suicide and I have another one in the pipeline. The paper also emphasises the need to access medical responses for their ”identity” and recycles the idea that parents are abandoning our children and that the NHS routinely discriminates. This turns out to be about pronoun violations and not been allowed into the ward for the opposite sex.

They also claim they are left out of important health screening which is mainly due to removing their sex markers from NHS records. Basically they have been given exactly what they asked for and are now complaining.

This was an interesting ”mistake”. The document claims there is a Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism. Yet if you follow the link it takes you to the Trans Lobby group : Press For Change.

Needless to say all the people consulted were gender extremists. Here is a sample.

On the references; many of the links are no longer there but I will follow up the referenced court cases in later blogs. {One of the court cases includes an individual who wants ”gender reassignment surgery” and claims his condition causes his epilepsy and only the removal of, I am presuming, his penis will cure it. Why are we listening to someone so obviously delusional?}.

Stephen Whittle and Christine Burns figure prominently in the referenced work. Here is a reminder about Burns. {From their book ”Trans Britain”. Chapter by trans activist, James Morton}. Prisons were chosen to normalise mixed sex spaces. We knew there would be sexual offences. These ideologues don’t care. Women and children are acceptable collateral damage in this War On Reality.

I am currently unwaged. Donations welcome.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology. How it has captured States and normalised the sterilisation of children. Many of who are just gay.


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  1. You mentioned that social workers are particularly taken in by the woowoo.

    Here is an example from my own life that illustrates this.

    I am in the terminal stages of advanced prostate cancer, which means I need a great deal of support. A couple of months ago a jolly young social worker turned up to see if she could be of any assistance. I explained that apart from the ravages of the disease and bodily deterioration, my most depressing and insistent problem is the side effects of an anti cancer drug – decapeptyl – which every two or three hours, produces cold flushes and prickly heat throughout my body leaving me a soaking mess of emotional distress. Her reply was, and I quote: “and yet trans people take these drugs all the time!”

    I was so bewildered by this utterly crass, totally unsympathetic and useless response that I was able only to blurt out something about people being entitled to take whatever drugs they wish, but that anybody who says this particular drug does not have this effect is a liar.

    I do not know whether she saw the copies of books by Doc Stock, Abigail Shrier or Julie Birchill on my table. But despite promising to return to assess me further, she has missed both appointments.

    One bit of me thinks: good riddance, for she was in any case very unlikely to be able to assist me in any way. Another side of me really does want her to return so I can listen to more of her uselessness while much more prominently displaying aforementioned books in the space between us, and pursuing the matter of the ethics of giving highly poisonous drugs that were developed to control hormone based cancers to teenagers for what are essentially cosmetic purposes. If she does ever return, I shall share our exchanges here (with your permission) in great detail.

    Despite this incident I have been treated always by medical professionals and others charged with my care with nothing but respect. But this crossed a line.

    I am still trying to fathom why she said what she did in response to my statement about decapeptyl. Does she have any actual experience of what this drug does? Was she dismissing or underplaying my symptoms by claiming they are perfectly safe and benign, since otherwise they would not be used by trans people all the time? Has she simply swallowed the ideology wholesale and become so embedded in a culture where it is the sine qua non that she can see nothing else?

    I guess I will only get answers to these questions if she ever returns. For if she does, I am going to press for answers – big time!

    Another possibility also comes to mind: that because I responded to her bland bollocks about decapeptyl with such suppressed fury and because aforementioned books were among my reading material, I have now been pushed to the bottom of her list. After all which gender captured social worker is going to want to engage with this grumpy old philosopher about the truth? Are there actually any social workers out there capable of engaging with truths that disturb their ideological commitment and perforce destabilise their professional trajectories?

    Actually I really do want her to return, simply to answer the question why she thought it was a reasonable response to a dying man that the symptoms he suffers from one of his drugs are somehow irrelevant, or that he is exaggerating the effects. I simply do not understand why this was an appropriate response.

  2. Tish, the link “Woman raped on women’s ward” appears to have been deleted and there was no archive of it on either .ph or .org. Do you have another source? I’ll go and have a look myself now and drop anything I find in these comments.

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