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I came across a YouTube celebrating Canadian people who identify as ”transgender”. One of them appeared in the BBC documentary on ”trans” children which I covered in my last piece. You can read that here:

Transgender Kids: Who knows best?

This is a short film put out for Pride month. The title tells us this will be medical professionals talking about what it means to be ”trans”. There is one doctor, one contributor is a psychotherapist and another has a background in sociology, the final one is an author with a naval background.

Medical Professionals on “Trans”

Hershell Russell

The trans-identified female appeared in the BBC documentary, covered above, and is extreme proponent of affirmation therapy for those she calls ”transgender” children. She is adamant that there is no need for mental health support for these children. She is very much of the view that ”we are who we say you are” and highly critical of the therapeutic approach of Ken Zucker.

She also does not think it is odd that she has strong opinions about other people’s children. To Hershell Russell these children are part of her community; the rainbow family. I cannot do justice to the messianic zeal displayed by Hershell in the written word, it is quite disturbing to see someone so evangelical about treatments which will render these kids sterile and lifelong medical patients. The eyes, though. 👆

Dr Carys Massarella

The medical doctor who appears in this short video is a heterosexual, late transitioning male who decided he needed to ”transition” after attending a ”transgender” patient on their deathbed. We are told the familiar story of a man who claims he has always known his ”truth” but married anyway in an attempt to combat his urges. He also exposes the conformity of this movement with this extraordinary statement. According to this belief system the ”cis” people are lucky because we are happy performing sexist stereotypes. So what does this man do? Long hair, make-up, mini-dresses. He’s a walking, sexist, stereotype of what makes a woman.

Dr Carys Massarella also works in a gender clinic so we are also treated to a glimpse of one of the patients, who is also hyper-feminine in presentation, and who explains that they don’t feel the need to disclose their sex. This veil of secrecy is why women’s consent is being over-written by gender ideologues who think it is their right to use spaces set aside for the female sex. Spaces which women fought for so that we could have a place in public life.

Aaron/Holly Devor

The next participant turn out to be the author of this book, written as a young Lesbian.

Holly now goes by ”Aaron” and is the Chair of Transgender Studies which was funded by a trans-identifed, male, billionaire. (Clip from 11th hour blog).

You can read the full piece, by Felicia, on @11thHour blog here: Holly went from being an open Lesbian to working with sex offenders, identifying as a man and becoming a champion of men’s rights to cross dress.

Aaron Devor

Aaron is also a full-on sex denialist. A sentiment he reiterates in the above YouTube:

Aaron also made this statement about paedophiles which beggars belief.

Stephanie Castle

Another participant was Castle, who was born in the North Of England and brought up by a domineering father. Castle talks about sneaking a book about the transition of Lily Elbe aboard war ship on which he was stationed during WWII. He eventually emigrated to Canada and between his two wives he was married for forty years and fathered children. He was 62 when his second marriage failed and he then began to seek out ”medical transition”.

1 did a bit of research on Stephanie and found a talk he gave in 2014.

Stephanie Castle

Stephanie claims to have had a very vivid dream, at the age of four, that he was a curly, haired blond girl. As he was born in 1925 he did not understand what it portended. He did tell his mother who told him never to tell his father or he would be sent to the local lunatic asylum. Thereafter he was restricted to secret cross-dressing and making sure he was not found out.

Later in life he did get chance to experiment at Fancy dress parties. He has two revealing anecdotes about this experience. A recurring issue is the barely disguised competition with their wives. Notice it is Stephanie who gets a custom made frock.

That was not the final, fanciful, anecdote from this party. Part of the pleasure seems to be derived from the anger of his wife. I am highly skeptical of this story but it suggests the sexual motives at play.

Stephanie also reveals that he was once banned from his Gender Clinic by a social worker who told him they did not accept voyeurs. Castle claims the motivation for this accusation was that he wished to write about his experiences at the clinic, we have no way of knowing if this was the actual reason. We do know that Castle set up the Zenith Foundation to support attendees from the Gender Clinic. After his death his archive was donated to the Transgender Archive. The Youtube has this addition to Castle’s story.

Transgender Archives: Vancouver Rape Relief.

Something tells me the Transgender Archives will prove useful to future researchers who want to understand how this triumph of unreality came to dominate political movements during this period. The curator seems inordinately proud to have the records of the attack on a rape crisis centre which only admits women. Kimberley Nixon was the TRA who went all the way to the supreme court to try to gain access to female rape victims. Vancouver Rape Relief have been resisting this since 1995.

What a legacy!

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