Alison Bailey: Legal Judgment

Alison has won her case against Garden Court Chambers, but not against Stonewall. Judgement attached below:


Alison’s press release.


I will add a full post when I have time to read it.

Support Dog

I am pleased this was included in the judgement 👇

This is Kirrin.

This should give you an idea of what is at stake. Nobody had any doubt about what a woman is when we were being denied the vote. Women are deemed hostile if they don’t prostrate ourselves before the prostate-havers and agree they are women.

To see the hostility for the opposing site visit 👇

Terf Is A Slur

Examples from our colonists .

Alison’s comment on why she started to have concerns about trans-activists.

It wasn’t me mum, honest!

This ought to be a wake up call to any company who pays for Stonewall advice. They just threw Garden Court Chambers under a bus.

I will return to this as I work through the judgement. I am sure we will soon get expert legal commentary and I will append this.

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