Martine Rothblatt: Chapter 3 : Law & Sex

Chapter three continues the theme of insisting biological sex does not matter. According to Martine science has now discovered the “brain continuum” and we no longer need to focus on separation people based on their genitalia. What he never addresses is the criminal tendencies of the penis people.


He addresses the incarceration issue based on male on male rape addressing the case of Farmer v Brennan in Ruth Bader Ginsburg acted. Addressing male propensity to sexual violence by exposing women, the overwhelming victims of sexual violence, to heightened risk if one of the most morally bankrupt ideas of our time.

No such consideration is shown to other young men, who may be gay and vulnerable, but a man who claims to identify as a woman…. You can read my earlier piece about Rothblatt and prisons which provides some background about the Farmer case, below.


Rothblatt asserts that it is impossible to prevent rape in prison. How convenient for him to adopt this defeatist position. I will tell you one way we can prevent rape in the female estate, keep men out. As for pressing women into service as aids to rehabilitation this is pure misogyny.

Rothblatt thinks of everything. Men and women will have their fertility, temporarily, suppressed to make sure there are no “pregnancies” thereby enabling the cover up of rapes in the mixed sex environment. Of course it is necessary to know the sex of the prisoner for this to be effective which somewhat undermines his whole thesis.

He goes on to argue that “sex typing” is anachronistic. He has a little detour to condemn laws against cross-dressing and argues that when it was implemented in texas a large numbers of Lesbians were arrested.


He also rails against the recording of sex for census purposes. Lest you think this is the ramblings of a mad man (it is but he seems to have persuaded a lot of people) let me remind you that the English census tried to make this a reality by allowing respondents to answer according to their self identity. It can hardly be a coincidence that there is a trans-identified male as a senior member of staff at the Office for National Statistics. (ONS). You can read about him here. He also held senior posts at the Government Equality Office.

Alison Pritchard: TRA behind the scenes? Part one: GEO

He also claims that it is the recording of the data, by sex, which creates the discrimination in the first place!

We are back to the racial classification argument. Apparently the problem is that we are told we are male or female in the first place. Given the choice many would, he claims, all identify as “other”. I guess this explains the non-binaries who stupidly think this would enable them to dodge sexism. Sigh. People are really this deluded.


He really surpasses himself on the sport issue. As we watch numerous men identify as women for competitive advantage this 👇 argument makes him look ridiculous. “Would not men masquerade as women in order to have an edge in the fame and fortune that comes from athletic success?”

He even argues that females are segregated to save men from hurt feelings! Arsehole.

Luckily we can rely on Professor Fausto-Sterling to bring some science to the table.

Here comes the crazy if you have not seen enough. The Vagina People need to compete against men to up our game! Apparently we were only ever excluded so the nasty men could take all the top prizes. (Oh and he throws in a few references to the disadvantaged Japanese people to bring race into the argument, again).

Cyber People

Now some bonkers stuff about having multiple meat sacks and humans grown in twenty months!

Why? Multiples, of course.

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