Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhumanism. Chapter 8

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The final Chapter covers

Unfortunately, for me, Rothblatt, like a lot of men, doesn’t know when to stop so he follows up this chapter with both an epilogue and an afterward. Sigh.

He’s quite triumphalist in this chapter. Once again he located the origins of women’s oppression of women in acknowledging the reality of sex. In his world if we eradicate single sex spaces and open all female only spaces, to men, we will eradicate sexism and women will be liberated. He is astonishingly naive (disingenuous?) in this belief. He has a recurrent theme that abolishing sex based boundaries is being accomplished and “nothing horrible happened”. At the same time evidence is building to demonstrate that horrible things are happening: now on an almost daily basis. Whether this is women being incarcerated with male rapists or a fetishistic teacher parading his sexual paraphilia in a school. This is the brave new world of Rothblatt. Where this man can force school children to participate in his gross sexual fetish, because it is protected by Canadian law.

School spokesperson had this to say:

Rothblatt twists the history of female oppression to serve his own purposes. He misrepresents the achievements of campaigners for same sex marriage calling it “gender blind” marriage. The truth is , in fact, it is legislation to allow same sex marriage. He celebrates the decline of “sexual apartheid” because it is a victory over “cultural fascism”; equating women’s rights with Nazis is the new #FemiNazi. A label beloved by all the MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) that preceded Martin.

Those who opposed same sex marriage campaigned on the basis of religion because they knew they would lose if it became a question of “civil rights”. That lesson was not lost on transgender identity ideologues who have managed to convince political elites that a man’s right to parade his fetish is the new frontier of civil rights.

Not content with forcing society to accept that men can be women the next frontier is transhumanism; 👇

In Rothblatt’s vision we will become hybrids of humans and computers and gain access to immortality. He wants to eradicate death.

He drops the names of the proponents of transhumanism should you wish to pursue your studies further. Julius Huxley, Ray Kurzweill and a man called FM 2030; who has had his head cryonically suspended in the quest to be revived. I did actually watch a documentary on FM 2030 which you can find here:

FM 2030

Theres also a website which Rothblatt promoted which now appears to be called Humanity Plus and has a YouTube channel. I am more concerned with the immediate impact of this ideology but clearly there are already developments to integrate humans with technology even if we may remain skeptical about the eradication of death itself.

Rothblatt clearly thinks this will be a reality in his lifetime so is laying the groundwork for laws to recognise legal personhood for his afterlife.

He justifies this by, once again, comparing a lack of recognition of post human computers to apartheid and sexism.

I destroy my enemy by making him my friend.

Rothblatt claims the victories of transgenderism are because they have followed a well trod path of advancement which includes the end of apartheid, slavery and the end of the oppression of women. At the same time he uses a revealing quote for his epilogue which reveals what he is really doing. He is forced teaming women and gay rights proponents to further his own aims. He is the enemy of groups he proclaims as “friends”.

No longer is there a war between the sexes, in Rothblatt’s world, instead it is a battle of technology and his preoccupation with separating women from childbearing emerges, again. He has a bad case of womb envy.

It is clear that he thinks he has won the battle over reality and we no longer believe there are two sexes. As always he misrepresents the arguments over sex by inferring, sometimes stating, that those of us arguing sex matters want to enforce sex based stereotypes and a belief in #LadyBrain. The people with the penises do in fact thinks differently which is why they are 99% of sex offenders.

How he squares this with his own statements is anyone’s guess. There is no such thing as male or female but Martine still claims he has the “soul of a woman”, uttered with all the confidence of a man.

Yet, like Eddie Izzard, he wants it both ways. He’s not quite ready to jettison that male privilege.

In conclusion.

Martine Rothblatt is no friend to women or homosexuals. He thinks he can be a bridge builder and “transgenderism” is a stepping stone to “transhumanism”; with a detour to destroy women’s rights to male free spaces. He wants the end of the idea of sexual orientation which would destroy gay rights to assemble only with the same sex. This is why Lesbians in Tasmania have lost the legal right to exclude trans-identifying males from Lesbian only events. Just to be clear, Rothblatt, thinks he has morphed from heterosexual male to be a “Lesbian”. This is from the afterword. 👇


This is a placard of one of the trans activists who were there to challenge Lesbians marching in defence of same sex attraction at #LesbianStrength2022

Undaunted some young lesbians were there, fighting back. #LesbianStrength2022

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