Mark Rees: Trans Britain. 11

Mark Rees.

Rees is a trans-identified female who played a significant role in paving the way for the Gender Recognition Act; which was passed into U.K Law in 2004.

Despite Rees’ pivotal role in getting this legislation on the statute books Rees chose to defer applying so that he could enjoy the earlier pension age for women which was then 60 years; rather than miss out on five years of pension. Interestingly Rees talks of his distress at seeing a female sex marker on official documents but was able to overcome this for pecuniary gain.

Another sad feature of Rees’ life was the death of a twin. Born one of two premature twins the other was to die after only five days. Rees appears not to have had a brother and it’s not known if the death of a twin, or lack of a brother, had any bearing on the repudiation of her sex.

Rees also saw Dr Randall who we encountered in the preceding piece on George /Julia Grant. Despite describing Randall as a saviour he was brutally honest with his female patient.

It appears that Rees was same sex attracted and also a devout Christian who desired to be ordained as a minister. Is this another case of internalised homophobia? One article describes Brenda’s struggle with being expected to follow traditional occupations for a woman, the taunting she had as a “mannish” woman and a three month psychiatric stay. The problems were exacerbated during a spell in the armed forces where she had a crush on another woman. Brenda, however, was determined she would never have a sexual relationship with a woman, as a woman.

Rees described realising she was attracted to girls making it clear she was horrified and regarded a relationship with a woman as “abhorrent”. It is not known if this disgust extended to all “practicing” Lesbians but it is a familiar theme in trans identified homosexuals.

Rees underwent surgery in the 1970’s.

On applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate, once aged sixty five, Rees was at first rejected. Part of the problem was that all the people involved in the process to get a diagnosis, and obtain surgeries, were dead. At this point Rees claims that even her own mother had been concerned about Brenda as a child and visited the doctor because of concern for the size of her clitoris. There is no way of verifying this statement so many years later. 👇

The above statement somewhat conflicts with this statement later in the chapter where Rees’ mother is presented as totally blind sided.

An aunt stepped in to provide evidence that “Mark” had rejected sex stereotypical behaviour from an early age. This was her statement in support of a case Rees took to the European Commission for Human Rights. Rejecting of female attire and a “masculine” gait. Like the many men who “transition” there are always these stories brought out to justify the belief someone was always meant to be the opposite sex. An alternative perspective is that the family preferred a man to a butch lesbian and this view was shared by Brenda. Bearing in mind this was decades before homosexuality was widely accepted and, even today, society punishes boys and girls who don’t conform to expectations for their sex. This can be a crushing burden and result in a flight from your sex /sexuality.

I would argue that the arrival of menstruation evokes negative emotions in a lot of girls but those who flee into a “male” identity seem to feel they are isolated in this experience. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t remember a rejection of the physical manifestation of “becoming a woman”.

Rees attempt to change the law was unsuccessful and resulted in the public revelation of her female sex and a round of media publicity. This brought Rees to the attention of a Liberal Democrat M.P, Alex Carlile who would go onto join the House of Lords. Thereafter Rees began to meet other people who had a “transsexual” identity and became involved in lobby groups like Press For Change. The media coverage was a mixed bag, some of it salacious but some sympathetic. Even then there was a desire for no opposition in the coverage and alternative view points are described as a media “trick” . This is a movement that does not like scrutiny.

Rees was supported by the organisation Liberty and other M.P.s. came on board. The Parliamenary Forum For Transsexualism was set by Lynne Jones (MP) with Zoe Playdon (Head of Education at South Thames,Postgraduate, Medical Deanery). I will cover their role in my next piece.

This resulted in the setting up of. Transsexual Working Group which was across 12 government departments. Lots of “transsexuals” were brought in to advise but nary a thought was given to listening to women’s groups. I wrote about that here: 👇

GRA: Transsexual Working Group

This chapter documents many of the legal cases that I have covered in other parts of this series. Rees makes an interesting aside about the slow attrition of the campaign strategy by repeated legal cases until the government was worn down. More belligerent voices were found unhelpful by Rees. Patient and polite was the preferred campaigning style. It was conceded that there was no political gain to passing legislation which was unpopular with the general public. Once the general public understand that this legislation is not a few meek, surgically modified males; but fully intact males with sexual fetishes, the public will roundly reject it. This is where females in flight from their sex come in handy, They are the fig leaf for a full frontal assault on the sex based rights of women. Unsurprisingly Rees did not see it this way, only “Bigots” would not be won over.

After all this Rees had to get Stuart Lorimer (who we will meet again) to provide the documentation so she could get a Gender Recognition Certificate. When the new birth certificate arrived Rees had an unexpected response to the legal fiction that she was born male.

Yet Rees’ then proposes to eradicate the record of our sex from everyone’s birth certificate! This is breathtaking entitlement.

The next statement is indicative that this is a religious belief and explains the messianic zeal of these campaigners. Everybody is expected to be a believer and activists wish their religion to be embedded in the law. This is why there must be pushback. An ideology built on lies can only be propped up by the deployment of the Woke Stasi, the Transtapo if you will.

Rees is not the most aggressive of the trans activists and seems to have achieved what they have by a quiet persistence. Women in flight from their sex are not a threat in the same way as m heterosexual males acting out a fetish. Because Rees is same sex attracted they don’t pose a threat to gay male spaces as the modern crop of heterosexual females do. Even so the nature of the threat from females is, inevitably, less of a threat than the male “Lesbians”. There is zero suggestion that Rees understands the impact on women from the ideology she pushes on all women. At the very least this shows a selfish disregard for other women. But, we are just bigots aren’t we?

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