Lynne Jones: Trans Britain. (12 b)

Lynne Jones. Former Labour M.P

I split this one into two parts after finding rather a lot to write about Jones’ partner in crime, Zoe Playdon. You can find that post here:

C. Burns: Trans Britain. Part 13a

Lynne Jones was in the U.K parliament from 1992 until 2010.

She first came across this issue via a constituent who wished to speak to her about issues impacting his partner; who was a trans-identified male. The person is anonymised (as J) and claimed to be too afraid to present in person so was represented by the afore-mentioned Zoe Playdon. Jones begins with an apology for her previous use of the term transsexual even though that was a perfectly acceptable usage back then and remains in use for many people who claim that identity in 2022. She continues with an additional mea culpa for her old opinions. She used to find them “weird”; “disordered” or sexual deviants. She had not considered how “cruel” this perspective was and is soon firmly convinced synthetic, sex, identities are innate.

Jones came to feel ashamed at what she feels was her “complicity” in the injustices heaped upon this community. Given that Jones’ own self identity is bound up by being a warrior against injustice she felt compelled to atone for her own “sin” and become a cheerleader for this vulnerable minority. Not very well informed herself she relied on Zoe Playdon who, as we saw in part a, was ideologically committed to the “Transgender” project. Jones was all-in and began a letter writing campaign. She was particularly aggrieved at one response to her letter which conflated transvestites with transsexuals. Having read many of these narratives most heterosexual men who claim a “trans” identity have a history of cross-dressing though only a minority will admit that they began by masturbating into female underwear. These men more than likely have a paraphilia called autogynephilia. This condition is rooted in shame and therefore it must be denied at all costs.

Jones reserves a special kind of contempt for the women fighting to exclude males, irrespective of identity, from female only spaces. Here she mis-characterises feminist arguments dismissing them as some sort of conspiracy theorists. Men colonising women’s very existence to appropriate their identity, deny women the right to exclude them from our most intimate spaces? Call the police on women for correctly sexing them? What would you call it? Trans-Identified males are not women.

Jones is dismayed by the ministers reply indicating this was a very “complex” area. The issue of sexual assault against trans-identified males was what motivated her concern. (I don’t disagree with this because I personally know of a trans-identified male who was raped and treated abominably by the police). Where it does get “complex” is demanding that female staff perform examinations, searches or where males are assigned to a female prison.

Even though she ends with “I could not disagree” she proceeds to disagree and claims badging these areas as “complex” is a cop out.

Jones complains that M.Ps continues to see “transsexuals” as suffering from a psychiatric disorder and laments the responses to a concerted letter writing campaign. The only route was to appeal to the European courts to get domestic law over turned. I was not a brexiteer but watching how Europe has trampled over women’s rights to promote this ideology and could yet be a “sexiteer”.

As an aside Jones’ mentions that their constituent “J” had contacts with Stephen Whittle of the trans lobby group Press For Change. Whittle crops up a lot in this book but doesn’t get a dedicated chapter. I have done a series on Whittle, who is behind a lot of the attacks on her own sex class.

Stephen Whittle

Below she references a letter sent by a cross party group that claims “transsexualism” arises out of “biological and physiological causes”. She herself has a PhD in biochemistry so she has no excuse for passing this off as settled science; it is no such thing.

Jones’ aimed to set up an All Parliamentary Group on this issue but first she organises a meeting , at the House of Commons, to which she invited leading Trans Lobby groups like Press For Change and people like Stephen Whittle. Also invited was Domenico Di Ceglie who was head of the Tavistock Gender Clinic which has been ordered to close. You can read my series on him below.

Domenico Di Ceglie: Tavistock

This is a typical quote from him:

This lists some of the other attendees 👇

Dr Russell Reid is a familiar name to me because he lost his licence after botched surgeries. I did a slight detour to have a look at Reid so you can see the calibre of the members of the Parliamentary Commission on Transsexualism. You can read that here!

Russell Reid: Part One

The turning point came when the government realised they did not have the necessary expertise. Tragically they seem to have turned to the ideologues allied with Jones.

Jones argued that it was her own scientific background that helped her understand the issues and then spouts some guff about #LadyBrains ending up in men’s bodies.

This is a highly contested area. One paper I covered dismissed these arguments simply on the basis that if it was the case you would expect there to be a 100% correlation in identical twins both having a “trans” identity. Another claimed that post mortem examinations in “trans-identified” males (sample size 8) illustrated that their brain structures were more similar to female comparators. The problem here was that they did not. control for homosexuality or even the impact of synthetic “cross-sex” hormones, or take account of neuro-plasticity.

Jones found her own belief systems challenged by this ideology explaining her previous ideas thus: 👇

Keen to demonstrate her open mind she unquestioningly accepts the more extreme tenets of transgender ideology

Basically Jones is saying that a fully intact male who is a man, looks like a man, should be taken on trust that he is really a “woman”. This has major implications for women’s rights to single sex spaces but she won’t say that outright. Buried in all this obfuscation is a denial of biological reality. Forcing people to accept something that is manifestly untrue sets us on a path to totalitarianism. Already women are facing legal threats and losing their jobs for speaking not “their” truths but THE TRUTH.

After Labour won in 1997, Jones attended a fringe event run by Stonewall who, at that time, did not include trans activism in its campaigning. Still not happy with this guidance because a man would have to “appear” to be what he said he was. (I am using he because it is men who pose a threat to the female sex). For Jones this doesn’t go far enough because of a reliance that a man should look like a woman in order to take advantage of his new “identity”. She was an extreme proponent of the “self-identification ” route that has seen a man running a rape crisis centre, a woman refused a female only group to get support after her rape and male rapists in women’s prison. This, my friend, is what your “progressive” stance has led to…

The following clip suggests that supporting this ideology brought rewards to Jones’ status. The only government document that bore her moniker and “the highlight of my political career”. What a legacy?

Policy Capture 👇

As I covered in my series on men working behind the scenes to embed this ideology the infiltration of the civil service, police, press, judiciary, NHS, continued apace. Place men in key institutions working for their own self-interest and in opposition to woman’s interests.

“Trans”: Working behind the scenes

Below she repeats the LIE that puberty blockers are reversible and shows zero concern for a young woman irreversibly harmed by the ideology she peddled. This is also a lie because my (gay) son got wrong sex, synthetic, hormones within 6 weeks with zero counselling. See also my post on Russell Reid, above, who, admittedly at a private clinic, doled out hormones after one or two appointments.

She even writes proudly about campaigning to get the treatment model at the Charing Cross Clinic (where Russell Reid worked) to lower the barriers to “treatment”.

For her service to the men’s sexual rights movement she got an award from the lobby group Gendered Intelligence Research and Education Society (GIRES) which she is still very proud of…


Lynne Jones seems to be a woman who prizes her reputation as a champion of the underdog. Despite her PhD in biochemistry she seems to have allowed herself to be manipulated into believing pseudoscience. She also seems to delight in being thought of as “unreliable” and consequently was rarely included on any standing committees. She did garner homage in the “trans” community and appreciated being thought of as a “trans” MP. Naïveté? Or Self-aggrandisement? Probably a deadly combination of the two and atonement for her previous sins in thinking trans-identified people were disordered and sexually deviant. She has now over-corrected.

Next up “Jane” Fae. defender of extreme porn and media commentator.

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