C. Burns: Trans Britain: Part 17

Part Three: Growth

This chapter acts as a bridge from the historic movement and introduces the younger generation and the new set of demands. In this next part of the series this is who you can expect to meet.

Burns rehashes much of the earlier content in this chapter, reflects on past achievements and looks forward to more change from the new generation of activists. It is possible, and I am hopeful, that the hubris on display will provoke a serious challenge to this ideology in the coming decade. The chapter was written in 2017 and the landscape in the U.K is very different in Terf Island in 2022.

This sentence provoked an outburst of : “What more do they want?” from me. I expect we will find out soon enough.

This paragraph was reminiscing of a paragraph in Stephen Whittle’s paper called “Engendered Penalties”. 👇 This seems to presage the age of thought police which we are now living through. The problem people involved in this movement are demanding that we suppress natural instincts without which the species would not have survived. Much as these people wish to smash heteronormativity they cannot deny that every one of them was born of a mother. Heterosexuals are the majority and eventually (already?) people will get sick of the trans tyranny. My worry is that the backlash will extend beyond the T and generate backlash against the LGB too.

The Whittle paragraph I was thinking of came from a document I covered in this piece.

Engendered penalties: Whittle

Enforcement and Punishment

We are in the authoritarian phase of trans activism as demanded by Whittle.

Finally Whittle ends with a bit of transperbole about being able to sleep safely in their beds. I wonder how the women, incarcerated with rapists, sleep?

Whittle seems to have said the quiet part out loud while Burn’s claims these are the three priorities for the future.

Funny how women are berated for demanding we remain a sex class and not made invisible. Trans activists want to be included as “women” but simultaneously campaign for the words women use to describe our lives as “trans-exclusionary”. At the same time they are outraged at any failure to create a special category of “trans”. See this on the EHRC 👇. Trans women are women but the word women is treated as a trans exclusionary word! Make it make sense!

A similarly outraged paragraph appears when the NHS set up a Sexual Orientation Advisory group without pandering to the perpetually pissed off. Now a specific service for gay people cannot be allowed to leave out the genderists.

I will finish on this dishonest claim. Far from destroying sex stereotypes the trans movement has readied them and carved them into, and out of, their own flesh.

Trans activism is an attack on feminism at a fundamental level. This is just a new backlash. I am anticipating that part three will showcase some of the more left field ideas of the past two decades and how their excessive demands sowed the seeds of their own destruction, as an ideology. And, no, this is not a call for “trans” genocide simply a call for reality to reassert itself.

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