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This is another in my comprehensive or ridiculously long series on the book Trans Britain. Fox Fisher has been around for a good few years, from an early age, so is still relatively young. Fisher appeared in the documentary “My Transsexual Summer” and now has their own content creation vehicle, “My Genderation”. I first came across Fox Fisher while investigating how Childline “educated”, I would say “indoctrinated”, my son. Childline is run by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children (N.S.P.C.C).

You can access that series at the link below.

Queering the NSPCC? FINAL

Fisher appeared on breakfast television over 11 years ago to talk about their role in My Transsexual Summer, her voice already has the tell-tale timbre of a female on testosterone. This is how she described her realisation that something was different about them.

Ugla Stefania

I write Fox Fisher identifies as non-binary and is in a relationship with a male, Ugla Stefania, who also identifies as non-binary/genderqueer. The partner was an activist in Iceland and is known to me because they wrote the introduction to the Denton’s Document.

I did a piece on the Denton’s document which you can read here: In order to understand the tactics of the Trans Lobby group the Denton’s document is a must read.

That Denton’s Document

You can also watch Ugla’s Ted Talk and lean how he came to understand his female gender identity after adopting a female avatar on World of Warcraft. This talk is also full of the usual sex denialism, claiming people with disorders of sexual development justify a “trans” category and arguing people have no right to know a man is in women’s intimate spaces. The talk is, predictably, littered with references to this rates of suicide and violent death caused to “trans” people.

Ugla Stefania

Back to Fox Fisher

As of this year Fox Fisher has undertaken liposuction to remove fat deposits that she felt were too feminine. They have also, recently, had a metoidioplasty which is surgery to create a simulacra of a penis. This involves moving skin, fat deposits /cheek cells and this creates a non-functioning sex organ. Fisher appears to be the “trans” version of a polysurgical addict. Looking for Gender Euphoria. 👇

In a YouTube to discuss the surgery, Fisher doesn’t rule out getting a phallioplasty, if the metoidioplasty doesn’t deliver.

Fisher also did a joint TedTalk with Ugla and it was fascinating how the relationship was described. Sounds like being validated is a key component.

Fisher’s chapter in Trans Britain is focussed on how non-binary people are not just oppressed by people outwith the “trans” community but by people within the “trans” umbrella who believe in “cis-normativity and adopt a binary view of “gender”.

Fisher still finds time to critique Germain Greer and women defending our sex based right.

Their is not much new in Fisher’s chapter. There are ahistorical takes on the existence of “trans” people; confusing gender nonconformity with “trans” and appropriating the way different cultures found a way to accommodate, usually male, homosexuals. Fisher also takes time to defend trying to no platform different views and denies trying to get Greer banned was a free speech issue. Elsewhere Fisher exposed her own difficulties with homosexuality. This was something they were caught saying at a Mermaids camp for “transgender” kids.

You can access a link to Fox Fisher saying this at the link below.

Fisher on homosexuality

This paragraph 👇seems like an apologia for any violent backlash to people who don’t subscribe to gender ideology.

Fisher’s chapter rehashes many of the arguments put forward by her follow travellers. It’s worth reading for the exposure of the schism emerging between the gender binaries and the new sect of the neither male nor female sect. Both Fisher and Stefania conform to male and female stereotypes in their presentation to the extend of taking synthetic hormones and having surgeries. I don’t think a life dependent on #BigPharma for your authentic sense of self is a liberating life style. I should just mention that Fisher is also under the mis-apprehension that puberty blockers are safe and reversible. This is a dangerous ideology which Fisher also pushes via children’s books.

Masquerading as written to opposes sexist stereotypes the book is a thinly disguised propaganda tool for Transgender Ideology.

The authors and the messaging: The Blue-Haired non-binaries are coming.

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