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Somebody alerted me to the training from The Scottish Prison Service on dealing with “trans” prisoners. It’s freely available, for now, on YouTube. You can watch it here:

SPS Training

The Scottish Prison Service is utterly in thrall to, ideologically motivated, Lobby groups. 👇. They seem quite unabashed by this, which is unsurprising because both these groups have received funding and endorsement from Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP). The SNP fund these Lobby groups to erm, Lobby them, thereby creating a superficial appearance that they are simply responding to grass roots organisations. In reality the SNP is in fact imposing this, incredibly unpopular, ideology on Scottish citizens with zero respect for democracy.

First we hear from Teresa Medhurst, who is keen to claim that SPS policy is based on legislative requirements imposed by, not only the Scottish Government, but Westminster (i.e. the U.K government of which the Scottish Parliament is a devolved administration).

This is followed by an appearance by James Morton, a female who is part of Scottish Trans Alliance.

I have covered the work of James Morton before. This is something to remember about Morton, something included in this book: 👇 Trans Britain. The STA strategised that if the state could get away with putting men in women’s prisons it would be easier to spread this policy across public services. They were right, as we can see from the widespread adoption of these policies in the NHS and the ubiquitous sex denialism in schools.

Next we meet Vince, the Equality and Diversity manager, who talks about “birth gender” and social gender.

It seems the prison service are going with whatever the prisoner demands in terms of intimate body searching and allocation, which I assume refers to which sex does the searching and, possibly, also their accommodation within the prison estate.

What this means is that females are expected to conduct searches on members of the opposite sex. The training does not indicate what happens if a Prison Officer identifies as a member of the opposite sex. The Prisoner Reform Trust has this to say about being searched by a member of the opposite sex.

The training then goes back to Morton who talks about how distressing it is to not identify with your birth sex and how it often leads to bullying and isolation. Naturally no appeal to emotion would be complete with reference to suicide.

Morton also proceeds to undermine the legally protected characteristic of SEXual orientation by divorcing sex from sexual attraction. She explains that a “trans” person can be Lesbian, gay, bisexual or have no sexual attraction. This creates the notion of male “Lesbians” and this is why same sex attracted females sounded the alarm about this ideology decades ago, They were the canaries in the coal-mine who witnessed the colonisation of their spaces by men, claiming to be Lesbians.

Next we meet a trans-identified male who claims to be a woman. Rebecca Kent is a volunteer for Scottish Trans Alliance and is shown being searched by female officers whilst claiming he is distressed about having body parts that do not match his “gender identity”. We are then shown footage of Kent being searched by two female officers. It seems he prefers to show those distressing body parts to females. Quelle Surprise.

It is noteworthy that this image of an obvious female who, presumably, is to be searched by these two burly blokes is not accompanied by any commentary. Just this image. 👇

The search of the female shows non intrusive aspects of the search so nobody has to imagine a female stripping off her clothes and, perhaps, having intimate searching, which can involve cavity searches, to assess whether any contraband has been inserted into bodily orifices.

We then move on to a representative of NHS Scotland who explains that a prisoner can still access to hormones and surgeries, all on the NHS, and whilst being incarcerated.

Finally back to Morton who illustrates how deeply embedded the Trans Lobby group are in the Scottish Prison Service. Here Morton is shown being welcomed by the SPS Equality Manager. Morton informs us that, in addition to helping author prison policy, the role of Scottish Trans Alliance extends to advising on individual cases of “trans” prisoners.

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A lot of damage has been done by females in flight from their sex. My compassion for their confusion about biological reality, is somewhat tempered by the harms they are doing to other women.

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