NHS Guide to Inclusivity

This is the NHS guide that cost over £164,000 of public money. There has been some sensationalised coverage in the Daily Mail so I wanted to look at the source document.

Here is the Daily Mail coverage.

NHS a inclusive language

The guidance lumps the LGB in with the T, as usual, to force team groups whose interests don’t merely diverge from the T but, in some respects, are diametrically opposed. The consequences of this forced-teaming allows the sex denialism industry to ride on the coattails of the widespread good will toward gay rights. As a consequence there is much to agree with in this guidance, where it fosters positive attitudes to patients who are same sex attracted/ have a partner of the same sex. I can well imagine how irritating it is to assume your partner /husband/wife is of the opposite sex. I can also see some, limited, circumstances where your sexual orientation is relevant to your experience as a patient. Overall I find the emphasis on sharing your personal details with NHS staff a tad creepy. My sex life is none of your business unless it pertains, directly, to my medical care and I don’t have a “gender identity” and resent anyone telling me I do.

Leaving my personal considerations to one side, for the moment, let’s look at the real purpose of this document. It’s social engineering and another attempt to railroad patients into accepting the central premises of Gender Identity Ideology; using taxpayer funding to foist this on patients when they are in need of medical attention.

These are the Lobby groups behind the document. Of course they include Stonewall, LGBT Foundation, Kings College London and the University of Brighton. The funding came from the NIHR, which is funded by the government, via the Department of Health and Social Care.

Stonewall provided the foreward to the document managing to shoehorn the word “inclusive” in a couple of times. Like many women I see this word as code for excluding women by allowing the penis-bearing, wannabe, women to be centred in female medical concerns and on single sex wards.

The document begins with some statistics about discrimination in healthcare settings. As this is Stonewall data I am going to treat these claims with a healthy degree of scepticism.I am also utterly unconvinced by the claim these guidelines will “benefit all of us. The document contains a second foreward by Dr Michael Brady.

Dr Michael Brady is a stalwart proponent of sex denialism and in a hugely influential role. Here are some examples of his poor judgment. Here he is supporting Mermaids after the Telegraph exposed them for sending breast binders to children behind their parent’s backs. Below he is also caught recommending Gender GP , run by a husband and wife team; Dr Mike Webberley has been removed from the medical register and Dr Helen Webberley has been subject to repeated suspensions and a fine for supplying cross sex hormones to a 12 year old,girl.

Here he is at the Pink News Awards with fellow ideologues.

The guidance emphasises using neutral pronouns until you have ascertained your patients preferred pronouns. This information should be gleaned by asking everyone open questions about their preferred mode of address. This forces everyone to accept the, ideologically predicated, belief that everyone has a “gender identity”. Staff are told not to make assumptions, even about patients they have known for years, and warned that gender is in flux so you can’t assume your patient still identifies with his biological sex. No consideration is given to how offensive this could be to ask for pronouns for a female who, for example, is post chemotherapy and living with hair loss. Similarly post menopausal women who may be struggling with the effects of reduced hormone levels may be feeling de-sexed and this form of questioning may be regarded as offensive.

The document continually reminds staff of the ridiculous privacy clause in the Gender Recognition Act which allows a man to hide his sex and infiltrate wards meant for the female sex. The sin of misgendering may “out” one of these men to the women who are being forced to join in this man’s cosplay. He does not women to be “alerted” to his sex and perhaps modify their behaviour as women do when they know a male is in close proximity when they are in night clothes. Notice that the also use “female” clearly believe they have already colonised the word “woman” and simply cannot bear for women to have any word that differentiates us from these men.

There is the usual glossary of terms, many of which are hugely contested such as , for example “cisgender”. I would also like to know what “minority sexual attractions” are included under this sweeping inclusion.

Any medical professional addressing me in this way 👇 would immediately forfeit my faith in their ability to practice medicine safely and make me afraid they would be discriminatory in the way they treat women, especially those with a belief in the reality of biological sex.

What is even more worrying is the misunderstanding of how deep a delusion about your biological sex can be. We have a myriad of examples of men like India Willoughby who thinks he has a cervix. Many claim to be “adult human females” and believe they have pre-menstrual tension; because delusion is part of the manifestation of the condition of “Gender Dysphoria”! Could someone be so deep in this immersive fiction that they refuse to reveal their sex/ have it recorded even though your biological sex matters in many interactions with medical care? The guidance is keen to advise patients that they can conceal their sex on medical records. This seems reckless considering they are claiming they want to best possible care for patients in denial about their sex.

Sex Matters in Medicine

Sex Matters in medicine as covered in this book. Especially for women because men are treated as the default human and research into the female sex is treated as a lower priority.

This is just one example.

As usual the full document is linked below. I am sure other people will find other egregious elements in the guidance. My main issue is the cult like thinking, the indoctrination and the wholesale embrace of an ideology which harms women and our gay and autistic, or otherwise vulnerable, youth.


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