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This is part of a series looking at a podcast run by a trans-identified male and funded by a “Charitable” foundation who aims to embed Gender Identity Ideology in life and law. You can read the series below.

Trans Lash Media Project.

Each of the episodes begins with this announcement 👇

The format then shares a segment on “trans joy” to highlight the work of trans activists and then it gets into the meat (and two veg) of a topic. This one is on “trans” athletes. This is the episode blurb.


Before I listened to the podcast I did a little research on Telfer and found this interview.

Interview on the Hill

Here are a couple of quotes. As you can see he uses emotional blackmail to demand access to female sport and is adamant that he is female, despite being male.

I found another interview which shows footage of him grounding the female opposition and talks about the lack of interest from heterosexual men. We are telling these men a huge lie and doing them a disservice. In this interview Telfer talks about the lack of interest from heterosexual men and makes it clear they are only interested in straight men, which to them, proves they are really a straight female. What other group gets to express such a homophobic sentiment?

You can watch that interview here:

Cecelia Telfer

In his interview with Imara Jones he talks about how his family rejected his “feminine” behaviour and describes his family as controlling. He then describes his entry into the female sports category and claims that all the other women were supportive and welcoming. Following his success, however, the expectedbacklash begins which Telfer describes as a misogynist attack. He also describes the experience as humiliating and outing him which exposed him to the risk of being murdered perhaps by his own family. He also talks about how this negatively impacts on dating life as potential partners can’t find out his sex. Both the interviewer and interviewee also labels the attacks as based on race not sex. They sound utterly convinced of this!

They also claim support from a trans-identified female, Chris Mosier, who is white and talks about how she was afforded male privilege as a “white man” and this was not granted to black “trans women”. He goes on to talk,about wanting to compete in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and says “we are not going anwhere and there is nothing you can do about it”. It’s hard to maintain sympathy for a same sex attracted guy who oscillates between a tragic tale, if true, about a lack of acceptance from his parents with the arrogance and bravado that comes through.

Chris Mosier

Cosier is a trans-identified female who begins by talking about being a sporty girl who was irritated by being told he could not run around with her shirt off. Mosier talked about how he abandoned team sports because he didn’t want to be on a female team. He played a key role behind the scenes.

Mosier is thrilled to support Cece Telfer in his quest to complete in female sports and claims to be baffled by the rampant transphobia. She ascribes this to a lack of humanity, racism, sexism and misogyny. 😳. Both describe sex separated sports and the quest for fair competition as a ban on allowing trans people to compete in sports. Mosier a,so says this :”Never limit your greatness to make other people feel comfortable”.

You can listen here:

Trans Lash episode on sports

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