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Marci Bowers is a trans-identified male and also a surgeon who performs surgeries on people in flight from their sex which are described as “sexual reassignment surgeries” (SRS). Bowers is now the President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (W.P.A.T.H). You may be familiar with Bowers who was one of the surgeons who worked on Jazz Jennings;once the poster child for the marketing of the “trans kid”.

Bowers came to my attention after making this statement 👇 which attracted some backlash from “trans” activists. I find it horrifying that we are still doing this to children despite this being in the public domain.

You can watch Bowers say this here.

Marci Bowers

Let us be reminded of an earlier statement which Susie Green, late of Mermaids, attributes to Marci Bowers:

This is a screen shot from that zoom call on which you can see at least some of the participants; Jo Elsson-Kennedy, Charlene Wong, Dane Whicker, Kiran Sundar, Deanna Adkins, Leigh Spivey-Rita.

Marci Bowersmarried, fathered three children and then went on to “transition” and subsequently began working on “gender affirming” surgeries. The fact Bowers went public with these concerns is a big deal. So, I decided to have a closer look and found a few YouTubes exploring Bower’s beliefs. I found some inconsistencies.

Long term follow up of post-operative “transsexuals” is bedevilled with loss to follow up and the extreme taboo surrounding detransitioners, or those who regret their surgeries. It is,however, perfectly possible Bowers believes this and it is borne out of their own experience. By all accounts Bowers is a skilful surgeon and is perhaps not aware of the wild west of surgeons operating out there, or the lack of gatekeeping. 

The current spike in children and teenagers identifying as “trans” and seeking body modification is unprecedented and a completely different demographic. Notably, in the U.K we have seen over a 4000% spike in girls which has completely inverted the a sex ratio to 75% female. It could take at least ten years before we see the scale of regret. 

Gender non-conformity: Debra Soh.

Is “trans” a trend 👈. You can watch this here. 

This clip is in response to neurobiologist, Debora Soh, who raised concerns about social contagion, high rates of referrals from autistic kids, same sex attracted and kids with previous trauma. Marci Bowers interrupted and tried to speak over Soh but she powered through. As well as accusing Soh of being anti-trans, Bowers pushed back with this statement. Spot the problem?

I don’t want my son to conform to “gender norms” gay boys/young men, are often variant in the way they express their masculinity. I would be heartbroken if he lopped off his long red hair, or stopped baking. I could do with a bit less Mariah Carey but that’s about it. Why does Marci think gender non-conformity demands lifelong dependence on hormones and surgeries? (Soh responds in a similar vein).

My life in “gender affirming” surgeries. 

Marci Bowers 👈 You can watch this here. 

Many of have noticed that trans-ideologues have begun to be more explicit that “transgender medicine” is a cure for “gender non conformity” after spending a long time repudiating this accusation. This despite the evidence of their own propaganda mapping a “gender” spectrum from G.I Joe to Barbie and asking children to choose their place on the scale. There does now seem to be a change of tack to admit this and Bowers says as much in another interview. This is one of Bower’s slides from two months ago. 

In this same presentation Bowers addresses the controversy over comments on puberty blockers, claiming, predictably, it has been “weaponised” by bad faith actors. 

Many of us having been saying , for years, that the use of puberty blockers has been a live experiment, on children. Many “trans” activists use the fact that these drugs were used for cases of precocious puberty to claim there has been fifty years of evidence. The use for the iatrogenic condition of “gender dysphoria” has limited evidence and, what there is, suggests an off label use, on healthy children, may turn out to be a medical atrocity. Here is Bowers using the same trick. 

Here is another quote from Bowers illustrating his perspective on evidence based medicine. The science is only there for a post-hoc justification; not to determine whether this is a good idea in the first place. 

Yet this contrasts with something else said in the same talk; demanding objectivity and repeating concerns about puberty blockers. 👇

It is a good thing that Bowers is speaking up. Speaking charitably, Bowers is not an endocrinologist, and it could be, he was unaware of the stunted genitalia he would be presented with on the operating table. This is one of the tragedies of the whole process. The endocrinologists believe the psychologists, the surgeons trust the endocrinologists all leaving opportunities to dodge responsibility. Then there are the parents who are being told to believe their children and then place their faith in “professionals”. 

My brief benefit of the doubt all but evaporated with this statement. No evaluation and surgeries under age 18! 😳

The question and answer portion was also quite revealing. Asked about regret Bowers had this to say. This is another switch that shows the “trans” ideologues know that there are detransitioners; I noticed about two years ago , this idea of “gender journeys” started to creep in. What happened to believe your kid when they tell you they are trans? It was always contradictory to claim “gender fluidity” was a feature but the “gender journey” seems to have emerged to sanitise regret and detransition. 

Asked about how he deals with the anti-trans backlash Bowers has this to say 👇.

Female Genital Mutilation 

In the same talk Bowers, talks about their work helping women with female genital mutilation. In addition to “transgender” surgeries Bowers also travels to Africa to do reconstructive surgeries for victims of FGM. These women have compromised sexual function too. Given how many lesbians are detransitioners one would think Bowers would make the connection. 👇

In FGM there are also issues of a lack of informed consent. 

Abigail Shrier Interview. 

Bowers also spoke to the author of this book. 

In their discussion Bower’s expressed some concerns about puberty blockers and at least listened to concerns about the rising rates of teenage girls identifying as “trans”. Following the backlash a statement was put out via his website. 

On Abigail Shrier 👈 You can read it here. 

Still expresses concern for the impact on male children which shows some integrity. 

They really do believe they have god on their side. 

If this is Marci Bowers on twitter I have interacted. 

I first published on Bowers when he was president elect of WPATH. I had hope that his presidency would see more caution. The latest statement from WPATH, which I will cover in a later blog, confirms my fear, they are not for turning.

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