Andrea Long Chu: Pulitzer Prize

Today the Pulitzer prize was awarded to a man who identifies as a “woman” and has a body of work which is grossly offensive to women. I don’t want to cancel Chu, on the contrary, may he be the ambassador for “Trans” visibility until people realise what type of man is being enabled to access women’s intimate spaces.

It. is no bad thing if more women become aware of his writing because, no credit is due, he is another one who says the quiet part out loud. Here are two quotes of his: His writing is open about the sexual fetish which led him to embrace making his body a simalccre of the female form.

He has some high profile work and did a piece for the New York Times about getting his penis inverted though, in common with most of these men, he calls it getting a “vagina”.

Elsewhere he confesses that what he actually has is a wound his body is programmed to try to heal. I say confesses but it may be more accurate to call it a boas, as if this pain makes him more of a sister to the suffering sex class.

You can get a flavour of Chu’s work over on his website. This essay gives a good flavour of his motive in claiming to be a woman.

Andrea Long Chu

In this essay Chu revels in the work of Valerie Solanas and the SCUM manifesto. His writing perfectly epitomises a male revelling in his infiltration into women’s spaces and movements. His discovery of feminism is written in the breathless tones of a man getting a sexual thrill from being in a space he should not be..he is nothing if not obvious. It’s tempting to feel gratitude that he is laying it all out so clearly but this would be a mistake; he is following the age old trick of predatory males and hiding in plain sight. Like to risk taking luggage stealer he is seeing how much he can get away with…turns out it’s a winning strategy, until it’s not.

You can get a flavour of his “feminist” thinking from. this clip. It’s not exactly Sheila Jeffrey’s.

In another essay, from memory it was called “On Liking Women”, he describes the classic sexual paraphilia;autogynephilia.

He makes an explicit link to acknowledge his fetish derives from pornography; a genre known as “Sissy Porn”. Here is a review of a book he authored “Females”. Apparently he goes into quite of detail about his porn preferences. This is what we are to men like this; a porn category.

Chu is a heterosexual male who also ransacks his past for some “Lesbian” memories for his retconned narrative arc. Here 👇 he opines about being the only boy on the school bus for a girls team where his early incursions into female spaces is recalled, or, perhaps, invented. Even then his fantasy object was a girl who later came out as a Lesbian.

The feminism he espoused didn’t fool his mum and sister who told him flat out he had no idea what it was to be a woman. Good for them. He exemplifies the kind of cultural appropriation of a woman face actor who masks his masculine imperative to invade and dominate in the language of romance.

Crush also has two meanings. Infatuation but also to break, compress, subdue.

Chu has some choice words to say about Terfs. Terf stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists” and has long been used as a slur for any women, radical feminist, or not, who believes in biological reality. Here is Chu’s description; it is a slur because women who don’t consent to play along with his sexual fetish are “bigots”.

And here we have the comparison with the alt-right and the classic DARVO (Deny, Accuse, Reverse, Victim and Offender) of boundary violating men. Chu is trolling women dressed up in fancy prose and fancy lady clothes.

He quotes the feminist Germaine Greer who does not hide her contempt for men who make a fetish out of women’s rights foundational texts. He quotes this glorious, unapologetic, clip.

What lesson does Chu take from this? He thinks she is expressing disgust at “women” by being regulated at a grotesque man in a parody of womanface.

Little analysis is needed to show what Chu is identified with..but he still needs to show us what Chu thinks makes a woman but he does it anyway, it’s not enough to get away with it he is compelled to escalate his behaviour to see how much he can get away with. He quotes Sheila Jeffrey’s only to accept her description of men like him as sick voyeurs. Again, I can’t emphasise enough, he is telling you who he is 👇.

Below 👇 Chu makes it clear he thinks women’s lives are out of an scene out of Grease. He makes no attempt to deny this because where would be the fun in that? He is parading this with glee because he is enjoying telling women there is nothing we can do about it!

Notice he, a grown man, claims “girl”. Finally he admits he is the Dinosaur!

Who’s going to tell David Lammy? 😂

When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time!

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