Legal Sex: Parliamentary Debate 2

This is part two covering this historic debate in parliament. You can read part one here:


After the debate is opened a Conservative MP, Ranil Jayawardena, the first to speak. I had not heard of him before but, it turns out he voted against making LGBT teaching in schools compulsory, in 2019.

As a mum of a gay son I entirely share his position. Parents should have the right to opt out of sex education, it is the means by which our kids are indoctrinated into “gender identity ideology” and, as I never tire of saying, this is very harmful to proto-gay kids.

His statements are clear and unequivocal.

He has also done his homework. I suspect most parents aren’t aware that schools have abandoned single sex facilities on this scale. I have written extensively on the corruption in the NHS but even I am shocked at the starkness of hospital policies which think it’s O.K to abandon single sex services.

It is particularly enraging that these are the same hospitals that have such a lamentable record on sexual assaults on their watch.

He is very clear what is at stake and how the march of this ideology, through our institutions, is harming the most vulnerable in our society. He is also right that women’s rights are being stolen out from under us, with some foolish women aiding and abetting them.

He calls for clear, common sense language and clarity in law, he also comments that it should not take bravery to say these things. I imagine the reaction to this next statement would have induced conniptions in TRA twitter.

Useful idiot, Layla Moran, interjects to throw in one of the TRA misdirections about “intersex” ; which he bats away, effortlessly.

Joanna Cherry

Next up is SNP, MP, Joanna Cherry. Cherry argues that the law is muddled and we urgently require clarity that sex means biological sex but not sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate. I disagree on this next point but she is a politician and a lawyer so she may just wish to get people to understand that GRCs are handed out to men with penises. She is on the Advisory board of Sex Matters and her position is not for repeal.

Cherry gives a bit of legal background to the way confusion has been built into the law but her focus moves onto the impact this has on the protected characteristic of sexual orientation.

Cherry goes on to take aim at Stonewall who have unilaterally amended the definition of sexual orientation to “same gender” attracted which has had the effect of men who cross-dress identifying as Lesbians. She calls out the homophobia implicit in this stance.

She also has a pop at one of Scotland’s “Trans” lobby groups with a name that suggests it’s for equal rights for all. Cherry makes it clear they don’t speak for her:

She finishes by referencing a few of the women’s groups that have supported her.

Miriam Cates.

Cates is a Conservative MP, and a former biology teacher.

Cates then brings up a legal case which lays out the issues in a stark bollocks naked kind of way. 👇

She rightly points out how destabilising this is for society.

This next statement is about to trigger one of our Scottish MPs. She’s not holding back.

Hannah Bardell, of the SNP, is not happy with this language calling it unparliamentary and anti-democratic!

Cates snaps back with this common sense.

You can read the hansard record here:


Or, if you prefer watch the debate here:

Parliament Tv

In part three we see Angela Eagle and Jess Phillips.

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