Abuse of Parents

I don’t save all the abuse I have had from trans-activists. I would need my own server! Here is a flavour. Mostly on twitter but also on YouTube. Facebook has a different flavour and I have largely abandoned it now because of the chances family members may get embroiled. There are some familiar themes.

There are the patronising ones who loftily proclaim I have done insufficient research and I need to ”educate myself”. I particularly enjoyed this from a facebook friend who was in my Labour CLP. After being treated to a lecture about my transphobia and my being indoctrinated by right wing homophobes this young woman (20 years of age) unfriended and blocked me. She announced, rather pompously, she was not comfortable listening to a “comrade” with such hideous views. Laughably she sent me a Novara Media podcast, to enlighten me, specifically selected, for me, because it was ”easy listening”. NOVARA MEDIA! 😳😳😂😂

Then there are trans-identifying males who trawl YouTube to police comments on Graham Linehan’s ”The Mess we’re in”. My comment was about finding a way to preserve relations with my son whilst not believing he is born in the wrong body. Lisa Marie was keen to set me straight. In Lisa-Marie’s fantasy I was electrocuting my son and force-feeding him psychotropic drugs. This is what is known as ”transperbole”.

There is a strong urge to persuade other young males to join the Lisa-Maries of this world; misery loves company. It is my conviction this recruitment drive suggests some doubt about their own path. I don’t believe anyone who was secure and content would waste their energy attacking random mums on the internet:


The ones who tell me my son will kill himself are the most popular genre. There’s usually an anime pic for a profile or similar, probably teenage boys:


Then there are the adults with a trans-identity (or not) who, without knowing anything about my son talk to me about my ”daughter” with accompanying images of girls in dresses.


It’s interesting that I am expected to put myself in the shoes of males who identify as a woman, something which I actually am, to understand womanly feelings. Here the male idea of being a woman is assumed to have more validity than my material reality. I would like to see someone tell a black man he needs to walk a mile in Rachel Dolezal’s shoes.

These next ones were not directly to me. Tara is a trans-identified male who is consulted on guidance given to foster parents. Tara is a Conservative, Catholic, he is anti-abortion and has an interest in niche sexual practices like bondage and sado-masochism. Morgan is a Canadian activist who, infamously, planned a protest against a memorial event for the massacred female students in British Columbia. This was because it was not a trans-inclusive event, despite the fact that no trans-identifying males were killed, only female engineering students. Oger also styles himself as ”mum” to his two kids. Both feel the state should intervene with parents like me: 👇

Framing parents who don’t immediately hand over our kids to the Gender Industrial Complex as a safeguarding risk is such an inversion of the truth. Here is another one. I have had many variations on this theme: 👇


Then there are the ones that respond to evidence based threads, linked to peer reviewed paper, in reputable journals, telling me to defer to the medical profession. The same profession where doctors are handing out puberty blockers to ten year olds and giving cross sex hormones to gay and autistic kids? With zero counselling? I don’t think so. The medical profession are up to their necks in this medical scandal!

The above 👆was a response to a long thread I did on the dangers of Puberty Blockers. I was raising issues pas far back as 2017 and finally, in June 2021 the NHS was forced to amend their guidance on Puberty Blockers to align line with the research I quoted. This was back when I used my real name.

Anonymity on twitter does not mean I didn’t use my real name in real life. This was from the time trans-activists tracked me from a public speaking event. Terfblocker, you may recall was an app allowing bass blocking on accounts deemed problematic (honest) by TRAs. The Terfblocker block tool and twitter account were, allegedly, set up by Amy Challenor and his Dad; who is now serving a lengthy sentence for raping and torturing a child. The blocked out part is my real name. 👇


This is just a sample. I have quite a few more. The saddest ones are from earnest young males who believe they are girls. Of course he thinks I am a terrible mother.👇

This is more personal than most of my posts. I just thought it was worth explaining my anonymity on social media. I speak in real life, including public speaking but I try to avoid a scenario where trans-activists go for my son.

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