Aedan Wolton

I originally began to look at Wolton to see if I could find evidence of connections and possible collusion between trans-activists in the complaints levelled against social worker, Rachel Meade, which led to an employment tribunal. Wolton made the complaint but another person, Jack Aitken, took a leading role in the investigation. Neither gave evidence at the tribunal nor can I find they gave a witness statement.

I was unable to evidence any proof of links between the three parties after searching for public pronouncements and social media connections. A search on Aitken is hampered by a prominent sporting person with the same name and there is little trail for Geoffrey Noyce.

The latter two seem not to have a social media presence and Wolton’s earlier account has been suspended though Wolton has a new account and a presence on linkedin. For some reason Wolton uses the name James on twitter:

This would appear to be Wolton’s new account which remains locked.

Looking on the linkedin account we can establish that Wolton is a registered social worker and has nearly an entire career centred on trans activism of one type or another. She also has a post graduate diploma in gender identity healthcare practice and a Masters in psychology. Primary focus seems to be on issues which, predominantly, affect gay men so I am going to surmise she identifies as a gay man. Seems to have started with the unfortunately named (MAP) project which, among other activities, runs a “transgender” support group for young people. The Barbara Ross Association was founded in 1987 for “transwomen” /transvestites.

The Barbara Ross association also hosted conferences with such luminaries as Dr Sally Hines and Mark/Natacha Kennedy which likely included Wolton in the Cliniq presentation.

The latest appointment, at Sport England, perhaps explains why Sport England has failed to defend women’s sport. Indeed Sharon Davies had issued a call for Wolton to be removed from her post at Sport England.

Wolton appears to have declared a male identity as far back as 2008. When she changed her name from Aimee Joan Wolton, as recorded at companies house.

This appears to be the only record of a company with which Wolton is associated. however Wolton is also shown as associated with a company named CCC Consultants org. Limited which I could find no record at Companies house.

It is also worth noting that the chair of Social Work England is Lord Patel who I have covered on this blog before.

Lord Patel is perhaps better known as the man who invited a trans-identified male and convicted sex offender to advise the House of Lords on “transgender” prisoners. More on this here: 👇


Lord Patel also convened a group to look at issues affections “transgender” persons. The group comprised people from the NHS, Prison service and “transgender” people.

Lord Patel: Transgender Prisoners

Wolton also has published research and has collaborated with Sally Hines and Mark/Natasha Kennedy.

Finally it is worth covering Wolton’s writing for Vice in which he condones sex by deception which is a criminal offence in the U.K.

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