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The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is a membership organisation for those working in the field, as of June 2023 they had 50,000 members. I was asked to have a delve into their finances to see what motivates their stance on Gender Identity Ideology. My instinct was this would be more attributable to ideological capture than the money poured into many organisations, via “charitable” foundations that we see across the third sector.

BACP also set up BACP Research Foundation which obtained charitable status and the main funding was from the parent company, to the tune of £450,000 spread over a few years to fund one research project to evaluate the efficacy of psychotherapy. There was an early ambition to generate their own funds by hiring a company to target high net worth individuals. This proved unsuccessful and the company was eventually wound up.

I also found another company called BACP Enterprises LTD, but again no evidence of funding from the usual suspects in this company.

As anticipated the finances, for BACP are mainly driven by membership fees which hover around the four or five million. A more interesting connection was the appointment of a trans-identified man who served on the board between 2015 and 2018. Working on the theory that it only takes one “trans” person to derail an organisation I am going to speculate that this person is knowingly, or unknowingly, where the organisation lost its way.

This is “Sophie” he attends lectures dressed like this.

According to the paperwork filed for his appointment he registered his previous name was Tim Chappell up until 2014. He is married and has four children, four daughters to be sex specific. I I cannot find that he has any qualifications in counselling or psychotherapy.

There is plenty of material on Chappell should you wish to research further. Much of it on youtube and he does have a twitter account, though I soon discovered I was blocked.

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I agree that “bending truth and ignoring facts suit (your) political agenda is extremely dangerous”. Is this a lack of self-awareness of does Sophie get “dupers delight” because he is getting away with this?

He is more infamous for recognising that making spaces mixed sex may result in a small spike in murders but this was of less importance than allowing some men to claim they are women. Wonder how the five females in his life felt about that?

He said this on a BBC Scotland show that now appears to be unavailable.

If you scour the annual returns from the BACP you can see the creeping references to “inclusion” “social justice”. (Remember when we used to think these were good things?).

Another window into the BACP is the bonkers document they produced which was unable to accommodate Northern, working class women under their definition of “woman”. This document t was written by Megan John Barker. I am indebted to Dr Em @PanhurstEm for this clip. What a regressive definition and how classist to see Northern , working class, women as “Aggressive”.

I will leave it there. You get the drift. Sigh.

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