David/Diana Thomas


David now calls himself Diana. He was a married father of three and recently came out,to much fanfare, as a “woman” . So what do we know about David/Diana? First up is a book he wrote claiming feminism had gone too far.

This book was reviewed by Private Eye and I wonder if the author is hinting at some of David’s proclivities with this sentence.

The unalloyed hatred of women comes across in this part of the review.

There is a reference to Thomas talking about an ex girlfriend, now who explains she wouldn’t sleep with him because she had a boyfriend. He says he had to have five years of therapy to recover from this sex refusal. He calls this an overlooked crime against masculinity and compares it to rape.

There is more of this ilk but also this rather revealing preoccupation which seems to have been of longstanding.

Thomas is a former diplomat and moves in fashionable circles. It appears that cross dressing parties are a thing in his circles.

And this excerpt. I rest my case.


Then we come to his later work which contains a forced feminisation fantasy where the mail protagonist, a very sexist one, awakens to discover he has had the surgery called “sex reassignment surgery”. This is a common fantasy covered extensively in sissy porn.

Fast forward to 2020 and we find this married, father of three, having abandoned his wife of thirty years now, writing a record of his “transition” in a series for the telegraph. Worth seeking that series out because it contains every regressive, sexist, stereotype you can imagine and then some. We learn that David want to be seen as “pretty” and here about his travails getting an appointment at the hairdressers. It now takes him twice as long to dress to leave the house because of all the “feminine” rituals.
Here he is discussing the fuss about women’s loos.👇

He goes a bitAlex Drummond in this quote. What precisely do you think you bring to the female experience David? So far, it looks like you bring a lot of male entitlement and the arrogance of the coloniser.

David boasts about his brand new breasts and long legs and a change in sexual orientation which has him fantasising about a male partner. This is how he documents this desire.

Female wards and the NHS.

David excels himself in this article. You can read it here:

I don’t belong on male wards

This quote leapt out at me. He is very keen to outline the intimate care he received at the hands of the female nurses.

There follows, allegedly, a friendly conversation, initiated by the nurses, expressing curiosity about him being “transgender” which soon leads onto the nurses commenting, approvingly, about how his lady landscaping looks just like the real thing. I cannot imagine any woman, even to female nurses, enjoying commentary on our genital co figuration. David, however, does;

He then proceeds to construct his argument to claim he is literally female. He begins with the “intersex” gambit using people with disorders of sexual development to suggest he is a biological female. I have dealt with this argument frequently suffice to say “the wish is father to the thought” .

Then we come to the “sciencey” bit. Again there is a compulsive need to believe this rather than understand that your condition maybe autogynephilia which is the usual explanation for heterosexual, late transitioning males.

Vickie Pasterski

He excels himself by quoting Vickie Pasterski.

Pasterski has appeared on my blog before. She defended Dr Helen Webberley, the first time she had her GMC registration removed. She also was involved in a case where foster parents had THREE “trans” kids, one their own child and two foster kids. Concerns were raised by local social workers and even family members but the case went in the parents favour, even though the likelihood of three “trans” kids in one family speaks to social contagion or ideologically driven parents. You can read that case here :

Looked After Children & Gender Dysphoria 1

Pasterski was also instrumental in getting this man, Ms Jay, a gender recognition certificate. Ms Jay was a thrice married, father of seven kids, who servea prison sentence for obtaining explosives with intent to endanger life; he was also recalled to prison which indicates he breached his probation terms. Ms Jay was turned down three times by the Gender Recognition Panel but this refusal was overruled by a single judge. You can read about him here:

Ms Jay

Finally you can watch Dr Pasterski on Youtube waffling on about how a client, anonymised as H, helped her become more sophisticated about “gender identity”. The patient is female and during her assessment explains how she desires facial hair, which she hates, but wants to be able to shave off, and wants to be “masculinised” so she can express her femininity without being mistaken for a woman. We are through the looking glass.

Vickie Pasterski

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